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The Quickest & Easiest Technique to Lululemon

I’ve been in a huge no-buy to save and I went to lulu and spent A LOT. I have already decided to return two items (Stretch HR pants – black – too high waisted and not the on the fly pants that I need a replacement for &&& a swiftly tank that I bought in the full length and not the race tank and decided I didn’t truly need to race length).

The other four items I got and am keeping have been on my want list for awhile – replacement swiftly LS, ebb to street tank in white opal, relaxed swiftly, and AYT. They’re all items I had budgeted. And are lower cost compared to pants. I also purchased a used pair of city sleek full length pants in black – they’re work pants and I need a secondary pair and the price was good.If want to get more discount ,please see the good review of lululemon.

I need anyones opinion on the scuba HR Fleece Pants. I am still debating on keeping them or returning them. I don’t own fleece like pants and I purchased in black. They were not in my budgeted expense and $118 is a lot for a pair of sweats. Do they hold up? Do they fade color wise? Are they a good investment or lululemon jacket am I better off saving my money? Any good “dupes” to help me save money

I live in a very cold place as well. I ski and lululemon align jogger they would be nice to throw over base layers and throw on after skiing for apres. I’m not WFH so it wouldn’t get a day to day wear, but with me keeping heat low – electric heat and it’s expensive – I see myself wearing them. And also grocery runs and to and from the gym in the winter

It’s easy to justify since I own legitimately two other pairs of sweats and one is a pair of mens large (I’m a size 6) fleece north face pants that are huge on me and we’re free from my dad and a pair of Hurley joggers, but they have a bunch of logos and I don’t love them because of that

I got them in black, so versatile color, and they will get worn, but it’s hard when they’re sweats. I had budgeted a pair of pants and I wanted to replace my OTF, but I can’t find a good substitute. Now I’m contemplating if I want to keep the 8 I bought or size down to a 6 because I read they can bag out


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