Welcome back, guys. I’m always excited at the sight of new products. Although this range is not new, with the disparity between product availability in the UK & US, we didn’t get these products in our store until lately. I got it a while ago and has been sitting in my hair products cabinet, then, my last wash day, I decided to give them a go and review on my blog & youtube channel. So, in today’s post, I will be sharing my thoughts on these inexpensive hair products from Creme of Nature; the CREME OF NATURE PURE HONEY RANGE which has the Moisturising dry defence Shampoo Moisturising dry defence Conditioner & Moisture, replenish & strength Hair Mask.

CLAIM: The products in this range claims to be infused with a blend of Pure honey Certified natural coconut oil & Shea butter. Also, target dry, dehydrated hair to provide essential softness where your hair needs it without weighing it down.