Indian Healing Clay Review India

I thought of trying Indian Healing Clay Mask to see all the hype this mask has all over the Internet. There are ‘before and after photos all over Social Media. I wasn’t actually in need of this mask but because I wanted to try something new, I thought why not this one, the most famous powerful face mask, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. The Indian Clay Mask claims to be the most powerful facial with deep pore cleansing properties.

I wasn’t having those major acne issues but yes I did have a few red bumps. The only concern was clogged pores and oil heads all over the face. I had this thought that because everyone seems to go crazy for this mask, this might actually do good in removing those tiny bumps and oil-heads. It is been months since I have, tried the most famous 7-Day treatment with this mask and I am all set to share how the Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask worked for my sensitive skin.

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