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Military veterans are almost 11 times more likely to become problem gamblers than other people

Military veterans are almost 11 times more likely to become problem gamblers than other people.

A study of 2,185 people found 43 per cent of UK veterans from the Armed Forces have experienced gambling issues- such as risking more money than they can afford to lose.

Compared to non-veterans, veterans had more than £500 higher debts on average.

The study authors conclude that people who have served their country in the military should be monitored for signs of problematic gambling.

The Daily Mail has campaigned against predatory betting firms, and highlighted dozens of traffic cases of gambling-related suicide.

Veterans of the UK's armed forces are almost 11 times more likely to be problem gamblers than the general population, a study by researchers at Swansea University has found

Veterans of the UK’s armed forces are almost 11 times more likely to be problem gamblers than the general population, a study by researchers at Swansea University has found

Professor Simon Dymond, lead author of the report from the University of Swansea, said the importance of the latest findings is ‘indisputable’, adding: ‘This is the first study to explore the social and economic impact of gambling among UK ex-service personnel, and our findings are consistent with the international body of work which finds that veterans are at greater risk of gambling harm.

‘We need to undertake routine screening for gambling problems among the UK Armed Forces, to reduce the stigma associated with help-seeking, and ensure that those who need confidential help and support receive it.’

The study, published in the journal BMJ Military Health, looked at 1,037 Army veterans and compared them to 1,148 non-military people of the same sex and a similar age.

They found veterans were 10.88 times more likely to have experienced problem gambling.

Just 6.5 per cent of non-veterans had gambled in an unhealthy manner.

A report from the now disbanded Public Health England last month revealed gambling cost the economy nearly £1.3billion in 2019/20 alone. The huge cost encompasses the burden of debt on problem gamblers and the effect on relationships and family breakdown, according to itsreport

A report from the now disbanded Public Health England last month revealed gambling cost the economy nearly £1.3billion in 2019/20 alone.

The huge cost encompasses the burden of debt on problem gamblers and the effect on relationships and family breakdown, according to itsreport

Veterans generally had more contact with gambling support, alcohol and substance misuse services, and had more hospital admissions and 바카라 emergency department attendances.

Justyn Rees Larcombe, a co-author of the report, who lost £750,000 in three years after becoming addicted to online gambling following a successful career in the Army, said: ‘The study has clearly identified a problem, so we must now address the reasons veterans experience problem gambling, and support those who suffer the consequences.

‘I got addicted to the thrill of online gambling and it nearly destroyed my life.

‘I don’t want others to suffer as I have.’

The study asked people about gambling activities in the past year, including online gambling, sports bets, casino games and slot machines.

If people said they had gambled, they completed a further questionnaire on the scale of the problem, asking for example if people had wagered more than they could afford to lose.

Around two-thirds of non-veterans had gambled, but without problems, compared to less than 38 per cent of veterans.

Most of the veterans in the study were men, around a third were aged 30 to 39, and over two-thirds were in work, with almost half being married.

Veterans had £1,375 of debt on average, compared to an average of £806 in the non-veterans.

The veterans had more contact with the police, and spent almost twice as much time off sick from work – an average of 32.7 hours – in the previous year compared to civilians.

Gambling is linked to job losses, relationship breakdowns and criminality, and estimates suggest it costs the UK up to £1.6 billion every year.

While around 10 per cent of UK military veterans get into financial difficulties after leaving the forces, routine mental health assessments after deployment don’t currently include gambling. 

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Jessica Simpson looks glowing as she shows off cleavage

Getting her groove back! Jessica Simpson looks glowing as she shows off cleavage in slimming all-black ensemble By
Published: 06:52 BST, 25 September 2013 | Updated: 06:57 BST, 25 September 2013

She gave birth to her second child just two and 바카라 (http://slctrolley.org/) a half months ago.

And it looks as though Jessica Simpson has well and truly got her groove back.

The Weight Watchers spokeswoman was seen out looking glowing on Tuesday, in black ensemble that revealed her cleavage.

Glowing: Jessica Simpson looked fantastic as she stepped out for a family meal on Tuesday

The 5′ 3″ star was all smiles as she visited one of her favourite restaurants Sagebrush Cantina with her fiance Eric Johnson and 16-month of daughter Maxwell.

Jessica, 33, recently welcomed her son Ace Knute Johnson and she appears to be getting back into shape in no time.A few weeks ago she flashed her tanned legs and cleavage at Eric’s 34th birthday party in Santa Monica.

It was recentlt revealed that Jessica is planning a ‘small’ wedding with her beau Eric.

Day out: Jessica was joined by fiance Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell, for a bite at Sagebrush Cantina
Bag it up: As always Jessica was seen with her trusted accessory, an over-sized hand bag
Shape of things to come: The Weight Watchers spokeswoman is getting her groove back slowly but surely

Jess and Eric are said to be limiting the guest list for their upcoming nuptials to include only close pals and family members so their big day feels more intimate.

A source said: ‘There will probably only be 75 to 100 guests.

Jessica will definitely not invite more if she can help it. She wants to have only really close family and friends – the kind of people she speaks to a regular basis.’

The couple had originally planned to tie the knot in Hawaii at a beach ceremony over the Christmas holiday period in 2012, but postponed their nuptials after Jessica got pregnant again.

Looking good!

Jessica showed her slim legs in a pair of tight-fitting black trousers for the night out
Taking motherhood in her stride: Having given birth to her second child less than three months ago Jessica Simpson looks fantastic
Late dinner: Jessica was visited one of her favorite restaurants with her fiance Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell

The lovebirds have now decided on having the ceremony closer to home, with Hawaii being touted as a potential honeymoon destination instead.

Another source told National Enquirer magazine: ‘Jessica has always loved the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara, and it’s also a pretty convenient location for most of their guests.

She just wants something classic and beautiful that takes your breath away.’

It seems the 33-year-old star -whose sister is Ashlee Simpson – isn’t obsessing over the details of her big day, preferring to spend her free time immersed in her motherly duties instead.

A source commented: ‘Jessica is the antithesis of a bridezilla.

She won’t plan out every little detail at once; she’ll think about it for a bit, the do more important things – like be a mother and take care of her newborn and daughter. The wedding isn’t her only priority.’

Intimate: It was recently reported that Jessica is planning a ‘small’ wedding to her fiance Eric

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Correct Any Four Year University Accredited Online Bachelors Degree

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Online Library of Liberty The OLL is a curated collection of scholarly works that engage with vital questions of liberty. It also teaches you the basics of a library called Numpy, which is often used by data scientists to manipulate arrays. What It Is: The library includes virtual education best practice videos, performance tasks for students at home and in traditional classrooms, and other resources for teachers and leaders making the adjustment to virtual education. “Student success isn’t just the best measure of a highly successful education. Read student success stories. We’re here to provide support and guidance with a host of tools, resources, tuition information, and student advisors to help you succeed from application through graduation – and beyond. “Initially I was a BSN nursing student, and now a Family Nurse Practitioner student. I chose Maryville because I could go to school and at the same time provide for my family. It’s going to make a huge difference, helping my family and helping the community that I’m from. But the advancements BlenderBot 2.0 displays, which FAIR debuted on Friday, should make the AI far more sociable, knowledgeable, and capable.

While you’ll pay a bit more for the Blade 15 compared to some other models, you’ve still got a few different price points to work with. Researchers need more information from the companies, including ways to spot bot activity. In case you happen to find any illegal use of your content by some websites or companies, you can get in touch with the site owner or administrator and tell him to take down your copyrighted content from the site. As you can see, you can enjoy this wonderful game with your friends, but it’s also fun to play with random people. There are some people whom you would be surprised to search living nearby your area; thus distance is not any longer an issue. A lot of people think they’re going to miss that personal connection when they choose an online program, but that’s really not the case. As is the case with other ebolaviruses, the “reservoir” of Bundibugyo-meaning the primary host that harbors the virus-remains unknown, according to the authors.

Then you should definitely play Among Us! Then create your own. Apply with ease, then focus on what’s important: your education. That’s why we’ve been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2018-2021. Apple grants this designation to schools and universities that have a track record of technological leadership in education. I have been utilizing web mapping softwares for many years, I have used a lot of different services, but my favorite internet mapping sites are Google Maps and Map Quest, but I have also used Yahoo Maps, Expedia, Rand Mcnally, and bing maps a lot, these services are also great but I think that G Maps and MQ are simply better. Clergy Pulpit Robes are one of the countless spiritual clothing that can be access and obtain in an assortment of designs. That is an option we have available to us and one we use from time to time,’ he said. “I actually have 17 technical certifications already.

“I do get around,” he says with a hint of pride. In fact, adding a USC credential to a resume can help make a great first impression even before your interview, helping you get the job and salary you want. Shopping for the holidays can be fun when you order customized christmas gift apparel. Earning a law degree from USC Gould is a powerful credential that you can use to your career advantage. “USC Gould School of Law’s online LLM degree is exceptionally useful. What are the career advantages of earning an LLM or Graduate Certificate from USC Gould? I knew some of the information, but I was able to get experience using some new tools that are relevant today. A game that combines the elements of many genres and offers a unique and gripping experience you won’t be able to tear away from? With our high-tech mobile learning platform and resources like our Cyber Fusion Center, we’re always looking for ways to enhance your educational experience.

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