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Tankers defer retrofits to cash in on record freight rates

n The feet have to bear all types of burns, pressure and wear & tear due to your daily activities.
This will happen for sure, if you are busy with your wedding preparations. When you lie down on your comfortable bed at night, then you realise that how tired your feet have become. You should be aware of the fact the tired feet are the root cause of many problem

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Due to hectic modern lifestyle, many people often complain about foot and ankle pain. If you have a similar case, then it is strongly recommended to visit a Physio. North Shore is the home of some renowned physiotherapy centre

A unique cleaning sponge called the is making waves in Australia for its ability to remove dirt and debris from kitchen pots and pans, shower screens, BBQs and couches – without the need for chemical soaps.

The most amazing thing about retinol based firming products however is that they assist in the production of collagen in the body too. Thus, you get all the benefits of retinol as well as collagen by buying a single pack of firming solutio

Unscented skin nourishing cream is considered as one of the best choices for massaging. You can mix a few drops of lemon juice with foot cream, which makes it highly effective. By applying the right amount of pressure, you can massage your leg with crea

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According to these experts, body massage increases blood flow throughout the body in the most natural manner.
This causes firmness of the muscles which in turn causes a stretching and elastic effect on the skin. Eventually, the crinkles causes all over the body due to skin sagging gets cure

The downbeat statement came only weeks after Wartsila on Sept. 18 issued a profit warning on a weaker-than-expected order intake, saying its comparable operating profit would fall by 100 million euros ($111 million) from the year before.

The thing to consider here is that there is a need to clean and pamper your feet on a regular basis.
If a luxurious salon pedicure is out of your budget, then find out the alternate ways to have a foot spa treatment right at your home. There are easy ways which are highly cost effective and helps in making your feet softer and more relaxed than befor

First step of foot spa is the removal of nail polish.
After nail polish is removed, you can start the cleansing process. Cut down the length, if you have extra long nails, so you can clean them properly. After getting rid of those ugly extra nails, it is advisable that you should apply some cuticle cream to soften the are

ls  The sponge first made headlines after American founder Aaron Krause debuted the product on Shark Tank USA in October 2012. According to CEO magazine, the company is worth US$170million (AU$23

“If the downward trend of (energy equipment orders) continues and they keep being postponed, then we will be in a challenging situation,” Eskola told Reuters, attributing the decline to the transition to cleaner energy as well as to political and financial uncertainty in developing markets.

You can rub these on the heels because that is where dead skin accumulates the most. Exfoliate each portion of your feet and do not neglect the pads under your toes. You can also use your regular body scrubber meaning in hindi or facial scrub, in case you do not have a foot scrubbing ge

HELSINKI, Oct 25 (Reuters) – Finland’s Wartsila warned on Friday of a tough outlook for 2020 due to weaker demand for its ship technology and power plants and took a surprise multi-million euros charge on project cost overruns.

“One cargo loading at current elevated rate levels can not only finance the scrubber capex, but also account for extra costs incurred to install the scrubber at a later date,” said Kapoor, referring to the capital expenditure of fitting the scrubber.

The shortage of ships to move crude oil was so acute that some shipowners also switched from carrying so-called ‘clean’ or refined fuels like gasoline to ‘dirty’ cargoes that include crude oil, despite the costs of having to clean them later.

Person in glove spraying detergent at walk in shower glass ...Put your feet in a tub of lukewarm water and soak them properly. You can also add a pinch of salt in the water, it helps to remove dead skin and dirt. In some cases the salt helps to minimise swelling. Add shampoo in the water and keep your feet in the water for twenty minutes.
Use a soft brush to clean the feet by brushing between the heels, toes and sole. By using different types of pedicure tools you can clean the accumulated dirt under the toenails and gently remove the dead skin around i