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Steelman defensive end Kameilong – Hayward high ankle sprain
According to informed of ESPN, Pittsburgh’s steel man defensive end Melon Heyward encountered a high ankle sprain in the upper half of the New Orleans saints.

After the game, venta de camisetas de fútbol replicas Hayward put on the protection boots. He said to the Pittsburgh Media that he was able to play the first battle against Washington’s red skin.

And currently, Camisetas de fútbol he is indeed concerned about his ankle injury. He posted a picture of the X-Bian Police Cold Wolf on the tweet and Camisetas de fútbol said: “Do you don’t know if my recovery ability is the same as this guy?” The Diamond Wolf is famous in superior camisetas de fútbol replicas people.

Hayward as the team captain signed a 6-year $ 59 million renewal contract last year last year.