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Conference Awards

NACRA Awards for Consideration for 2021 Conference

Read the conference awards policy.

Conference Awards Description
Best Case
(Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Awarded to top three cases presented at the NACRA 2021 conference.
Best Student-Authored Case Awarded to student author and faculty supervisor for best student-written case. Faculty co-author/s not permitted; faculty supervisor may subsequently co-author revised case for submission to CRJ.
Best Newcomer Case Awarded to best case by author/s attending their first NACRA conference.
Best Case Written in Chinese Best case in track
Best Case Written in French Best case in track
Best Case Written in Spanish Best case in track
Ethics Case Award Best ethics, CSR, governance, or sustainability case in any track.
Jonathan Welch Award Outstanding case in accounting, finance, or economics; commemorates distinguished service to NACRA by Jonathan Welch.
Ruth Green Award Best case where all authors’ primary affiliation is with institutions outside North America.
Curtis E. Tate Jr. Award and CRJ Case Awards The Tate award, with a prize of $2,000, is given to the best CRJ case published in the preceding year’s volume. Recognition is also given to the second and third best cases published in the CRJ in the preceding year.

NACRA Fellows

NACRA Fellows are those members who have distinguished themselves through their life-long achievement in case research, writing, and teaching plus meritorious service to the organization.

Process for nominating NACRA Fellows
NACRA Fellows may be nominated by any member of NACRA.  Anyone wishing to nominate a member as a NACRA Fellow should send the Past President an email message with a nominating letter describing the nominees accomplishments and a copy of the nominee’s CV.

Selection of NACRA Fellows
The NACRA Advisory Board will be polled for input on nominees and provide that input to the selection committee.  The decision to induct new NACRA Fellows rests with a selection committee composed of the current President and two immediate Past Presidents.

The following NACRA Members have been selected as Fellows (since 1980)

Robert L. Anderson
Bobby G. Bizzell*
William R. Boulton*
Lew G. Brown
Tupper Cawsey*
Robert P. Crowner*
George G. Eddy*
Richard Eisenbeis
Deborah R. Ettington
Armand Gilinsky
Randall Harris
Robert D. Hay*
David Hunger*
Anne T. Lawrence
John Lawrence
Robert McGlashan
Leon Megginson*
Thomas Miller
Rebecca Morris
Margaret P. Naumes
William Naumes
Marlene M. Reed
David W. Rosenthal
Kathryn Savage
Charles R. Scott*
John A. Seeger
Jeffrey P. Shay
Timothy Singleton*
Burnard Sord*
Melvin J. Stanford
Raymond G. Stephens*
Linda E. Swayne
Curtis E. Tate, Jr.*
Marilyn L. Taylor
Lyle Trueblood*
Thomas L. Wheelen*

* deceased

NACRA Distinguished Contributor Award

The NACRA Distinguished Contributor Award is awarded to an individual who has contributed to case teaching, research, and publication over a sustained period of time. Individual need not be a NACRA member but must attend the conference in order to receive the award.  This Award is not awarded every year.  The NACRA Advisory Council selects a winner by majority vote.  A partial list of past recipient includes:

Andy Towl (1989), Harvard Business School
C. R. Christensen (1990), Harvard Business School
Curt Tate (1992), Past NACRA President and NACRA Fellow
Joe Latona (1993), University of Akron and Ohio University, DSI
Paul Lawrence (1998), Harvard Business School
Art Thompson (2000), University of Alabama
Louis.B. (“By”) Barnes, Harvard Business School
Jim Erskine (2001 or 2002), Ivey Business School, Western Ontario
John Seeger (2003), Bentley College, Past NACRA President, CRJ Editor, and NACRA Fellow
Michael Porter (2005), Harvard University
Marilyn Taylor (2009), University of Missouri-Kansas City, Past NACRA President, and NACRA Fellow
Margaret Naumes (2012), U. of New Hampshire, NACRA Fellow
William Naumes (2012), U. of New Hampshire, Past NACRA President, CRJ Editor, and Fellow
James G. Clawson (2014), Darden Graduate School, University of Virginia
Anne Lawrence (2018), San Jose State University, Past NACRA President, and NACRA Fellow

NACRA President’s Award for Outstanding Service

The NACRA President’s Outstanding Service Award is awarded to an individual who has made a sustained and meritorious contribution to NACRA.  This Award is not presented every year.  Past recipients of the Award include:

A. Kay Guess, 2019

2020 Conference Awards

Best Cases of the NACRA 2020 Conference

Gold: Change in the time of COVID: Determining How a Lived Experience Circle on Homelessness Adapts Their Team Development Model
Kyleen Myrah and Kerry Rempel
Silver: Urban Axes: First Mover in US Experiential Entertainment
Marilyn Anthony and Shreshthi Mehta
Bronze: Throwback Brewery: Performance Appraisal Decisions to Ring in the New Year
Danielle Clark, Armand Gilinsky Jr., and Allo Gilinsky

Other NACRA 2020 Case Awards

The Jonathan Welch Memorial Award (for the Best Case in Accounting, Finance, and Economics): Is This Recommendation In My Client’s Best Interest? Mutual Fund Selection Under Fiduciary Standards
Jan Serrano and Marie DeVincenzo
The Ruth Green Award: MercadoLibre, Inc.—Fresh Products: In or Out?
Javier J. O. Silva, Enrique Chamas, Eduardo Catalán Villegas
Best Newcomer Case: Love Books: Passion and Purpose Driving the Small Business of Paper Book Sales
Verity Hawarden and Amy Moore
Ethics Case Award: Go Baby Go: Scaling a Social Movement around Mobility
Maria Ballesteros-Sola and Stephanie Raible
The Best Student Authored Case: Vectra Digital: Capturing Artificial Intelligence Value after Adoption
Chrissann Ruehle
Cases in Chinese: 猪”事可为:正邦生猪养殖业务模式创新
(Pig-breeding has a brilliant future: The business model innovation of Zhengbang swine industry)
Fucai Lu, Jingbo Hu, Guanying Lin, Haibo Hu, Xin Wang, and Kevin Zhao
Cases in Spanish: Nutripunto y la propuesta de alimentos balanceados para Ubate
Ignacio Osuna

2019 Conference Awards

Best Cases of the NACRA 2019 Conference

Gold: Sizable: Crowdfunding Campaign! …Again
Olga Kandinskaia and Nancy Huyghebaert
Silver: Scaling Columba Leadership’s Impact
Michael Goldman, Maria Ballesteros-Sola, and Anthony Wilson-Prangley
Bronze: A Good Blockchain Shepherd?
Janis Gogan and Howard Goode

Other NACRA 2019 Case Awards

The Jonathan Welch Memorial Award (for the Best Case in Accounting, Finance, and Economics): EyeTrack: Envisioning Solutions
Elizabeth Grace and Catherine Lycurgus
Cases in Chinese: The application of Value Stream Mapping in Low-Volume High Variety Enterprises
Jianyu Zhang, Yinghua Zhang, and Hui Han
Cases in French: Sophie la Girafe : Comment continuer à grandir ?!
Christine Kratz and Jacky Koehl
Cases in Spanish: La Fuerza De Ventas De Top Consulting
Juan Parra and Cindy Pinzón

2018 Conference Awards

Best Cases of the NACRA 2018 Conference

Gold: Vista Outdoor: A Business Portfolio Under Stress
John Lawrence
Silver: Snakes & Lattes
Eric Dolansky
Bronze: Rules and Standards in Tax Incentives
Michael Jones

Other NACRA 2018 Case Awards

The Jonathan Welch Memorial Award (for the Best Case in Accounting, Finance, and Economics): Zorbas Bakeries (Cyprus): Launching a New Concept Store in New York?
Olga Kandinskaia
Cases in French: Pour vous depanner, AlloVoisins actionne 10 millions de sonneries!
Catherine Lejealle
Cases in Spanish: ISA y la decision estratgica de InterNexa
Ignacio Osuna and Cindy Pinzon
Newcomer Award: Walked into a Lamppost?
Samantha Champagnie and Kristen Gallagher

2017 Conference Awards

Best Cases of the NACRA 2017 Conference

Gold: ESSEN: Cooking Is Good for You
Javier Silva and Gustavo Calatrava
Silver: Launching a Craft Cidery: High Quantity or High Quality?
Kathryn Savage and Tierney Schipper
Bronze: Elzra Corporation
Eric Dolansky

Other NACRA 2017 Case Awards

Ruth Green Award (for the best case by authors from outside north America): Veritas, The first Real Food Supermarket
Alfred Vernis and Lourdes Urriolagoitia
The Jonathan Welch Memorial Award (for the Best Case in Accounting, Finance, and Economics): Infiniti HR: Target or Acquirer?
Karen Hallows and Sue White
Cases in French: Moustache Bikes
Christine Kratz
Cases in Spanish: Ecoservices: Saneando La Cultura Interna
Juan Parra
Newcomer: Ready or Not
Terry McGovern

2016 Conference Awards

Best Cases of the NACRA 2016 Conference

Gold: The Incident at Kabul
Karen Boroff and Matthew Pratt
Silver: Peer Feedback at Stress Engineering Services
Joseph Kavanagh, Sanjay Mehta, Donya Brewer, Kaitlyn Cole, and Matt Mistuc
Redefining the Super Bowl
by Michael Goldman, Nola Agha, and Maximillian Duran
Delta Plastics of the South: Conserving Water in the Delta
David Graham Hyatt

Other NACRA 2016 Case Awards

The Jonathan Welch Memorial Award (for the Best Case in Accounting, Finance, and Economics): The Almost Perfect CPA
Carolyn Conn and Fred Tedesco
Ruth Green Award (for the Best Case by authors from outside North America): Nissin Foods
Ignacio Osuna Soto, Javier J.O. Silva, and Charles Muller Sanchez
Best Case Written in French: Kaviari:Le Caviar a L’etat Pur
Ronald Kamin
Best Case Written in Spanish: TigoUNE: La centralidad del cliente en una integración cultural
Ernesto Barrera and Natalia Arbelaez

2015 Conference Awards


Gold: General Motors
Randall D. Harris and W. Scott Sherman
Silver: A Lapse of Judgment
Syeda Maseeha Qumer, Debapratim Purkayastha, and Vijaya Narapareddy
Bronze: .
A Brand under Attack: The Boycott of Stoli Vodka and the Power of Social Media
Grishma Shah, Janet L. Rovenpor & Musa Jafar
Adam’s Ribs: An Adventure in Food Cartology
Lisa Eshbach and Nancy M. Levenburg

Other NACRA 2015 Case Awards

Above and Beyond Award (For outstanding contribution to the NACRA annual conference):
Javier Silva
Best Case Written in French: La Maison de Cognac Remy Martin
Valentina Kirova and Marie-Noelle Rimaud.
Ruth Green Award (for the Best Case by authors from outside North America): KH Loreda: Internationalizing a Local Champion
by Josep Franch, Ivo Fink, and Augusti Casas.
Best Case by a NACRA Newcomer: Making the Case for Cargo Flights to Guadalajara
Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Elisabeth Burgess, and Alejandro Allera Mercadillo.
Giving Voice to Values Award Refusing to Join the Looting Bandwagon
Cynthia A. Ingols