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“Restoration is still very very good. In the past three weeks, I started to feel some tremendous progress. I feel very good about this,” Fraco said on Tuesday. “I can do a lot everything. Just I can do more and if I still feel some lame.”

After joining the pony, Rivers will cooperate with the top offensive front line of the league. Although this should be capable of reducing a part of the pass mistake, he maybe he needs more cautious when passing.

“The pirate has been helping me with my family during this time, and they will stay in the position for me. I feel that I will return to the team at this time to interfere with the offensive group meeting room and the scene spent one. The trust and continuity of the whole season is established. “Tedford said in the team statement. “He continued.” Marcus Arroyo and other other offensive coaches can fill my position and shoulder the weight, they are doing very difficult. Honestly, I just can’t be a (main coach) Luovie (CCTH), Muskus, Attacking coach group and the entire team of Lovie Smith. “

Encuvi’s rookie contract is about to enter the last year, and the salary is only almost 2 million US dollars. Compared with his data and manufacturers, this price is better than cabbage than cabbage prices. Enskovo completed 29.5 kills in three seasons, compared with Joey Bosa, Joey Bosa, DiForest Buckner and Chris Jones Not inferior.

At present, the number one running guard in the crow is Tyson, Williams (Ty & Rsquo; Son Williams), and the other two running guards on the big list; & mdash; Trenton-Cannon LEVEN Bell (Veon Bell) & mdash; & mdash; Wednesday began to train.

Last Week San Francisco 49 people team running guards in Frank Gore and the rookie Carlos Hyde coupled to the saints to win 117 chosurches and 2 times. Unless the big score by the Saints, Hill should have more than 20 touch opportunities.

Unless the injury is aggravated, Vlaco is expected to completely restore the & mdash; & mdash; even before the training camp is starting before the start of the training camp. This is another team we think that there is a new season of the crows that have happened last season, it can achieve huge achievements in the United States of America.

Obviously, Rivers have been willing to take risks in his career. Sometimes his ability to wear needle leads let him complete some of the passes that felt that they can complete. But sometimes such an adventure is to hand over the right.

Pony quarter points to find balance in the decision and stupid ball decision
No one feels that Philip Rivers are timid quarterfire. From he is willing to force the opponent to dare to pass the ball to the narrow space, the 38-year-old Rivers are fearless.

Americas Tiger Chongguan En Govi will not participate in the mini training camp
Beijing June 11th, US Time, Monday, the American Tiger, the outer rushing, Yannick NGAKOUE, said that because of its own needs of the contract, he will not participate in the upcoming Have a mini training camp.

Edword and Pites were injured in non-full equipment training on Thursday, both were accepted initial detection to determine the final result. Crows currently believe that the two may have tear the knee crossed ligament.

Tampa Bay pirate offensive group was treated with poor offensive front lines and two quartz sals, McCown, and Mike Glennon, and their fields were 18.3 points. The data bit column League 28th, the team is most seeing the hope of hope is the growth of the Xiu Exterior is Mike Evans.

Last Week Brir is expected to be absent from 2 weeks or longer. This game will once again become a rookie to joggee-Hill’s unrelent. Hill is from the tenth week to the downturn of the Arravland Brown team, and it is expected that this week will have a strong rebound.

wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport According to the informed news, the company will not continue to command the next game with the coaching group. The pirates later confirmed that the team had tetaded with Tdford, and he can pursue other chances of coaching. Tedford was absent from the beginning of receiving coronary angioplasty in September. During this time, the quarter-saving coach Marcus – Marcus Arroyo temporarily served as a team offensive coordinator.

Mammark starting to run Wei Bardad, continue to absent this week
NFL Network Albert Brill Reports Cincinnati Matulative Tiger team starting to run Guiiovani Bernard, because the hip injury will continue to absent this week’s game for the New Orleans Saints.

Vlaco has resumed running training, but this old four-dimensional admitted that he can’t change or “full speed” run. He also said that his pass distance is not more than 15 yards, but it is “approaching”.

Those players who were seriously injured last season would be expected to return at the beginning of the new season, and the team will return, and the team is four-point Joe-Vlaco (Joe Flacco), he is still crossing the knee suffered from November last year. Recovery in the ligament and the inner sub-ligament tear.

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Haber was 33 years old. The eight seasons in the past eight seasons were passed in the Saint. The Saint Selected him in the second round in 2006, and Haber was selected in 2009 and 2010 respectively selected professional bowl. In the 2009 season, Hubble helped the saints won the 44th super bowl. Due to the injury, Hab is only completed by 9 games, five of them are first, 2014 he has completed a 2-year value of 4.5 million in 2014. The contract of US dollar, completed the first 32 games in the Black Panther.

Obviously Edrman’s support, we did not surprise, and the two players have been sharing their feelings through social software after winning the super bowl in February. Of course, the pensions of this pneumatic doors are not to be canceled by Edelman’s support.

Although the start of the results of 6-1, Jackson’s passing capacity is still strengthened, he only passed the 1201 yard last season, reaching 6 times, being copied 3 times. The best performance in the season is the 16th week, and the passing of the 204 yards.

The relationship between the two parties has become more tight at the end of December. After he closed his daughter on the court at home, he left his daughter to dance, and the team was fined by “Hazardous Team Behavior”, and Wadere said “surprise” and “angry”. One week later, he said he said he may never talk to the team.

The Baltimo Crow was announced in Monday to sign the safe Wei Rick-Wadeer (Eric Weddle) for 4 years. NFL official website reporter Ian Libot is reported that this contract is $ 26 million according to the informed news, including $ 13 million security income, and Wader will earn 9 million US dollars.

At the scene, although there was a hurt from the mid-season of the groin in the season, Wadere had not been able to meet the level of occupational bowls in the three years. However, his anti-transmission performance is still outstanding, and has more than expected lightning secondary defensive stable midway anti-transmission.

Crow 4 points Wei Jackson and external work training
Beijing March 28th, the crow, the four points, Lamar Jackson, is receiving the guidance of private coaches in Fronda, and has several crows walking with him.

“You can see that he is trained in the rest, and it really studies the tactical manual,” delanie walker “is represented by ESPN. “He calmly placed tactics in Ju Ji, as he had already understood tactics, very good leaders. Very excited to see a young quarter-off to the team and Wholesale Jerseys prepare to lead the team. “

Bill currently retains the hopes in the playoffs, and the remaining four games are crucial. The team hopes to find a trustworthy ball in this case. Watekins rely on 120 yards on the 7th week and 8th week, and was rated as the best rookie in October. But in the past four games, he only completed the 35-yard advancement. Last week, I only completed 3 battles and won the 11 yards to create a new career.

Mario Taga’s adaptation to the Ken Whisenhunt tactical system is shown on Friday. He did not pass the ball in 18 through 11 on 11-to-11 training. The reporter observed that Mario Tower used a deceived slog that the defensive slogan was divided into the offline foul. He also completed the “beautiful” 40 yard pass.

Bill takes over Waskins eager to overcast new show wall
In recent weeks, Buffalo Bill’s new show, Sammy Watkins, is stunned. In the case of being asked, if he hits “new show wall”, the head coach Doug – Marrone cannot give an answer: “I hope not, I hope everything goes well.”

Early evaluation is positive, and Harry Douglas is inappropriate to admire Mario Tag “unbelievable,” and take over Jefferson, Shawn Jefferson, recently praised Mario Tag The destiny. “This commended continued on Friday, this time is a header from the team last season.

Similar to 2013, Steve Smith is very similar, the crow puts the bet on a good player in a struggle and the years. Although Wadeer is about to enter the stage of decline, there is no reason to believe that he will not prove that he will upgrade its next season for the crow safety position.

Watekins said: “When the season is going to the second half, the defensive players will be more familiar with you. I need to get rid of this kind of dilemma now, the same game will not be accepted. It’s time to change, no People can complete a whole season with the same playing. “

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A quarter of the season, Knicks and the new Xiu Dongte-Monte Moncrief are selected as the team seventh in the 94-yard pickup number. This is not an ideal situation that Knick wants to use to restore its market value.

Andrew Lucks showed excellent in dispersion, and seven players had at least 14 lamons to pass forward. T.y. Hilton (T. Hilton) has grown to pony the most dangerous offensive manufacturer. Reggie Wayne Positive and Baltimo Crow Entry Steve Smith Smeith Competition Become the most efficient older hand of the alliance. This makes Nicksce and Moncliffe, near-end-ended-Frener and Dwayne Allen, Ahmad Bradshaw, and special Trent Richardson competes to become a fourth or fifth pass choode of Lapas. “You only need to keep patient, you know this will be a long season,” Nicks talks about the role weakened. “As an external hand, we want to catch a ball every time you attack, but we understand that sacrifice is for the whole team.”

Charles career scorpion code 5.38 is the best data in the history of NFL, which also makes him hope to hit the famous hall position. Charles career completed the strike a thousand songs, and the squash codes were 5 yards, Http://Plastiikkakirurgia.Info/__Media__/Js/Netsoltrademark.Php?D=Www.Danskhumor.Dk%2Fgroups%2Ffour-Fashionable-Ideas-To-Your-Wholesale-Jerseys%2F and only Jim Brown and Barry Sanders reached this achievement.

49 people will be rushed to Arizona in the United States Pacific Time 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, their point is to stay with the Cardinals training ground and the stadium is very close to State Farm Insurance Hotel. It is also at least 49 people live in the western United States time at 17:00 on December 21, Santa Clara County, where limit expired.

Even if Knick’s play time only accounts for 57% of the pony offensive group, this does not affect his confidence. “I still think that I am the best outside the league,” Nicks said this week to Indianapolis Star. “This expectation will never change. We have the opportunity to finalize this.”

In the offseason last year, Beckham hinted he should become the league’s highest-paid player. His contract will expire after the 2018 season, and now it is a reasonable new contract by the giant. According to reports, Beckham seeks a contract with an average annual salary of 20 million US dollars, which will make him the highest pay-off takeover of the league.

Brown Mac Mike – Mike Pettine said: & quot; reason why Huyer is because we feel that he is the most appropriate. Don’t pay too much attention to the starting team, the focus is that we need to balance the first number of times everyone. We will listen to everyone’s opinion to determine the order of people in each game, but we have to look at half data, hoped to ensure that the team’s record will be improved. & quot;

49ers coach Shanahan: Arizona to play in the best condition
Since the introduction of the latest Santa Clara County’s new crown regulations, 49 the next three weeks training at the site can not be used in the usual. To this end, 49 people decided, within the limitation period, operators will migrate all football matters to Arizona.

David Beckham last season due to an ankle fracture missed most of the season, but his first in the second week of preseason games last season, suffered injuries Cry. At that time, he was hurt by the opponent player in the case of no preparation. He has never participated in the rest of the next season and absence the first battle of the giant season.

In the case of a new coaching group, Baker Mi may eventually play for a certain period of time in the case of a new coaching group and may have a young quadrant. But this tweet showed that he didn’t want to play.

The Brunt will still wait for the first time.
The Cleveland Brown declared that the Brian Hoyer will be biaxiene in the Red Leather Night War next Monday. The first game in the preseason, Hoyer 14 passed 6 Zhongda 92 yards, the new show Manzie (Manziel) 63 yards, as the substitute appearance performance. On Monday, everyone expected four-point guards, Mandawell, not listed in the first.

Davis said: “This is very difficult, when you try new things, you will always encounter some obstacles. But the best players will continue to advance.” Davis only in the 7 games after joining wild horses, Davis only 20 times ahead, push 201 yard and not reached. In this stage, Owen-Daniels balls 23 times, advanced 303 yards, that to 1 time.

In the case of the number of quarter-branch of the 108.0 (1305) and the number of reached the number of talents (1305) and the number of people (13), the pony has no reason to change the selection of the pass attack. & Mdash; & mdash; even if this means Knicks is not even the best external connections in the team.

49ers coach Kyle – Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan), said: “For us, the most convenient, but also the best situation is for us to camp in the Arizona Cardinals is very good, all the staff are me. I believe we will be very happy stay here, we will try to do our best. we will play here. “

In the last week, Davis missed a key to catching, so that the team lost the chance to get the first job. Two weeks ago, when the game was left, he had a step when the team tried 4 files, and made the wild horse missed the opportunity to try to take a shot. Davis acknowledged in an interview that it is not easy to learn a wild horse.

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During the university, Vanoi made a total of 62 cockroaches for Yang Benthan University, resulting in the loss of the number and 26 killing. Considering that his excellent pass impact capacity is adjacent to the neighborhood and anti-run power. If Vanoi reaches its upper limit, the patriot may see the potential of players like Mike Flabel in him.

In the time after the transaction fails, the defensive champion Seattle Hawks continue to fall, and they also burst into the same district enemies, the record fell to 3 wins and 3 losses. . In such a case, the tension is full of teams, and some Habig players disclosed that the team should pay more attention to the ground attack, and at the top six weeks trying to combine Harva directly to the team’s plan failure. After that, the dressing room is constantly calling to the heart and soul of the Hawie: Ma Shaun – Lynch.

“He is a bit heavy, he also knows. We have already talked, he knows what he should do, it is also very good.” Rivira said, “Do I worry? Of course, I have to admit that he overweight, but He is also working hard, he will train every day, complete our doing things, self-request is strict. “

Bronds is very good at consumption, unlike Linqi, Bronte’s body is big (6 feet high) is difficult to hold down, when Brunt finds its rhythm, he will take the energy stored out to fly. After being contacted, you can still break the number of cockroaches of the defensive players. Seattle needs to be better than in the Red Area, and will stop Bronter from the bottom of the center.

Unfortunately, Braddy didn’t have time to let their partners taught themselves, and Braddy has strengthened mobile skills this season. Our New England patriots also also said that he is more expected to fight against Indianapolis horses.

This transaction is in line with the nearest style of the patriots. They traded at the past two seasons. As far as the trading, the old will be Akeeers, Jonathan Casillas and Qiong – Bo Jon Bostic reinforced line guard position.

Erman graduated from the Kent State University, in the university three-year time as a quarter-saving completed 2483 yards. He said that it is happy to think that Braddy shows his running highlights. He joked: “You should ask him, because I have to remind him three times a day, I want him to sit down and see the wonderful moments in my mobile phone, but he has no time, he is a very busy person, I think this It is the four defiguity of three children after marriage. “

This Jiemin is troubled by the weight problem since the Vorrida State University. Some people think this is an important factor that leads to his ankle injury. I hope this black pen will take over this year to adjust the adjustment this year.

Raiders or Clabtri and Lynch
Although the general manager of the raid, Reggie McKenzie and the coach Jon Grudin, the external hand Michael Crabtree and the Run Wenda Shawen-Linchi Team in 2018. But the wind direction seems to have a new change.

Erman completed 385 times during the university period, completed 4997 yards pass and 30 reachaes, including 31 cases of copy, but he has not passed the ball in the patriot, but he was fake as an offensive tactics. Passing object.

Last season, Niki-Herker averages the fifth column of the league number (47.8 yard) at average, and he last season’s total abandonment is the most union (4680 yards). The number of times he abandoned into the opponent 20 yard lines is also the most amazing 51 times.

In 2014, the 400th selection of the election is selected for most of the time to fight for abdominal surgery, he can only serve as a substitute in the 2015 season. Although he entered the first lineup this season, he did not grow as much as the team’s predecessor management.

For Bellicho, he may make Shawne Veen, Jonas Gray, or Brandon Bolden as his various types. Wei Dengfang. Suppose Brown has received an indication of the game, he will find that Seattle is much struggling than the Pony.

In Niki-Hooker, the Rams, the Rams, the Ram, and the Aaron Donald ended to report to the team. It is still unclear whether Qiang Ni-Heker’s new contract is the effort to ensure the satisfaction of Donald.

The Patriot traded from the Detroum Lion to the third-grade line Wenda Ware – Kyle Van Noy. According to cheap nfl jerseys from china official website, Mike Garafolo reported that the patriot will also get a seventh round of draft selection, and you will send a sixth round of draft.

How do Bill Belichick counterattack? Maybe he will focus on the stars of the ram in the 36th Super Bowl of the Competition Plan on Marshall Faulk. At that time, the Patriot did not pay attention to whether the Faho holds the ball, and always pays attention to attacking him, but the Faier in the 2000 season is a running guard in the front court, and Lin Qi is not this type. It means that Vince Wilfork and his partners will have to win their fierce offensive frontline after winning them. And in dealing with the running guard, Wilfolk can be called the best player in the alliance.

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The crow takes over the latte: will not stay in the crow season last season.
According to ESPN, Baltimore Crow team takes over Torre – Smith revealed that Sunday’s game on the arrassats of Breveland may be his last game in the crow. He will become free players in March next year, and the crow is likely to use a privileged label for him, because it costs about 12 million US dollars.

At present, the Jaguo Sadman Skott Milanovich went to the Canadian professional football alliance, served as the main coach of Edmonton Anshiko team. Assistant Run Guards John Donn Donovan has accepted the work of the University of Washington offensive coordinator.

Dafili is only in the Jagua Tiger, and the offensive front line is weak in this year, and the rush is in a mud. The score rankings of the Jaguji offensive group No. 26, propeling the code number rankings, 20th, record 6-10.

The second grade of the raid returns to return
In the 2013 draft, Auckland raids took the 12th sho. D. J. Hayden (D. J. Hayden). This season, Hayden is troubled by foot injury, and has been lacking from the offset period for up to 5 months. US time Wednesday, Hayden finally returned to the training ground. According to the insider, he will have the opportunity to be included in the list of this week’s game as long as Hayden can successfully detect physical health.

I don’t know that Lewis can find a way to lead the tiger further in the playoffs. The team is difficult to copy the excellent state in the previous year, and the tiger offensive group in the season is propelled in the union bottom.

The raid people have witnessed the favorite of Hayden. In the 2013 election show, the raid people use the original 3rd line to transaction, only the No. 12 journey and a two-wheel position are added, and the sea is successfully taken Board. The raid person hopes that Hayden can find a state as soon as possible, and become the team’s closed corner of the team in the 11th game of the season.

Full Record and start the playoffs against time
Regular season curtain falls, cheap Nfl Jerseys president Roger – Goodell announced today: wild card playoff round will be held in Beijing on January 10 and 11, and the partition championship will be held on January 17th and 18th.

He played a key role in the process of transforming the tiger into the United Union strong team. Before he joined the team in 2003, Tiger had not yet achieved more than 12 consecutive years. After 2 consecutive years of 8 wins and 8 wins, Tigers won 11 wins in 2005 and the United States of America, which allowed them to enter the playoffs since 1990.

The player position of the Saint of last season is also a mess, the team cuts Zach Hocker in the middle of the season. Kai FORBATH is currently a free player. It is best to expect the saints to increase the player to choose the best in the offset season.

In 2018, Dafili was fired after 13 games after 13 games, and then the American tiger hired it. Dafili has served as a Brown Attack Coordinator in 2015, and 2016-2017 served as an eagle four-point guard. At present, the eagle offensive coordinator Mike Gloh is fried, and Dafili returned to the eagle. It will not be too unexpected.

Skobie has spent 4 games after being introduced by the Pittsburgh steel man through the transaction, and he shot 4 times in 10 arbitrage shoots. After that, he was cut off by the steel man. Scotbi career is 80.1% of the hit rate, only 60% last season.

Let Lewis’s league foreground may be the performance of the tiger in the end of the season. They defeated the Detroit Lion and Baltimo Crow in the last 2 games, and finally the two teams hope. These two victories helped tigers to end the season and perhaps some extent to let people forget the team’s bleak bureau.

National League
1. Denver Broncos (AL West champions)
1. Carolina Panthers (National League South champions)
2. New England Patriots (the AL East title)
2. Arizona Cardinals (NL West champion)
3. Cincinnati Bengals (North American League Championship)
3. Minnesota Vikings (National League North title)
4. Houston Texans (AFC South champion)
4. Washington Redskins (National League East title)
5. Kansas City Chiefs (wild card team 1)
5. Green Bay Packers (1 wild card team)
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (wild card team 2)
6. Seattle Seahawks (wild card team 2)

Heden is 350 files last season, but it is struggling. The raid people hope that he can reverse the decline after completion of this time, and play the performance of the inquiry. At present, the raid’s anti-transmission loss code row in the 11th, but the season has only completed 2 copies. The team believes that Hayden ‘s regression can further strengthen the defensive strength of the second line.

Lewis has a climax in the tiger’s coaching career. Despite the victory from the seasons, he is the most victory of the tiger team. He won a total of 125 wins and 112 losses 3 flat, led the tiger 7 times to enter the playoffs.

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Todd said in an interview: “I told him,” We have to pay you so much money, and hopes to get a good player contract requires you to do what you can do to prove your worth to us, if you and the first three years of Derek – Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter), we have no reason to continue to pay you. We need you to become a great player, you know? “That’s why we give you money reasons.”

A quarter of the season, Knicks and the new Xiu Dongte-Monte Moncrief are selected as the team seventh in the 94-yard pickup number. This is not an ideal situation that Knick wants to use to restore its market value.

Experts suggest that Hoyell will add 1000-12 million US dollars a year, but if Manze is still in the list, it may still change. Hoyel is 29 years old this year, is about to end his last year, and the last year is $ 1 million. He has completed 1232 yards this season, and the success rate is 60.7%, and 7 reaches and 1 copy.

At the end of this season, the contract is about to expire, and the jet team will need to decide to stay in Kerry. Kerry said that this state will last for several months, but he will not consider his stay in front of the Sunday Lion Team. He said: “I like a part of the jet, I hope I always stay in the jet. But I don’t worry, my job is to win the victory for the team, and I work every day.”

His teammates took over David – Nielsen said: “Kerry understands there is no moral victory in the world, but he knows that he has the ability to do. If you want to see it, Keno knows in this situation. The ball can take a moment, so that Kryr will get more pass. He has a unique talent, although his body (5 feet 9 inch 188 pounds) is not the highest, but his hard work is like a tiger. “This is done in the past few season Kerry. He took the number of balls in the past two years, and the three games of the whole team have achieved the highest 151 yards and 1 time. score. However, when you ask who ordinary fans Jeremy-Kerry, you may get a confused expression. Nielsen said: “He should be one of the most underestimated external connections in the alliance, almost no one talks about him.” Part of the reason is because Kryr doesn’t love the big saying, he has a stable. From the Dicos Si Governor, he was taken down by the jet fleet, and the career has taken a total of 143 times, 1805 yards and 7-time results. He can take a discard kickback, can also be launched in the wild cat formation, but also attacked in the options, and also is especially important in the third interface, and the league in these offensive strategies in the past few seasons. Premon. Kerry said: “When you are in the third interface, there is a voice to prompt you in your mind & lsquo; brother, is what you do to let us continue to stay. & Rsquo;”

Pirates coach bluntly DeShawn Jackson – come for the money
This off-season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers have good signings, all this from signing DeShawn – Jackson (DeSean Jackson) started, although already 30 years old, but Jackson still maintained a league of great depth type wide receiver threat.

But when I talked about the top level of the league, the name of Kyr was not stained. Kri “like me” is called & lsquo; inverted outer junction (tank pickup) & rsquo; only when others are injured or they seem to be replaced, they can run outfield lines, and people think that & lsquo; he is just Ten slots don’t run outside the road. He doesn’t have to know how to make an outer joke & rsquo ;. Thus in this case, I think there is no matter what location is on the court, I’m underestimated. But I still believe that others can do it. I can do it well. “Kerry is so confident, this also runs through his whole career, and when you dream of a professional rugby player, others advise him not to do daydreamings, he is so disdainful. And when the coach Rui’an has begun, he urged him to grow up. He also believes that he will definitely improve: “I have been knew what I can do. For a while I think people are not sincere, don’t understand my goals. So I You must be confident, you must take responsibility. Now I have done it, people can say to “” This guy is very reliable, can be used as the ball for each of our team. & Rsquo; “

“I have talked with other people who have similar situations.” Friedman said, “What I can do now is to focus on themselves, do the best Dude Tower – Freman. The final contract will also do according to what I can do I can brought things to decide. So I have to focus on myself. Keep patience, the generals will come. “

The jet machine brigade is facing two missing reaches
Two excellent balls can get two key scores & mdash; & mdash; but smoke and clouds. This is the epitome of Jeremy Kerley outside the New York Jet Kerley. As shown in the record, the jet team has not jumped in the middle of the opponent area: 5 minutes Cheap Jerseys From China the end of the game at the end of the Green Bay packaging team, the jet team The fourth gear, Krie retreats to the Geno Smith’s passed the 37 yards of the ball, but the suspension of the jet offensive coordinator an illusion. After eight days, the jet team 8 points behind the final stage of the Chicago Xiong team, starting from the top 9 yards of the other side, 5 yards and it is very likely to get the Dali, Kri kills the end area The Bear Safety Weight Brock Vereen Holds the ball and holds the ball in the ball & mdash; & mdash; only the last foot is outside the world. After training in Kerry, I said: “This is very frustrating, I would rather record some other things. But I think there is a good side, that is, these have been broadcast, and my teammates, coaches, fans and themselves I saw it. “REX RYAN said:” I hope we can break this record this week. “

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Let’s make a comparison, from the pirates to the saints of the saints, Jameis Winston, guarantee the salary of 1.1 million US dollars; four-point Wei Di-Dalton, who travels to cowboy The contract is 3 million US dollars to ensure wages; the Pirates of Braine Gabbert holds 887,500 to help Tom Brady, familiar with the head coach Bruce – Aliis ( Bruce Arians) offense; jets signed major injury of quarterback Joe – Flacco (Joe Flacco) guaranteed wage and Newton was flat, the total salary of $ 1.5 million. Although Newton’s 550,000 US dollar guarantees a bit less, but in a step in the contract, there is no guarantee part in the contract of the other four-point Weiner-Hoyer Brian Hoyer, Newton’s The situation is slightly better.

“I feel this very ridiculous, I think he played a good season. He got the same data, he led the team in such a way, but he still could not gain respect,” Yuschk said. “He is undoubtedly the leader of our offensive group. He led us to enter the super bowl and won the championship for 7 minutes. So he did not get what I think is very absurd to me.”

No matter who served as the first quarter of the dolphin, his situation in the new season will be more difficult. We know that the 2020 season will test the depth of the team’s lineup. Dolphins have now discovered this in advance.

After led the 49 people in San Francisco to the Super Bowl, he played anomaly in the fourth quarter. 11 passed the ball only had a success, got 36 yards, and one passed was copied, and 49 people were only promoted in the fourth quarter. 59 Code, buryed 20-10 leading advantages.

At the same time, Braddy has completed 4 times in the game, so that his super bowl of Daren’s total came to 13 times, surpassed the former San Francisco 49 people in San Francisco (Joe Montana) 11 times, refreshed a new record of the alliance history. Breddy passed a total of 50 times in the game, wholesale Jerseys completed 37 times, got 328 yards, and 37 passed success is also a new record of superb bowl single game. Therefore, this MVP trophy is definitely true.

After Sunday victory over the Cardinals, Rams 9-7 record to end the season, but nowhere near as stunning performance last year reached the Super Bowl. With a sign veteran Bet draft drawbacks at this time began to appear, they are not only difficult to add fresh blood, but also to pay a large salary.

Devante Parker will take over the Dolphin Skills, if Preston Williams is completely recovered from the knee serious injury, it will become an outer hand on the second. The remaining outer junctions include Gar Jennings, ISAIAH FORD, Jakeem Grant, Mac-Hollins and the New Xiu Matt Matt Cole and Kirk Merritt.

Patriot four-point Wei Cam-Newton new contract one year guarantee salary only 550,000 US dollars
NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the patriots and the most valuable players in the 2015 season, the basic salary of 105 million US dollars in the 2015 season. Only 550,000. The contract also includes a large list of $ 700,000 in each game and $ 5.75 million incentive bonus. Newton If all required to achieve up to $ 7.5 million from one year contract.

This guaranteed salary is only 550,000 US dollars, is undoubtedly a low risk, and the business is expensive. If Newton can’t keep health in the new season, the head coach Bill Belichick can cut off the Newton to make a salary space.

“This is not a relaxed decision …” Wilson said on the twitter. “I have decided to quit the 2020 season. This is a difficult decision, but since I started to participate in the game, the most important thing has always been belief, family, football. Because this crazy era, I chose to make my family, I think the most In a good environment. I will support my teammates and brothers, support them in the season and will be able to return to the team a few days before I will return. “

After Braddy, he said: “The opening is obviously not what we want, and it was copied twice. But we have come in front of huge psychological fear, no one can accuse and complain, can be such The patriot team is really my life. “

Summary: Da Gen is handling mild elbow injury
Beijing September 12th, in the process of preparing for the Kansas Emirates, the team was slightly injured in the process of anti-Kansas Emirates on Sunday.

Quarterback Derek – Carl (Derek Carr) shivering in cold weather, loss of quasi-head, completed 46 passes 29 times, advancing 391 yards, one touchdown. His career 45 degrees Fahrenheit (about 7 degrees Celsius) conducted in the following game record of 1-10 and is a great need for warm quarterback. For reference, today’s temperature of about 31 degrees Fahrenheit Mustang home.

“We have no changes recently” Tomin said, “We are preparing to prepare this week, James Conner is the core. I won’t hide any news, if there is any change, I will tell you. If not, then my response will remain unchanged. “

Braddy won the super bowl of MVP for the third time
The new England Patrioper team quartz, Tom Brady, in his own brilliant career, in today’s race, Braddy is completed in the fourth quarter. The reversal of 10 bareers, and the third super bowl MVP trophy was also obtained at the fourth time of career.

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If everything progresses smoothly, Embonon has the opportunity to strive to the first week. Stafford, who is absent training, is just a vacation, so he can still continue his continuous first (97 games).

The big transaction of Titan and the ram is talking in the bathroom?
Tennessee Titan and Los Angeles were completed last week in recent years, and the transaction did not have any rumors and foresee before completion. The news was shocked. Is this transaction talking like this? According to the General Manager of the Ram, Les Snead, the transaction negotiation is started in the bathroom.

Lak tried to pass, called no pain
Andrew Luck is troubled by injuries this season, and two games have been lacking in two consecutive games. According to reports, this week, the Indianapolis pony will continue to arrange the old Matt Hasselbeck. On Wednesday, Lak said in an interview that it is no longer painful.

The new coach Steve Wilks uses a 4-3 system in the Black Panther, the Leopard, and the panther final defensive ranks. Wilkes said they did not stick to their specific defensive systems, but there is a set of “system”.

Previously, the Seattle Sea Eagle Exterior Trip-Baldwin and the renewal contract on San Diego lightning be signed by Keenan Allen may make the horses and Sanders’s renewal negotiations. And the human resources that are single-in-law to continue to continue, and the wild horses are not from the heart.

More interesting is that when the renewal negotiations in June, the rosal of the wild horses began to negotiate with Sanders. Now, they seem to re-turn to Miller when they renew the deadline of the privileged label. The wild horses will have a large number of star players to renew, and they have not even counted the contractual contracts.

Last month, Pony announced that Rock was absent from 2 to 6 weeks due to kidney injury and abdominal muscle injury. Although Rack determining no surgery, his injury is still a top problem that Xiao Ma has to face. Chuck Pagano said on Wednesday in local time: “Rack takes more time to recover, and the team is unable to provide specific, accurate return schedule.”

This situation is very interesting. In the three renewal contracts that must be done in this year (Brandon Marshall, Miller and Sanders), Sanders’s contract and consider the contract of Miller More easily get it.

Sapphire, new, Wilke, said that it will not change the defensive system
For more than a decade, the red scitch has been using a 3-4 defensive system. In the past five years, four defensive data have entered the top six, and they ranked sixth last season.

The four-dimensional Matthew-Stafford was not appeared, which was a head since September 2012. Eric Ebron, which is absent from the absence of tendon injury, Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric, is on the grassland.

Relevant persons revealed that Lak is most likely to come back in mid-December, and he may choose to play in the game with Jacksonville’s American tiger or Houston Texas. At present, Xiao Ma will 6 wins and 5th, the head name of the United States, and the record is flat with Texas. It is worth mentioning that 40-year-old Hasselbeck will send 4 games in this season.

Looks teams are not willing to meet the salary requirements of the 33-year-old quarterback. New York Jets and Fitzpatrick is currently in contract negotiations are still huge differences. Jets slightly more than willing to offer a 3-year $ 21 million contract. The Fitzpatrick thinks he looks worth nearly $ 18 million annual salary, target current salary free agent quarterback market is so. Whether it be the Jets or Broncos now seem reluctant out of this price.

Earlier reports said the Broncos contacted Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) broker. And on Sunday, ESPN reported that the Mustang “is currently unwilling to” pay the salary Fitzpatrick had hoped. The two sides could continue negotiations in the future.

Snney said that he had stared on Titan’s championship, because he felt that the Brand, who had a list of eyes, had too much uncertainty. Snned said: “We only care about the ingredients, because you will never guess the unexpected situation in the second sign. So since we want the Yuan Sign, why don’t we change it?”

Broncos quarterback unwilling to accept salary requirements Fitzpatrick
– John Elway (John Elway) did not agree Bullock – Oscar Wheeler (Brock Osweiler) asking price. He may have another free agent quarterback who’s asking the same attitude.

Sneider broke the news that the current Cheap Nfl Jerseys needs to be transaction, still needs to be plotted and the people. I believe this news, and there will be many reporters in the bathroom in the bathroom next year.

Broncos on Friday with a conditional seven trade show to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark – Sanchez (Mark Sanchez). Elvey to deal called the “first step in our process of looking for a quarterback.” Mustang is being discussed with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin transaction – one of the teams Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick), but negotiations are no results.

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McDonald’s career is suffering from such self-destruction. In December last year, he was cut by 49 people in San Francisco after being considered to be a sexual harassment case. In August last year, he was arrested due to a riot. At that time, the prosecutor announced that he did not formally sued him. In addition, in 2010, he was arrested for drunk driving.

Recently, he was invited to join the ESPN’s “weekly NFL countdown” program group, he will replace the front NFL’s external hand Keshaw-Johyshawn Johnson, leaving the chairman of the program group, Click Link he will be with Chris Berman ( Chris Berman), Tom Jackson, Mike Ditka, and Chris CRIS Carter appeared in the TV show.

Santa Clara police NFL official website confirmed that McDonald was arrested in Mondi, due to suspected of traits and harm children, and the bear subsequently issued a short statement to represent layoffs. “We believe that the second chance, but when we signed thunders, we are very clear if he can leave the team, what is the expectation of our expectations,” Ryan Pace “said. “He can’t reach the request, and the decision we made is cutting him.”

Newcomers quad-shot Kaiser: I have Breddy’s Buffton Body
Those who have the mind of Tom Brady and the body of Kam Newton’s body, Dadone Kizer, said that he has the most capacity to become “the most Great quarter. “

Another suspected family violent defensive cut micro Dadoudarr was retired by Xiong Tribe
Chicago Bear has cut off defensive distant thunder-McDonald, and the player has been arrested before it involves a burn.

Chicago Bear is signed this first 49 people. Although he did not have a professional bowl, he was considered to be one of the best 3-4 defensive cut offers in the league. In the past four seasons, he won 112 hugs and 14.5 times.

The second section of the competition completed a 10-yard boller once, then ran 6 yards and ran out, and the ram of the ram of Eric, O’Guti, launched Beckham The world and completed their own hugs outside the world. Beckham immediately threw the ball on Octal, after the two started to push.

Two weeks ago, Romo was obviously affected in the Jacksonville American tiger, and the movement was slow. But Romo is born is a star, despite this, he still throws a 3-time array and won the four-point guards of 138.8. Healthy Romo is the biggest bad news on the New York giant of the opponent.

After these players, William Hyez, William Hyes and Giants, Presten Preston Parker, and Damontre Moore were fined, which is also this field. The defensive group of the competition is the second time being punished to Baker Him.

According to the “Dallas Morning Post”, Scandry is inadvertently caught in caution when trying to pick up the Lucky Whitehead. Scandryk immediately fell to the ground and painfully mourn. Subsequently he was carried out in the training ground, during which he kept covered with a towel and kept weeping.

Kaiser’s starting 23 games in the university, winning 12 wins and 11 losses, only 4 wins last season of 8 wins. His career passed the 5809 yard 47 times to reach 19 passes was copied, and the squat was 992 yards and 18 times.

Originally this should be a ram of 15 yards and then continue the game, but the situation does not end, a part of the giant’s player is beaten together with the ram players, which leads to 2 unnecessary sentences, directly makes the giants fined back 13 Code.

“Imagine the preparation of Brradi’s wisdom and Braddy to the game in the player with Camm-Newton. Why can’t I become the greatest quarter-saving? Single to stop me is me. This is now Drive my efforts. “

And his university teacher, the Cohal Brane, the University of the Notadegan, Braj, Kelly. Earlier this month, Kelly said that Kaizer should stay in the university to prepare for the next season instead of entering the Professional League after the end of the third season. “He should continue to stay in college …. He needs more time to grow in many ways, not only on the court,” Kelly said.

Timely rounds make the denim get fully
Dallas denim is no longer in time this season, this week’s round of Tony Romo (Tony Romo) is a lot of rest and recovery time. Jerry Jones also believes that this round is a quite contribution to the team: & quot; I think it is too beneficial, and Romo knows how to take it with it, I think I think When it started to this weekend, Romo can play with the best state. & quot;

Cowboy main corner Wesi Scandalrick reimbursement
According to NFL official website, Ian Rapoport reported that Dallas denim main corner Downto-Schandero Scandrick also torn the front cross ligament and inside of the right knee on Thursday training The sub-ligament will absent the entire 2015 season.

Scandryi’s injury is a heavy blow for the cowboy. He is the best corner guard in the Cowboy. According to the data given by the professional football focus, 120 qualifications enter the ranked corner The score of Kardrick is 10th. In May of this year, he also signed a 1 year of 9.5 million US dollars in May this year. After he was injured, the team can only rely on Brandon Carr, and Morris Claiborne.

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Local time Monday, Packaging Work Mike McCarthy said in an interview: “Renee needs to be better. This will be my only public discussing this problem. We look at the video and need to improve. We The ground offensive is far from expectation. “

Before cutting Dun Ru, the Habito exceeded $ 8 million in the expected salary. The help team will take a salary space of $ 14.1 million, but also let them lose a rushing will be in the selection of professional bowls. According to reports, the Hawks will try to sign the water after Dun Ru to go to the free market.

Cliffland Brown announced that they signed Griffin. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Griffin’s contract was 2 years, worth $ 15 million, including $ 6.75 million security income. Lat Portport also said that Griffin will earn $ 7.5 million in next season, of which $ 3.5 million is a signature bonus.

The game Watt is almost absent from the second half of the competition, because the groin is injured in the third quarter, the best player in the last season can not take a four-point guard in the emirate.

Nfl Jerseys Expert Mike Mike Mayock proposed that packaging and packaging of Lions with Detroit have a chance to win. The lion is only four people in the defensive front line, but the packaging workers have repeatedly defeated in the context of the front line, and Leis is not enough to change the situation. The backfinder of the package will need to help Alon Rodgers as possible. McCarti’s view is also clear: Ray West must begin to bear his responsibility.

Dun Rew was selected in the second round of the second round in 2010, followed by Cincinnati 10 years. Due to the task of yourself in the team last season, Dun Ru and the tiger relationship walked, and finally he was traded to the sea eagle, the chip is a seven-round sign and a substitute offensive front line member B.J.J. Finney.

Packaging worker: Lei West is also trying to play more
This season, Eddie is considered to have the opportunity to become one of the best running guards in the alliance. He has a key player in the attack, but in the first three games of the Green Bay packaging, things are different from people. The offense of packaging workers can only be in the middle of the league, and the performance of Lei West is not satisfactory. On Sunday proved this: Ray West is hugged in the end area, causing safety division, while a drop of falling ball, and is attacked by the opponent. He has 11 games that have not been able to rush through the kick. This is the best offensive today. This season is only 3.1, and it has not been completed.

According to NFL Media Reporter Ian Rapoport, Allen is expected to surgery on Wednesday, and there will be recovery processes at least throughout the rest. Labodote said that Allen’s goal is to return to the team in the first week of regular season, so the rehabilitation process may continue until September.

Allen is expected to be a defensive cut-off conventional rotation. He will serve as a backup option of Fletcher Cox and Tim Jernigan. After joining the eagle in 2014, Allen fought all 48 games and participated in about 40% of the team last year.

Jeff, President of NFL Referee Association, resigned
The NFL Coach Association announced that the original President Jeff Triplette resigned retired. Tony Steratore will take the opportunity to become a new chairman.

“We are very excited to join Robert joined Cleveland,” said Hue Jackson, “said. “He brought our team to our team. He is a young, sports ability, and talent, and he is really starting at this league. Just like every player of our team, Robert Take every opportunity he got. He will compete with other four-point guard in the array, he can help improve our quadrant conference room, this is one of my goals in this position. This is a Special places, we want to put special people special players in this place. “

In 2012, the Looks List of Gefen led Washington red skin in the rookie season. In the 15th front of that year, he won the 9 games, and the passing of 3,200 yards were more than 20 times. The rush was more than 800 yards. However, the offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s departure and serious knee injury affected Griffin’s career. The team replaces the chance to win back to the first chance. In 2013 and 2014, Griffin passed the 4897 yards 20 times to 18 passes. In 2015, he failed to compete with Kirk Cousins, did not get a place to play, and even rarely entered the list. Now Griffin presses the bet on the Brown, who often replaces the quarter-saving.

After being eliminated in the outer cassette, Dun Rip said: “If the Hawo is willing, I want to stay here for it. & Hellip; & hellip; You know that I am very grateful to join the Hawk, this club is very friendly. However, I feel that I am still very vigorous, and there is nothing different from young players. My two career goals are still winning super bowls and completed 100 kills, now they are all unfinished. “