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Updated for 2020 with Heat Generating Super Stretch E6 Flash Lining, it’s our warmest and most flexible wetsuit ever, now available for Men and Women. He burnt off the effects of the Negative Speed Force that had corrupted him by generating so much of his own speed but when he arrived in the very thick of the Speed Force itself, he found fellow speedsters Max Mercury and Johnny Quick being held captive by Thawne, who was spreading his red lightning across the Speed Force. Per the description, no candy bowl will be safe as this speedy hero races around and snags all of the candy at lightning speed. Barry was transformed by the crimson lightning into the new Black Flash, unintentionally killing any speedster he touched. His plan was to lead the life of a criminal, destroy the Flash, and claim Iris as his own wife. While using the name, this version of Savitar ended up being loosely based on the Future Flash from The New 52 version of The Flash, rather than Savitar. After killing both Savitar and one of his followers accidentally, he ran as fast he could, attempting to merge back with the Speed Force so he wouldn’t be a such a danger to his friends and family.

He turned himself into a new kind of a speedster and created the Negative Speed Force, the crimson lightning that opposed the golden lightning of the Speed Force. Barry attempted to fight his archenemy within the sea of red lightning but Thawne quickly grew bored and left the Speed Force, hoping to finish what he had planned to have Barry do as Black Flash; kill the other speedsters. FTL (Moved so fast that lightning appeared to stand still. Unfortunately, Selkirk’s speed of thought is so fast that he can out-think both of them, and seeing the potential for collateral damage, Barry decides to take the fight away from the people. Knowing he was outnumbered and outmatched, the Reverse-Flash grabbed his counterpart, and took Barry back into the Negative Speed Force. The Reverse-Flash then ripped Barry out of the Speed Force when Darkseid was using his Anti-Life Equation to take over the world. Barry refuses to believe everything Thawne says and pushes him back to the future, where the Barry’s allies have reconstructed the machine that they had tried to use on Barry to seperate his connection from the Speed Force when he was Black Flash.

When Black Power Rings descended on the Earth, bringing the dead back to life as Black Lanterns, Barry remembered what Thawne had said in the Negative Speed Force about having had a resurrection of his own soon. At the start of The Flash season 4, despite having never seen it when Barry went to 2024, Cisco somehow had designed the exact same design, just in case Barry ever returned from the Speed Force. They destroyed his coffin in rage, cursing him for having been killed by their nemesis. He reveals that he was chasing Molten Man all night and Iron Spider asks if it was the villain that gave him trouble or if something happened until Triton (having joined the New Warriors) appears late for class qhich makes Spider-Man point that “Fish” happened. One of these events even, was when he murdered Nora Allen, Barry’s mother, an act that before, had never happened. If you have a lot of furniture or delicate furnishings, then one with a wider cord would be a good choice. He revealed that he had been the one to murder Barry’s mother and then quickly left Barry alone, traveling back in time to kill Iris Allen the day before her and Barry’s first date.

However, in the future, the real Barry escaped the radiation cell by using his costume ring’s chemical formula to have a shrinking effect on the energy wall, and then vibrated through it. Here, Zoom vibrated to invisibility and slipped his vibrating hand through Iris’ skull, fatally damaging the molecules in her brain. Zoom had one of his henchman drug Barry with “angel-dust.” Barry felt dazed and Iris went to get him a glass of water. The Flash remained one of his favorite characters of history, but now he hated him because the hero stood for law and justice and he stood for the reverse. Zolomon recruited Thawne and the two Reverse Flashes returned to the present, with Jay Garrick as prisoner. Thawne somehow returned from beyond the grave and when he did, he recreated the accident that had given Barry Allen his powers. Their torture was interrupted when Barry Allen emerged from his own cosmic treadmill. Thawne powered the treadmill and brought it back to the day when Zolomon killed Wally’s unborn children.

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