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Eagle appointment Doug – Pederson as the main coach
The new coach of Philadelphia Eagle will be a quarter-saving that has been effective in eagle. According to wholesale nfl jerseys online official website reporters, the team has decided to appoint Doug Pederson for the first Kansas City Emirates. Doug Pederson is a new head coach. Since the chief is still in the play play play, the eagle is still unable to announce this appointment.

Pederson has long been served in Brett Favre in Green Bay packwork. After joining the eagle, in Donovan McNabb, I sent 9 games, when the quaternar To 5 wins and 11 losses. After becoming a coach, Pederson has served as an offensive quality control coordinator and quarter-off coach in the eagle, followed by Andy REID to the chief.

This season, the chief will win 11 games under the leadership of Pederson, Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping in order to rank among the second round of the playoffs. The West Coast Attacking System he is good at and cheap jerseys for sale the four-dimensional Alex Smith is fit to inspire the entire capacity of the latter. This appointment is not a good news cheap jerseys for sale Sam Bradford. His competition is not adapted to the West Coast Attack System.