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Secret Indian Healing Clay Review – Does It Really Work?

Secret Indian Healing Clay – does this clay mask really work? I was on the hunt for an amazing mask that didn’t break the budget. After traveling for almost the entire month of December, I was starting to break out. My skin was dull and stressed out – I was desperate to find an at-home facial or mask (the ones in San Francisco at a spa can run easily over $150 a pop!) I ain’t about that life. I also wanted something quick, so I took to YouTube and quickly found the Secret Indian Healing Clay listing.

It has thousands of reviews and it was under $9! A lot of the reviews were good. Some were bad, though, saying it didn’t work or it made the person’s skin even worse. But thousands of good reviews and the cheap price made me curious. I ordered it and decided to try it out to share an honest review. Does Indian Healing Clay mask really work? Read on the find out and my tips for using the mask!iStock Image