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Cowboy 4-point Weaprescott: No longer is not a problem
Dak Prescott is a four-point guard of his cornerstone, and cheap nfl jerseys Prescot also hopes that his career has been staying in cowboy.

Contract issues have not changed their ideas.

Due to the 7.15 label contract, the contract has not reached a constant approximately, cowboy and Prescot can only wait until the season will continue to negotiate. Prescott 2020 salary also established at $ 31.4 million, more than he earns 2016-2019 add up to sevenfold.

Prescot said: “I hope to be a cowboy player since I hopes that I have been staying in the cowgirl before my career. These will not change because we can’t continue to share. Just like I said, I am now Cowboy players, this is the most important, and it is also the focus of my concern. ”

Jerry Jones, wholesale nfl jerseys from china the team boss and general manager, cheap nfl jerseys online said that failure to complete the renewal is due to the influence of new championships, the team is now unable to confirm the salary hood in the coming years.

But even this, the chiefs and wholesale nfl jerseys for sale Patrick Mahomes have signed a contract for $ 1050.03 million in a contract.

Jones said: “We are currently unable to agree. But this year has many teams and players are similar.”