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What’s the best way to watch the Tokyo Olympics? Try viewing in 4K HDR

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After a year of pandemic-enforced delays, the Tokyo Olympics are . While the , you already have the best seat in the house: For the first time, the Summer Games are being broadcast and streamed in .
How can you watch? Is it streaming on your favorite service? What about ? Here’s what you need to know as we enter the final weekend of action. 

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The Olympic rings float in Tokyo Bay near Odaiba Marine Park, venue of the triathlon and marathon swimming events. 
Akio Kon/Bloomberg/Getty Images
When are the closing ceremonies? 
The Olympics started on July 23 with the opening ceremonies. The final day of the competition, as well as the closing ceremonies, will take place on Sunday, Aug. 8. 

The first matches of the competition actually began three days before the opening ceremony on July 20 (July 21 in Japan). 

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Broadcast: Which providers offer the Olympics in 4K HDR?

NBC is broadcasting the games in  with , though not every TV provider or streaming service offers it. As always, you need a 4K TV and a compatible app or box to view content in 4K HDR.

Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal, offers those with its Xfinity X1 service the ability to watch in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision. 

Cable provider Optimum (channel 200) and  (channel 105) also offer the games in 4K, though not with Dolby Vision. 

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Dish says it offers the Golf Channel and the Olympic Channel in 4K HDR in its “usual 4K channel slot” at channel 540 as well as in an “Olympics-centralized location” at channel 148. It notes that “timing will coincide with the events being covered on the Golf and Olympics channels.”

DirecTV is available on a one-day delay on channels 105 and 106. It includes footage from the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, diving and beach volleyball and other coverage.

Verizon offers the Olympics in 4K to those with its Fios One service. Channels include NBC (Fios TV channels 1491 and 1492), the Golf Channel (1493) and the Olympic Channel (1494).

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Streaming: Watch the Olympics in 4K with FuboTV or YouTube TV
You can stream the Tokyo Olympic games on FuboTV and YouTube TV.
Sarah Tew/CNET

If you’re looking to stream in the highest resolution available, you can do so on FuboTV or with YouTube TV, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

YouTube TV — our — has 4K channels available for NBC, NBC Sports, Olympic Channel and Golf Channel, according to . You need to be signed up for the company’s new 4K option that runs an extra $20 a month on top of the $65 regular monthly rate. There’s a 30-day free trial of the 4K option, however, which is long enough to last through the entire Olympics. You should also note that the 4K feed isn’t available in every market; .

FuboTV’s home screen on an Apple TV is uncluttered and friendly.
Ty Pendlebury/CNET

FuboTV costs $65 a month and doesn’t charge extra for 해외스포츠중계 4K, but its higher resolution feeds from NBC, the Olympic Channel and Golf Channel are only available to those in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Boston.

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What about Peacock?

NBC has confirmed that Peacock is not streaming the games in 4K.

While it isn’t in 4K, the service is streaming some of the major games and competitions for free. This includes events such as men’s and women’s gymnastics and men’s and women’s track and field.

It is not, however, streaming the US men’s basketball games for free. For that, you’ll need to pony up for a Peacock Premium subscription, which starts at $5 per month for an ad-supported plan, or $10 per month for the Plus option that offers on-demand content ad-free.


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Which channels are broadcasting the Olympics? 

The many NBC channels and websites broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics in the US. 

NBCUniversal owns the US rights to Olympics broadcasting and is once again using its variety of networks to show competitions from the Summer Games. This includes the main NBC channel, as well as NBCSN, USA Network, CNBC, , Golf Channel, Telemundo and Universo. 

Per an , the main NBC channel will have 17 “consecutive nights of primetime coverage” as well as a live primetime show.

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What about COVID-19?
The pandemic continues to plague countries around the world. Tokyo is currently operating under a state of emergency, and fans are . Officials are also asking that people not congregate on roads alongside outdoor events like the marathon, according to . 

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Youth Sports Let Children Gain Confidence and Learn Important Life Skills

Some parents have yet to make their mind about letting their child play youth sports.
They may decide against their child's participation in youth sports due to not having enough time, money and energy for it. But this decision would not be in their child's best interest. Before making a decision about youth sports, they should try to gain knowledge about various benefits provided by youth sports.

If they consider its benefits, they would gladly let their child pursue youth sports.

Positive Benefits:

Youth sports let children build their health and physique. By running and playing sports like basketball, football, etc., they are able to build their physical and mental strength.
This also saves them from the risk of becoming obese and developing diabetes and other dreaded diseases.

Youth sports enable children to develop a healthy self image. It helps to improve their confidence and lets them build their character. They learn how to maintain a sportsman spirit while playing.

Children get to know how to gracefully accept win or defeat and that they should treat their opponents with respect and humility whether they win or lose a game.

Sports help to build leadership skills in children. They follow the instructions given by their superiors or coaches and learn how to work like a team.
Through sports, children get to learn how to plan for achieving their goals and that they can achieve them with their hard work and by remaining focused. This helps them tremendously when they enter their professional life.

In youth sports, children get to know how to deal with competition as their team plays against other teams.

They learn how to protect themselves from more physically stronger children. They get to experience fun and enjoyment as they exert physically in a game.

Playing youth sports grants children the opportunity to meet other children and build friendship with them.
By interacting with them, they get to know more about them. This enables them to accept diversity and build their social skills.

By engaging themselves in youth sports, children can be saved from getting addicted to video games, laptops and watching television which can affect their health and physical growth.

Sports enable them to put their free time to good use.

By learning various above stated qualities and skills during youth sports, children can lead an active lifestyle and grow into more successful and emotionally mature individuals in their upcoming years.

Such benefits would have given parents a good idea of how beneficial youth sports are for their child. So they can accordingly decide in favor of letting their child participate in youth sports.

If parents want to see their child excel in youth sports, they should provide them full support and encouragement.

In addition to supporting your children's participation, helping their team find quality team sports uniforms that stand up to the requirements and look good is important. Such a uniform helps motivate the young players and excite them about the game while enhancing the experience as a group and bond as a team.

To find a great selection of choice or have a custom team uniform created parents should approach a reputed online seller of fine sports uniforms and convey their team's needs for a specific sports uniform in terms of the team's logo, colors, size, etc.

The seller can help recommend options that range from off the shelf styles that can be decorated screen printing or heat press and ready quickly, or options for full custom sports uniforms that would be made to order specifically for your team. Custom uniforms will be made from exceptional fabric and would be comfortable, breathable and durable.

Such uniforms brings children together as a team and help ignite the passion and pride that comes from working and learning as a team and taking the field on game day to test their skills.
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