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Chi Friendly: The moment when the draft is selected is the moment of life
Beijing April 27th, cheap nfl jerseys in the second round of this year, Los Angeles ram is selected from the 61st suggestion of the Chow: Taylor Rapp. This is the first time they pick John Johnson III for the first time after John Johnson III in 2017.

After being selected, Chi Friendly accepted the interview with Los Angeles media. He said: “I dreamed this moment, I will walk in my dreams, I will be in the dream & mdash; & mdash; this is difficult to believe in the moment Remember firmly.”

At present, the starting safety combination in the male array is the old Eric Wedr and Johnson. Chi Yu Jun said: “Obviously I will join the team, will be in Eric Weddle & mdash; & mdash; a old will be a unbelievable player after he is an incredible player after John Johnson. The team is studying in them, this is an incredible opportunity, which is perfect for me. I can’t ask more. ”

In all players selected by the selection of the second day, Chi Friendship may be surprised by Les Snnie, and the coach Snnead. Sen Mcvay is surprised. Snide said they once thought that they would not be able to choose Beway Jun, and Chi Friendun is one of his favorite players this year.

Mike Wei compared the Chi Youjun and the two first security guards: “For Eric and J.J. There are a lot of love you will feel. We feel that Chi Friends will have many similar conditions and characteristics.”

In the male defensive group of the ram of talented, cheap jerseys from china as some old contracts will expire in the past two years, Chi Friendship will gradually get more opportunities.