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For example, Marathon’s refinery in Garyville, Louisiana, operates an Exxon scrubber which has undergone numerous upgrades since being installed in 1979, company spokesman Jamal Kheiry said.
The refinery’s permit limit, set by the state, is 0.6 pounds per 1,000 pounds of burned coke, well below the EPA limit of one pound. During its latest test, Garyville’s small particulate matter emissions were just 0.11 pounds. The plant is slightly larger than Exxon Baton Rouge.

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Waterwell claims its double-stage filtration system removes 99.9% of waterborne pathogens, but based on the taste of the water that came from this bottle, I wouldn’t be so sure. I didn’t feel or see any particles like I did with the Lifestraw Go, but the taste alone was enough to make me wary of bringing this bottle into the backcountry for clean water. 

Maintenance on such scrubbers, commonly used to control pollution, can lower emissions but requires shutting down a cat cracker for several weeks, hurting profitability, according to Exxon disclosures to the LDEQ.
Completely new systems can cost more than $1 billion.

“There is a surprising amount of unevenness among states” in enforcing pollution limits, said Philip Mattera, research director at Good Jobs First, a Washington-based watchdog group.
“People don´t realize how much the EPA delegates responsibility on big environmental laws to state agencies.”

“Based on current market conditions, the company expects the board of directors to announce a dividend for the fourth quarter of 2019 … well in excess of the dividend declared for the third,” Frontline wrote in its July-September earnings report.

The Brita filtered bottle consists of just three parts: the bottle itself, the flip-top cap body brush bed bath and beyond the filter, which nicely locks into place on the bottom side of the cap. It’s easy to put together and requires almost no prep — just quickly wash the bottle and run the water bottle filter under hot water before your first use. Because the bottle contains minimal parts, it’s pretty easy to clean.

Companies such as BP plc, Marathon Petroleum, Phillips 66 and Valero Energy Corp have made agreements with the EPA in recent years to slash emissions below federal standards to help settle pollution-related litigation, regulatory disclosures show.

While Frontline posted a net loss of $10 million for the third quarter, its nine-month result has swung to a profit of $31.2 million from a year-ago loss of $34.3 million. (Reporting by Terje Solsvik; editing by Louise Heavens and Jason Neely)

The top polluter, Exxon’s Baton Rouge refinery, averaged 138 pounds per hour. (See graphic website The performance reflects the firm’s inadequate spending to cut emissions, said Wilma Subra, a Louisiana-based scientist who formerly served on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

Many models now have fold down prongs for easier storage when the dishes are done. Choose a dishrack with a sloping bottom mat to allow water to easily drain off into a sink. Plus there are always scouring pads, scrub cloth, steel scrubber, copper scrubber et

may all be useful during dishwashing. Throw away steel wool pads and scrubbers when they show excessive signs of wear. Allow sponges to air dry after use. Don’t allow them to sit in dishwater for an overnight or extended period. They will begin to break down, as well as become havens for bacteri

Dish towels pick up bacteria that are then transferred to every dish dried. Always use clean dishcloths to dry dishes. Lint-free cloths may be needed for silverware. Prefer to use paper towels on pots and pan

Small particulate matter is among the most harmful pollutants.
Made up of particles 50 times smaller than a grain of sand, it can bond with other toxins, infiltrate the blood stream, and damage the heart, lungs and nervous system. A small increase in long-term exposure to small particulate matter also leads to a large increase in COVID-19 death rates, according to a recent Harvard University study.

The three Exxon refineries together averaged emissions of 80 pounds per hour, eight times the average rate of the seven other refineries on the top-ten list, some of which are larger than Exxon’s plants, the analysis shows.

Despite its poor filter attachment and sour taste, the Waterwell does have some good properties. It’s easy to use, with the same setup as most of the other bottles on the list: bottle, cap, filter. The water bottle filter detaches easily and the bottle opening is large enough to insert a standard dish scrubber. 

Brita’s filtered water bottles come in plastic and stainless steel. It’s BPA-free and relatively sturdy, but I wouldn’t take this bottle filter bottle on a backpacking trip. It would suffice for day hikes, however, if you filled it up with tap water first (use with natural water at your own risk).