Personal login details for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Amazon, British Airways, Facebook and Netflix – as well as for the viral free video game Fortnite – are available for as little as £7 on the dark web, data shows

darkforums.netPersonal login details for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Amazon, British Airways, Facebook and Netflix – as well as for the viral free video game Fortnite – are available for as little as £7 on the dark web, data shows.
Analysis of listings on five major dark web marketplaces; Berlusconi, Dream, Empire, Tochka Free and Wallstreet Market, found personal details for everything from shopping sites and streaming services, to identity documents to bank details are on sale.
It means your entire personal identity could be bought for around £800, comparison service Top10VPN claims.
Could your personal details be up for auction on the dark web?

An index based on analysis of five major dark web marketplaces has been compiled that shows the most expensive logins
Bank details remained the most coveted and expensive item according to the latest dark web market price index, listing for nearly £350. 
However, credit and debit cards and driving licence and passport details were available for far less.
Credit cards could be found listed for an average of £24.91, debit cards £5.69, driving licence for £13.28 and passport for £9.93.
RELATED ARTICLES Share this article Share 22 shares HOW THIS IS MONEY CAN HELP The virtual private network comparison service said a series of data breaches over the last 12 months contributed to the ‘thriving’ online black market trade in personal details, while it found that some products had jumped in value, often by huge percentages.
Details for British Airways accounts could be purchased for an average of £31.94, a whopping 375 per cent increase in value since 2018.
The report says: ‘Criminals need to travel too.

In accessing BA accounts, fraudsters can siphon off points that can be used on multiple airlines – making these logins even more valuable.’
The airline said last year that around 244,000 payment cards were put at risk by a data breach that occurred between 21 August and 5 September 2018, meaning scammers could potentially get hold of customer’s names, email addresses, and credit card details – including the three digit CVV code on the back of the card.
What your financial details and ID documents could be selling for Item for sale  Average price on the dark web  Bank details £347. In the event you loved this information and you want to receive more info with regards to best way to use cc dumps assure visit the page. 68  Credit Card £24.91 Western Union £22.47 PayPal £14.06 Driving Licence £13.28Passport £9.93 Debit card £5.69  Source:  What your online shopping account could be selling for  Brand  Average price on the dark web  Morrisons £15.95 Amazon £14.53 eBay £13.89 La Redoute £13.00 Foot Locker £11.33 Studio £10.86 JD Williams £9.87 Nectar £7.02 Gap £5.37 Nike £4.20  Source: The airline’s owner International Airlines Group added that up to 77,000 customers who made reward bookings using a payment card between 21 April and 28 July 2018, a month before the larger breach, could also have had their personal and card details stolen.
Other details that spiralled in price over the last 12 months include logins for the dating website, which rose 168 per cent to around £6, as well as personal details for accounts with tech firms Amazon and Facebook, ride hailing app Uber, and streaming service Netflix.
The personal information that’s gone up the most BrandAverage price on the dark web Value increase since 2018 British Airways£31.94 375% £6 168% Amazon £14.53 114% Facebook£6.96 86% Uber £7.61 52% Netflix £8.19 37% Twitter £1.54 28%  Source: Both Facebook and Uber faced scandals over data breaches in 2018, with Facebook announcing last September that almost 50million accounts were vulnerable to a takeover by hackers, while Uber was fined nearly £115million by UK and US authorities following a 2016 data breach that affected 35million customers and 3.7million drivers.
The price of Facebook details increased by 86 per cent to £6.96 in 2019, and Uber details by 52 per cent to £7.61. 
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