lan ren wai mao kai fa gong ju

Hello, everyone. I am Wukong.

Today, I opened the box for you. It

is the km2 of the MeCool at hand. When I

mentioned the brand of MeCool,

I think everyone should think

of the m8s pro that was launched a few years ago. At that time, it was also a flying car rollover,

which led many people to this brand. It is also very impressive

because the model configuration of their year is very high.

On the basis of this high specification, it also supports the anti-flying.

Of course, the anti-flying method is through the cracking method,

so it will inevitably be different one day.

After Netflix’s formal authorization,

you can

check some of

its filing information from

the Android TV Guide website. This time it supports Netflix’s 4K HDR ATMOS. There

are also many support standards.

Except that Dolby Vision does not support

it. This point should be

slightly worse than Google TV. The

other standards are very complete.

I personally think that this time

MeCool may target TV boxes

instead of TV sticks like this

because TV sticks everyone knows

its scalability. Not enough.

I also have a Xiaomi Mibox s.

This time it is the same as its foundry. It

should be Skyworth.

You can say that MeCool is a small company,

but Skyworth should be considered a relatively large company

or even a relatively large company.

Compared with the Mibox s MeCool on the left, Xiaomi’s Mibox s

MeCool obviously has more interfaces

and there are also USB3.0

and USB3.0.

We can even switch to a gigabit network port.

Of course, whether the rate can meet the standard,

wait for us to do a test. I will also put

the purchase link of this box at

the bottom of this video.

Of course, I just make a link and I do

n’t mean that you must buy at my link.

I just serve those who are lazy.

I personally think that you can pass keywords completely.

For example, go to Alibaba

or Taobao to search on your own,

so this link does not take any responsibility.

Everyone knows that my channel

has more TV box videos,

so the items I tested for each TV box

are also compared. There are many,

so if the video today is relatively long,

you can watch the progress bar at the bottom of the video

. You can fast forward

because everyone’s tastes are different.

I can’t say that because someone

does not do such a test,

he will definitely do it.

It’s just that this video will be longer.

Although the price of this box is not very expensive,

I can’t just talk about its advantages

and disadvantages. I will truthfully give feedback

and tell you

what problems I have encountered at

the first time. Don’t talk nonsense, let’s

start today’s video.


is the km2 of MeCool that we opened today.

You can see the km2 of MeCool. It

inherits the

huge advantages of all foreign trade boxes,

that is, the interface is abnormally rich

, and the audio and video of the 100M Ethernet port hdmi av

are also available. Optical audio output

and ir control

side There is a TF card slot

USB3.0 USB2.0.

This time, MeCool may be the target of

Xiaomi’s mibox s. Only these three interfaces

are HDMI and

USB 2.0.

This time the Ethernet port is 100M

instead of 1000. Megabits,

but we can

expand a gigabit network port through USB3.0.0.

You can see that the three TV sticks in my hand

are all the more popular TV sticks last year. The

biggest feature of these TV sticks is that they are small and convenient,

but they don’t have any. Expansibility If

it is expanded, you can only use extensions.

So its interface is very not rich.

If compared with them, it does have a huge advantage.

In terms of remote control, I think it can be compared. The

right side is the mecool remote control.

On the side is the remote control of Google TV, do

you see any features?

Yes. Although the remote control of Google TV is small,

it has very large buttons and

very convenient.

So I think the industrial design still has the upper

hand. The button of MeCool on the right is It’s very rich.

It has a few more buttons than Google TV.

There is a bookmark button in the upper left

corner and another program navigation button in the lower right corner.

In fact, these two buttons do not realize the function.

It is currently in a vacant state.

I think it may be. The firmware has

not yet implemented this function,

including the signal source switch button in the upper right corner,

but we can customize these three buttons separately.

You can use the Button Mapper

software to complete the actions we want to do.

Google TV is almost the same. The

only regret is that this button is too small.

If this button is bigger, it will be fine.

You can look at the spacing between these shortcut buttons.

I think it is too


This is a comparison of appearance and interface.

Okay, when we turn on the

power, a TV box logo appears.

I wonder why it didn’t

make a MeCool logo this time. The logo

is a boot animation of the Android native TV that we are very familiar with. The

entire boot time is given to me. I think it should be

20~30 seconds and not very

slow. Actually, I have already installed some apps.

Let’s take a look at this in the device preferences


You can see that the

current version is 10.0.

I know what you want to ask.

It is a system of Android 10.0,

but this interface looks similar to 9.0.

Many friends prefer the interface of Google TV.

In fact, it doesn’t matter

because you

can use the apk method to install the

previous video. After that,

you can click on the upper right corner of the video

and the information card to find the relevant video

or I will post a link below the video.

This interface is very familiar and

there is nothing to say. The

first row is some of the applications we installed.

Many friends said First Some

third-party apps installed by yourself can’t

be displayed. You can install

a software called mix Apps.

After clicking, there are all the apps we have installed.

Let’s click on the Device Preferences.

There is an advanced option,

so you can see it here. Nifei’s esn code The

esn code is not plagiarized

or cracked,

but this time it is applied by itself,

so this time it will not be overturned

. If you don’t believe it,

you can go to the android tv guide very authoritative

website to check it. Some of its filing information is

good. Let’s click on aida64 to take a look at its basic information.

Here the manufacturer writes Skyworth Digital

and the brand is MeCool.

Its CPU uses amlogic s905x2.

Well, everyone knows that the TV box must

be the most important audio-visual experience. Yes,

but before the audio and video experience,

I want to test the WiFi

speed and the speed of the network port.

You can see that this

is a wireless speed.

It has reached more than 360

megabytes, and 370 megabytes is still rising,

indicating that its WiFi is still a signal comparison. Good

signal reception ability is relatively strong.


should be no problem to run the files in nas at this rate.

We will connect the network cable and

retest the cable rate.

My cable is already connected.

You can see that it is about 98Mbps.

It also proves that the network port is indeed a 100M network port.

Some people may still not give up and

just want to test the level of the extension.

You can see that the

iperf3 server on the box has been turned on.

Then let’s turn on the

router. Seeing that the current rate

is about 360 megabytes and 400 megabytes,

it ran out of a peak rate of

402 megabytes. Let’s run it again.

OK, you can see that the peak

rate is about 430 megabytes.

I think that many friends here are disappointed.

Next, we changed to an extension.

We changed to

a very unknown brand

that is not Greenlink. At that time, I bought it in Xianyu. It

should be around 38. 234 Enter.

Everyone sees

that it’s a steady 940 trillion

direct. When it’s full,

my gigabit bandwidth is already full.

So if the extension you connect to is different, the

measured result is also different.

Ok, let’s summarize here

if you are using Crab’s 8153

chip. If you extend the dock,

it can run at up to Gigabit, which is 944M.

If you use another

extension dock with as 88179 chip, sorry,

it can run up to 430M.

If you want to buy it, you must buy 8153

chip to connect. Next is the test of streaming media that many people are looking forward to.

Today we will test the

tubing, NF KODI,

EMBY, and a live broadcast software,

such as Yijia Live.

First open the tubing.

Let’s open a 4k60 frame

video for everyone to see

. You can watch it. The 4k video

can be played perfectly

and there is no lag phenomenon.

After my actual measurement,

even if it is a long-term playback of 4k60 frames,

there will be no restarting fever,

including any frame drop phenomenon,

as long as your speed is sufficient. There won’t be any problems,

so the tubing is absolutely

fine. The second software emby.

Why do we test emby this time?

Because emby can test

its audio decoding ability,

let’s try the ghost party first.

Take a look at this source.

It is 4k hdr dts.

Let’s focus on whether DTS

videos can be decoded correctly.

Ok is okay.

Then, DTS videos

can be decoded correctly on this machine.

Next, let’s take a look at

Warcraft. The audio to it is TRUEHD 7.1.

Let’s play it and see

. You can see

it and it’s played. Let’s pause.

If this machine is connected to the TV,

it will not play.

Currently I am using a capture card,

so this problem is not exposed.

If you

can’t play

it on the TV, it proves that it really can’t decode TRUE HD.

Next, let’s test the live broadcast.

Let’s open Yijia live broadcast

. You can see that we can load videos very quickly

and the live broadcast speed is quite fast. I

will find a few more in

this one. I may put some mosaics on

it because it is copyrighted. As

you can see, the switching speed is okay.

However, I installed this version myself and it is

not the latest version of Yijia Live.

Finally, we will test the NF

NF needs. Connect it to the TV to play,

but before testing, let’s take a look at this screen. It’s

currently in a state in the main interface.

We open the source manager.

You can see that it is currently

displayed in HDR mode throughout the process,

so I think the logic is there. The problem

should be to display HDR according to the content.

If it is the whole process, then

it is obviously incorrect.

Let’s get back to the point. Let’s open Netflix.

You can see that this movie

is a source with 4kHDR Dolby Atmos.

Here are these. The signs are already

lit. Some film sources do not have panoramic sound. For

example, it only has hd 5.1. For

example, the black mirror

only has 4k HDR 5.1.

There is no Dolby panoramic sound.

So whether there is panoramic sound depends on this

film source and your TV. The level of support is

if your TV supports it.

For example, these Korean dramas are generally only HD. For

example, carbon change also supports panoramic sound.

This time everyone can find that it does not support Dolby Vision,

but I think it is actually for fobamz外贸学习 ordinary families. It’s

good enough.

Let’s play one for everyone. Look at the

upper left corner and you can see its bit rate and resolution.

15.25Mbps. 2160p should be a good

4k source.

Well, I won’t play it for everyone.

If it’s okay, it won’t roll over

. Let’s show you another problem.

Let’s click to set it

at the bottom. There is

a function to set the remote control button.

Click to add a device.

Just click on one such as a TV.

It will prompt you that there is a problem.

So I think this should be a bug.

We choose another one,

such as a sound bar, and it will also have this problem.

There is the signal source switch button.

This button is supposed to be automatic,

but I will show you

this button. After you click it,

you will find that it doesn’t work. Let’s click and see,


click and click again, which

means that the button is actually

currently It has no effect.

After a while of testing,

I don’t know if you can see here.

Let’s summarize the

advantages and disadvantages of this box first.

I think the current firmware of this box is

still a bit unsound,

such as hdr self. Adapting to this function

may only be reflected in HDR TVs. For

example, my Sony TVs currently turn on HDR throughout the process.

I think this logic is problematic.

Of course, this problem is a commonplace question

. TVs or Dangbei boxes that I have tested before.

The first version of the firmware they just released also had this problem. In the

end, they all solved it by firmware


So I also hope that MeCool can solve this problem as soon as possible. The

second problem is also a firmware problem

. There is an additional device in it.

This add-on device was originally able to add

some speaker devices such as sound bar,

but the function of adding the device is not available at present.

Then there is a problem in all foreign trade TV boxes

or all foreign TV

boxes. The problem

is that this time is incorrect. When

you first initialize,

you will find that this time is wrong.

What problems will the wrong time cause? The

performance problems on different boxes are different.

Take Google TV as an example.

If Google TV If its time is incorrect,

it will cause it to be

unable to connect to the Internet. It will be connected to the Internet and cannot access the Internet.

Compared with MeCool, it will have another problem,

that is, the black screen of the tubing will appear.

This problem is all because of the incorrect time.

If you say that it is a shortcoming, you can

say that it is not adaptable to the soil and water

. The solution I have already had

. You can watch the video.

There is an information card in the upper right corner of the video

. I explained in detail that

you can modify the NTP server. Address

to solve this problem

and completely solve this problem

. The fourth one is the problem of decoding audio.

At present, I tested and found that this box

supports emby’s DTS decoding

but does not support TRUEHD. In terms of

advantages, let’s also talk about

the biggest advantage of this box.

Its interface is very rich. It

retains the great advantage of all foreign trade boxes.

It is the richness of its interfaces

. You can see that all of its interfaces

include USB3.0, USB2.0,

100M Ethernet ports, although it is 100M,

but everyone It can be converted to gigabit via USB3.0,

although its capacity is 8GB

But it can be expanded by TF card,

so it

has a huge advantage over other TV boxes in terms of interface richness. The

second advantage is that the remote control and

its remote control buttons are very rich. The

only disadvantage is the remote control buttons. In terms of a little bit of

video, it decodes 4k60 frame

video performance very stable

and temperature control is also very good.

There is no overheating

or restarting phenomenon

. When 4k60 frame video is played,

its temperature is still at 39 40 degrees,

so it should be a very normal The range of

Ok and above are the advantages and disadvantages of the box.

It is worth buying.

I think it depends entirely on the individual.

For example, some people complain about it. It does not support Dolby Vision.

But if your TV does not support Dolby Vision, it

is actually Dolby Vision. It’s not very useful.

It depends on your personal needs.

For example, the interface is very rich,

but some people will say that it is not portable enough.

So this depends on your personal needs.

Even if the recognized advantages

are not necessarily for you. It is the advantage,

even if the disadvantage is recognized by everyone

, it is not necessarily the disadvantage for you,

so you still have to watch it according to your own personal needs.

This video is here first.

If you want to see more

about the TV box evaluation,

please pay attention Click on my channel.

I’m Wukong. See you in the next video.