I Carving For Japanese Curry Rice

I remb I fall in love with japanese curry after i first visited Tokyo in 2009. Nearly everyday went to the curry shop at ameyoko which is beside ueno station. That time the yen was very strong like SG$165 to 10000 yen. So I find Curry rice is the cheapest at 500 yen. Plus free flow of plain iced water. I went there throughout winter. Which also rattling Shiok to eat.

Japanese curry fried rice \u30ab\u30ec\u30fc\u30c1\u30e3\u30fc\u30cf\u30f3 | Chopstick ChroniclesTurmeric is a pungent spice so it may be over powering and bitter so use sparingly. Give the rice a little bit of a wash and rinse. Add water to rice – rule of thumb, add water up to the primary joint of the index finger. Or the knuckles of your hand if place flat onto the rice. With basmati rice it doesn’t crave as much water as its other cousins ie jasmine, long grain do. 2 cups of basmati rice = 2 cups of water.

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