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Fort Worth Weekly

Fort Worth weekly is the weekly newspaper which is circulated in the Fort Worth County which includes the Tarrant province and some places in Denton province.
Robert Camuto, former features Editor at the Fort Worth Star – Telegram, founded this Fort Worth Weekly in the year 1996, later he sold it to the New Times Media in 2000 and later it was again separated from NT Media. These news papers were circulated up to seventy five thousand copies per issue which comes out every Wednesday in the Fort Worth County.

And many people living over here in this Fort Worth were depending and looking forward for this news paper to know all the things which they are needed. In general the news paper consist general news, editorials, appraisals of Theatrical productions, food, music, books, arts, etc.
and another reason for the successful circulation are many young people are rely on this news paper to know the latest fashion trends and they will also predict the future trend of the next upcoming seasons.

This news paper also provides people with their local hottest news in the next immediate issue itself, which makes the people attracted towards the Fort Worth Weekly.

In the Tarrant region the Fort Worth Weekly will also release one special edition which is the best of Tarrant Issue that comes out in the fall which will also consists of special sections for advertisements which is especially related to education, holiday shopping, hotel and restaurants.
At the same time they are producing and hosting many concerts and also providing free tickets at some special occasions. Fort Worth Weekly is also providing many awards like 'Fort Worth Music Awards' for the best artist and this will held annually.

Many artists sprinkled over the many parts of the region will also participate in this Fort Worth Music Award Competition, so there will be the performances of more artists and it will be around forty different bands.

And another award is 'Visionary Awards' which will be given to top three outstanding artists and the award money will be around five hundred American dollars. The editorial board of the Fort Worth Weekly consists of very best staff in which includes some award Winners like Gayle Reaves, Head Editor of Fort Worth Weekly who wins the 'Pulitzer Prize' and 'George Polk Award'.
So the Fort Worth Weekly catches the minds of the people of Fort Worth with their remarkable influence and the way of giving importance to the people.

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