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Best Products to Treat a Dry Itchy Scalp

When a product is useful in combating dry skin, it ultimately works its way to hair health and improvement. As these aesthetics go hand-in-hand, so many people revert to using essential oils for this reason.

1. Use a spray water bottle to wet your hair.
2. Separate the wet hair in sections.
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4. Using your hands, take out some activator and apply it your hair.
5. Style your hair as desired.
How do I pick the best activator?
Although this is a great product for a natural look, you might need to consider a few things when going in to buy one.
Hair Texture
Different hair textures require different curling creams, so when buying one for yourself, be sure to keep your hair texture in mind. The product works differently on curls and waves and sometimes, it is not even effective on naturally straight hair. So, it is best to do your homework before investing in one.
Figuring out your curls
Interestingly, even curls have classifications within them. You could have wavy hair, coils or even curly hair. Depending on the type of your hair, you can figure out the amount of moisture you need. For instance, wavy hair needs very little moisture, so a lightweight activator goes a long way.
Reining in the Frizz
Textured hair has higher chances of being frizzy so look for these ingredients in your product to control the unwanted frizz and get amazing curls.
1. Image result for avacado honey glycerin Avocados
Not only is it good on toast, avocado oil has vitamin A, D and E which strengthen your hair.
2. Aloe Vera
The holy grail of skincare and beauty, aloe vera helps keep your scalp clean and your hair healthy.
3. Coconut Oil
Sworn on by everyone, coconut oil moisturizes your hair, which helps prevent frizz in addition to keeping it healthy, nourished and volumized.
4. Shea Butter
Shea butter contains fatty acids, which help keep your hair in place.
5. Glycerin
Glycerin helps retain water in your hair. Therefore, it is a great product for keeping your locks moisturized and frizz free.

Trustee DIYs
Image result for diy mask for itchy scalp
Your mom’s DIY hair mask may not be as useless as you may think. Honey has been known to have nourishing qualities. A simple hair mask recipe is combining honey with yoghurt and leaving it on for two hours or more. Rinse out the mask and see the wonders of nature. Some other DIY masks that you can make are honey, egg and apple cider vinegar or lemon and egg masks.

Ever run your fingers through your hair, only to realize later that your shoulders look like they just experienced a snowstorm (metaphorically speaking)? That’s a dead giveaway for one dry itchy scalp.

For a quick at-home medical treatment, a well-known shampoo that boasts rich lather for deep cleansing is Sulfur 8 Deep Cleaning Shampoo for Dandruff. It is suggested as a product suited for family use and brandished by most people for hair management. It clears the head of present dandruff and scalp flaking and ensures that the mane is as soft as one would ask for. And to top off the entire package, it is believed to help reduce itching.
The product has reported fair success and is one of the commonly found when focusing on deep cleansing and dandruff-relieving shampoos. Understandably, it would be an effective product.
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What consistency suits me best?
There is not just one kind of activator in the market. They have different consistencies and formulations. Activators can be found in cream, custard, gel and spray forms. Not only is the consistency different, but they all have benefits and characteristics distinct from one another.
Cream Activators
Image result for curl activator
Cream activators are the most common and readily available. They are the best when it comes to giving your curls the maximum amount of moisturization.
Custard Activators
Custard activators are not as thick as cream but they sure are better than gel activators. They have a relatively lighter consistency, but they work just as fine without drying out your hair.
Spray Activators
Spray activators work best if you have thin hair. They have a liquid consistency which helps in styling your hair without leaving behind a greasy look.
Gel Activators
It would be better if you avoid gel activators because they have a tendency of drying out on your scalp. This causes a flaky appearance and could even result in irritation.
Am I damaging my hair?
We ask ourselves this question when buying hair products, and it is good since it indicates that you are concerned about your hair. However, most activators have glycerin in them, and when it comes to moisturization, you can never go wrong with glycerin. So, it is safe to say that your hair will not hate you for investing in a suitable activator.
We are all beautiful, all hair textures, hair colors and types are just as pretty as the next one, but if you need a little extra something to enhance those lovely curls, then do not hesitate in buying an activator and most definitely, do not hesitate to flaunt those curls.