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How To Make Welsh Cakes (Bakestones)

id=”mod_30297293″>Welsh Cake Recipes: A Little Taste Of Wales – Just Like Mam Used To Make!
Coming from a mining family who lived and worked in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, Welsh Cakes are one of the most delicious memories of my childhood. How to describe Welsh Cakes to someone who has never tasted one? Well, they’re a bit like a cross between a fruit scone and a pancake…but flatter and more moist than a scone and tastier than a pancake!

The smell of freshly baked Welsh Cakes (or “bakestones” as they are often referred to in my family!) is wonderful and the taste is just..well, if you’ve never had a Welsh Cake, I suggest that you put eating one on your list of “Things To Do Before You Die” πŸ™‚

Welsh Cakes can be served hot or cold, dusted with sugar and can either be eaten plain or split and covered with jam or butter (or both) or drizzled with honey.

Welsh Cakes are extremely easy to make, will keep fresh if stored in an airtight container for a week or so and are DELICIOUS….even Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney the Republican nominee in the 2012 U.S. presidential election is apparently a fan. Mrs Romney’s father came from the Welsh valleys (from a family of coal miners – just like mine!) and she gave out home cooked Welsh Cakes on her husband’s campaign bus!!

Read on to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Welsh Cakes – how to make Welsh Cakes, Welsh Cake ingredients and Welsh Cake recipes!

Welsh Cakes
In Wales, Welsh Cakes are known by different names depending on the area, including: Picau Ar Y Maen (bakestone cakes), Pice Bach (little cakes), Teisen Radell (griddle cakes) or Cacen Gri (currant rounds)

“Ar y maen” means “on the stone” and refers to the method of cooking which was traditionally an iron griddle (bakestone) suspended over an open fire on which the cakes were placed to cook

How to make Welsh Cakes | Source Welsh Cakes and me…it’s a love thing!
To explain my life-long love affair with Welsh Cakes, I’ll start with a bit of family history to set the scene!

My mother’s family come from Pontypridd, a town in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales (affectionately referred to by the shortened form “Ponty”!)

My family were coal miners and my mother’s father and older brothers all worked in the Albion Colliery in Cilfynydd, a village near Pontypridd. My grandfather was seriously injured in a coal mining accident and eventually died as a result.

When another mining accident injured one of my uncles, my grandmother vowed that the mines would not claim any more victims from amongst her family and almost overnight she moved her family lock, stock and barrel virtually as far away as she could travel.

The only means of travel available to her was the railway and she got as far away as she could. Not feeling she could cope with a big city after life in the Welsh Valleys, she got off the train at the furthest point away from Wales before the railway entered London – the town of Slough in Berkshire about 20 miles west of London.

Slough is an industrial town and there were plenty of (safer) jobs there for her older children and best of all, many other Welsh people who had moved for economic reasons.

So it was that I was brought up many years later amongst a community of “Welsh ex-patriots” who kept their roots and traditions very much alive…and that included the cooking, of which making Welsh Cakes was a regular part.

My mother’s electric cooker was specifically chosen because instead of the usual four rings on the hob, it had a rectangular griddle – perfect for Welsh Cakes (or “bakestones” as they were known in my family). My aunts all had cast iron bakestones, either inherited, sent or brought back from Wales on visits “home”. Wales WAS still their home…in their hearts, if not physically.

photo of Stow Hill, Treforest, Pontypridd (the town in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales where my family lived – and some still do!) | Source Just seeing a Welsh Cake now brings back so many memories of people and times long since gone.

I eventually married a Welsh man (we’ve since got divorced but are still great friends!) who is as much of a Welsh Cake fan as I am πŸ™‚

I think also that for anyone with Welsh origins, Welsh Cakes are a symbol of Wales, every bit as much as the Welsh flag, Y Ddraig Goch (the Red Dragon), daffodils or leeks!

Go on…try some! There’s full instructions and video tutorials on how to make Welsh Cakes below, but if you don’t want to make some yourself, buy some and give your tastebuds a treat!!!!

If you enjoyed this short article and you would certainly like to obtain more facts regarding xxx desi mom kindly see the web page. Welsh Cakes – Celtic Comfort Food…read on and enjoy…and I hope you’re inspired to try some Welsh Cakes yourself!

Have you ever eaten a Welsh Cake?


No…but I’m going to have a go at making some myself

No…but I might try one if someone else made some

No…but I might buy some

No…and I don’t want to!
See results “Bakestones” – Another Name For Welsh Cakes
Welsh Cakes are often called “bakestones” – especially in South Wales. They’re also known (especially by ex-pat Welsh people) as “miner’s cakes”!

Kitchen Craft 27 cm Cast Iron Black Steel Baking Stone | Source Traditional Bakestone or Planc / Gradell
In Wales, bakestones are also known as “Plancs” (sometimes spelled in the English way as “Plank”) or “Gradells” and this cast iron baking stone is perfect for cooking Welsh Cakes in the traditional fashion!

The cast iron surface ensures your cakes will cook to a beautiful golden brown finish quickly and evenly.

Bakestones were originally designed to be suspended over an open fire, but this modern version of a traditional bakestone can be used flat on electric or gas hobs and range cookers.

As well as Welsh Cakes you can bake many other kinds of food on a bakestone including bread, scones, pizza, pancakes and biscuits as well as flatbreads, naan bread, chapatis etc!

If you don’t have a “proper” bakestone, you can still make Welsh Cakes! Just use a heavy bottomed griddle, skillet or frying pan instead!

My Mam’s Welsh Cakes Recipe!
Ingredients for Welsh Cakes

8 oz (225g) self-raising flour

1 teaspoon salt (optional)

1/2 teaspoon mixed spice (optional)

4 oz (110g) butter or margarine

3 oz (75g) caster sugar

3 oz (75g) dried fruit – currants

raisins or sultanas (or a mixture)

1 medium egg

A little milk

Oil or fat to grease the bakestone (griddle) or pan

Caster sugar for sprinkling over the Welsh Cakes after they are cooked
British Weights And Measures!
If you’re not familiar with British weights and measures, here’s how to convert them:

Kitchen Weight Conversion Table

Roll out the Welsh Cake dough to a thickness of about 1/4″ / 5mm | Source Cook the Welsh Cakes on a lightly greased bakestone or heavy based frying pan (skillet) until they are golden brown on each side | Source Instructions

Sieve flour into a large mixing bowl.

Rub in butter/margarine until the mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs.

Stir in the caster sugar, dried fruit, mixed spice and salt (if used).

In a separate bowl or jug, beat the egg lightly.

Stir the beaten egg into the flour mixture to form a soft dough. Gradually add milk a little at a time if the mixture is too dry.

Using a rolling pin, roll the mixture out on to a floured board to a thickness of about 1/4 inch (5mm).

Cut into rounds about 2.5 – 3 inches (6-7cm) diameter using a fluted pastry/biscuit cutter

Lightly grease the bakestone (or you can use a flat griddle, pan or skillet with a heavy base if you don’t have a bakestone) and allow to heat up gently for a few minutes.

Using a fish slice or pallet knife, carefully place the Welsh Cakes one at at time onto the hot cooking surface.

Cook the Welsh Cakes for about 3 minutes each side, or until they are golden brown.

Remove from the pan or griddle using a pallet knife or fish slice, place on a cooling rack and sprinkle with sugar while the cakes are still hot.

Serve hot or cold. Welsh Cakes can be eaten plain or split and spread with jam/butter/honey etc.
When cooked place your Welsh Cakes on a cooling rack and while they’re still hot, sprinkle them with sugar | Source Rate this recipe!
Rate Me! 1 2 3 4 5 5 stars from 3 ratings of Welsh Cake Recipe How To Make Welsh Cakes
Welsh ladies showing how it’s done on video!

Video: Margaret John Makes Welsh Cakes For St David’s Day
The late actress Margaret John (“Doris” from the TV comedy series “Gavin & Stacey”) talks about her childhood and demonstrates how to make Welsh Cakes!

Video: Grandma Betty’s Recipe For Welsh Cakes
90 year old Betty demonstrates how to make Welsh Cakes – she’s an expert, having made over 200,000 of them over the years!

Do YOU Love Welsh Cakes?
If you’ve ever had a Welsh Cake tell us how good you think they are!

Do you like Welsh Cakes?

Welsh Cakes are the most delicious thing in the whole world. Cymru Am Byth!

Welsh Cakes are pretty scrummy

Welsh Cakes are OK, but nothing to get too excited about

Welsh Cakes are nasty (which begs the question “why are you reading this page?”!
See results More Welsh Cake Recipes
Traditional Welsh Cake recipes

Welsh Cake recipes | Source Welsh cakes are a traditional “handed down” recipe, but there are lots of variations on the basic theme!

Here’s some links to more delicious Welsh Cake recipes:

BBC Good Food – Welsh cakes
Pice ar y maen, a Welsh teatime treat passed on through generations and still as popular as ever. Perfect for making with the children

Welsh Cakes (Picau ar y maen) – Recipes by Tallyrand
WELSH CAKES (Picau ar y maen)

all recipes – Classic Welsh Cakes
We attended a fayre in Wales and the ladies of the local church were baking and selling these traditional cakes. We asked for the recipe and they graciously shared it with us

A recipe for Welsh Cakes for your kids to cook. Delicious, tasty and easy to cook.
These cakes take only ten minutes to bake and the kids can do most of the preparation. They make tasty bite sized snacks that all the family will love.
Welsh Cookbook
Fancy trying some more traditional Welsh recipes?

Welsh Heritage Food and Cooking contains more than 75 recipes for traditional Welsh dishes in an easy to follow format, beautifully illustrated with full colour photographs.

Welsh Heritage Food and Cooking Buy Now Β© 2009 LouiseKirkpatrick

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Waffle About Welsh Cakes!
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6 years ago

I had Welsh Cakes for the first time yesterday. I’m from a town less than an hour’s drive from Wales, and I’ve got a super Welsh uncle but I had to wait till I’d lived outside of Britain for 20 years before I tasted this amazingly simple, delicious versatile cake. Easy-peasy to cook, so even we English can manage it, provided we can pull ourselves away from Mr Kipling (Yuk!)

Owen Barry

6 years ago

I love welsh cakes and I enjoyed you personal touch that you put in this lens!


7 years ago

Leave out the dried fruit from some and don’t dredge with sugar, then eat them warm with a good crumbly Caerfili cheese. Heaven!


7 years ago

My mother made Welsh Cakes all the time when we were kids – haven’t had them for years, yum!


7 years ago

After reading your lens, I need to pull out my grandmother’s recipe and makes some “pics” (as we called them) real soon. Very inspirational!


7 years ago

when my dad returned to australia from his trip to see his family in tenby, he made us welsh cakes for the following week πŸ™‚ i remember them piled high…yumm

John Uwen

8 years ago

wow these cakes really do look great….I love to cook, but the weight conversions to cups will take a little figuring for me….I so wished recipes in the states were in grams and be listed by weight. baking is a formula ya know!

Elizabeth Sheppard

8 years ago from Bowling Green, Kentucky

My grandmother was Welsh… and I would love to try a Welsh Cake someday. They sound and look great! ::::blessings::::

Elyn MacInnis

8 years ago from Shanghai, China

I thought your story was wonderful too – and I do intend to try them. I wish I could try the real thing in Wales, but I am sure your recipe is excellent, and from that I can imagine a walk down a lane in Ponty. Squid Angel blessed!


8 years ago

Born in Wales, I immigrated to Canada as young lad. it was a good move for everyone although that part of me that will always remain Welsh is deeply rooted within me. My mother used to make Welsh cakes both in Wales and in Canada.I have her receipt and have made Welsh cakes many times. I am presently living in Guatemala and yes have to the delight of many that have sampled them, made Welsh cakes a part of this landscape. How can anyone exist without tasting Welsh cakes. I love them.. Mmmm must be time to make another batch.

Rose Jones

8 years ago

I am going to try your Welsh cakes! I love your personal approach – the story and all. Pinned to my cooking and food board and Squid Angel Blessed.


8 years ago

Looking forward to baking a lot tonight. Yum…


8 years ago

Ah, I don’t think I would waffle over a Welsh Cake … from the ingredients, they surely would be something I’d love to try! Love how you blend such a delightful story to give the cakes flavor!


8 years ago

welshcakes are lush and so are other types of cakes from wales.bara brith and my fav teisen lap πŸ™‚

JoolsObsidian LM

8 years ago

I love welshcakes and I have tried the M&S ones but they are not as good as the ones I had when i visited Wales!


8 years ago

Those look wonderful!


8 years ago

also Pontypridd born here – except we moved west first before ending up east of London. Mum still makes welshcakes regularly & they disappear so fast! lol great lens & very memory filled for me too, brittanya razavi xxx


8 years ago

Thanks for these lovely recipes!


8 years ago

Just found this site by accident. Turns out my wife’s family has a recipe handed down for ‘griddle cookies’. I just showed her this site and we are convinced that it is the same thing. Fabulous treat for both young and old. They never last long in our house!

Jeff Johnston

8 years ago from Alberta Canada

nice lens, never had welsh cakes but gonna have to try to make some ASAP πŸ˜€


8 years ago

enjoyed reading this and seeing these photos, never had it but I would if I had some right now.


8 years ago

My Welsh relatives lived in Scranton, Pa. I have very fond memories of visiting some of them and eating those marvellous miners’ cakes. Sooo good. I have tried making them with reasonably good results but not quite that warm, floury, sweet but not too sweet, taste. I s there a secret? Do you have to live near coal mines? (joking)

Heather B

9 years ago

Mmm, Welsh cakes. Just thinking about them makes me miss Wales!

Carol Fisher

9 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

I must try this recipe, they look really good.

Liz Mackay

9 years ago from United Kingdom

Haven’t had welsh cakes since I lived in Cardiff, now I can use your recipe to make my own. Blessed by a squid angel.


9 years ago

Looks yummy. Never had them but now I want to. Thanks.


9 years ago from England

Blessed by a Squid Angel πŸ˜‰


9 years ago from New York

I am back. Just wanted to let you know that I have featured this site on my St. Patty’s Day lens Traditional Irish Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day. Also leaving you with a Squid Angel blessing and added your link to My Squid Angel Wings


9 years ago

These look so delicious! I’m going to have to make some.

Sue Dixon

9 years ago from Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

Wonderful. Certainly worth a blessing from a Regional Foods angel! Added to my new regional foods lens too.


9 years ago

Thanks for the recipe, really been missng them!


9 years ago

Yum! They look so good,got to try them!

ChrisDay LM

9 years ago

Great stuff and lensrolled to my Quiz on Wales


9 years ago

My great grand mothers recipes, she way from north Wales, looks a little different than your but they taste good. The bad thing is we only make them for Christmas.

3 cups flour

1 cup sugar

1/4t salt

2t backing powder

1/2t nutmeg

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup Crisco, vegetable shorting

3 eggs

1 cup currants

1/4 cups milk

Cover currants with warm water for a few minutes then drain well and lay on a towel. Mix flour, sugar, nutmeg, baking powder, salt, vegetable shorting, and butter like making a pie crust. Add eggs, milk, currants and vanilla and mix to combine. Dough will be sticky. Place on wax paper and place in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours. This will make it easier to work with. Flour the countertop and roll out dough to about 3/16 to a 1/4 inch thick. Cut out with a round cookie cutter. Cook on an electric griddle at 325 for 21/2 to 3 minutes a side.


10 years ago

Wish I had the ingredients on hand now, Wlsh cakes sound absolutely yummy and not too hard to do! Very nicely done!

Sensitive Fern

10 years ago

I didn’t know about welsh cakes, but they look delicious! I was sitting here thinking about having pancakes for breakfast and happened across this lens. I’ve added this lens to the list of featured lenses on my pancake recipes lens.

JackRussell LM

10 years ago

I am tempted to make some Welsh cakes as they look so yummy! Thank you so much =)

Anthony Godinho

10 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Yummy lens and you had my mouth watering. I’ve never had a Welsh cake before, but have put it on my list of things to do before I die πŸ™‚ **Blessed by a Squid-Angel**

Thomas F. Wuthrich

10 years ago from Michigan

Wish I could give you a second thumbs up for Betty’s Demo. For me, that 150-year-old griddle would add another whole dimension to my enjoyment of her Welsh Cakes! πŸ™‚

Thomas F. Wuthrich

10 years ago from Michigan

I love foods with a history and from faraway places. I try to limit my intake of high carb foods, but your wellwritten lens has captured my imagination and I plan to treat myself to some Welch Cakes in the near future. Thumbs up…and a favorite!


10 years ago from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

@FanfrelucheHubs: In the UK, the sort of sugar we put in coffee is called “granulated sugar” – caster sugar is simply granulated sugar that’s a bit finer! Granulated sugar will do pefectly well πŸ™‚

Nathalie Roy

10 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

Never tried these, it looks good tho. Does not seem to difficult to make. I may try. I am just unsure what is ” caster sugar”. Is it regular sugar (like we put in coffee)? Have to google it and will find out. With tea and lots of butter it must be so good!


10 years ago

I think I’ve been seriously deprived. Shhh…I’ve never heard of a welsh cake but thanks to your lens I think I might have a go at making them myself.

Laraine Sims

10 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

You are right, they do look like scones. I love scones and you say that you like them better than scones. I’ll just have to bake some. Thank you, it’s always nice having a new recipe to try out.

HorseAndPony LM

10 years ago

Wow! These look and sound amazing. I am going to try and make them. Thanks for sharing your stories and recipes.


10 years ago

Ooh what a good idea. We always have Welsh cakes when we visit my in-laws and my MIL sometimes brings them when she visits. But for some reason I had never thought of making them! The kids love them so I’ll have to have a go.

tandemonimom lm

10 years ago

These look really great! But I have one complaint – you didn’t explain how to pronounce “Picau Ar Y Maen” and this is important information!


10 years ago

Making these will be on my “Things to do WAY before I die” list.


10 years ago

A quick fly-by to leave a blessing. πŸ™‚


10 years ago

Sounds delicious!

Thanks for sharing and thank you for the blessin on my Black Widow Spider lens.



10 years ago

Blessed by a SquidAngel πŸ™‚


10 years ago

I came close to licking the computer screen on this one! Delicious lens, now connected to mine Welsh Lovespoons. I’m terrible at baking, but my sisters are all great at it. Going to force them to make some!


10 years ago from New York

@LouiseKirkpatrick: Excellent! I don’t care much for the American pumpkin pie spice mix, but now that I know the spices that are used I’ll be able to make my own mix. Wish me luck! Thank you so much!. BTW, I lensrolled this lens to my Pumpkin Beer lens.


10 years ago from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

@Kailua-KonaGirl: Of course I don’t mind! πŸ™‚

Mixed spice is a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg , allspice, cloves & ginger. Sometimes caraway, cassia and coriander seed are added. Mixed spice is (apparantly!) known as pudding spice or pumpkin pie spice in the USA!

It smells heavenly πŸ™‚


10 years ago from New York

@LouiseKirkpatrick: Thanks for the response. I have one more question, I hope you don’t mind. What are the ingredients in mixed spice? Cinnamon & nutmeg, or something else? Thanks so much CDT.


10 years ago from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

@Kailua-KonaGirl: Hi KonaGirl – my Mum always used butter! I would also say that whole wheat flour is actually MORE traditional than white flour given that Welsh Cakes have been made for centuries -ga long before we got into the habit of refining everything we eat πŸ™‚

I hope your cakes turn out well! If you’d like to take a photo, I’d be delighted to add it on this page πŸ™‚


10 years ago from New York

I am completely sold on Welsh Cakes an want to try them myself. Loved the video of Betty’s demo. I am wondering…I don’t believe in using margarine because of all the chemicals and will only use real butter. Will that make a difference in how the cakes turn out? Is it possible to use a whole wheat cake flour instead of white flour, or will this completely ruin the whole tradition of Welsh Cakes?


10 years ago from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

@myraggededge: Diolch yn fawr iawn Bev!


10 years ago

As this is one of my most favourite pages on Squidoo, thought I’d fly by and sprinkle a little zesty angel dust on your Welsh Cakes.


10 years ago

Ahh looking delicious. I need to try making those!


10 years ago

Welsh cakes are the best childhood memory I have of my Gramma in Cardiff, she would always make then for me on the bakestone. Yum! Definately have to pass this to my kids.


11 years ago

My bloke loves his Welshcakes – gets all the women in the family to make them for him. Me, I’m a Cornish Pasty living about 20 mins from Pontypridd. 5*s


11 years ago

Welcome to the very best of squidoo food lens group. a> We look forward to more of your lens in our group.

Why waffle about Welsh cakes I would rather eat them!!!!!!111


11 years ago

Lovely now.

ArtSiren LM

11 years ago

These Welsh cakes look delicious. My kind of snacking food! And perhaps TOO easy to make for me to stay trim. πŸ˜‰

And wow – Welsh looks like a difficult language! I used to work in Bristol and we could get S4C on the telly – I’d sit transfixed listening to it. lol.


11 years ago

Great lens. And welcome to the group, “Recipes from the Heart.”


11 years ago from England

Just noticed you’ve featured 3 of my lenses!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


11 years ago from England

Superb, original lens! I love the way you’ve told your own story as well as given topic information. I love Betty!!! I could almsot smeel those Welsh cakes πŸ™‚ Lensrolled to website AND website 5*****

Dianne Loomos

11 years ago

I enjoyed reading your lens. Welcome to the Hungry Squidz Choice Group. Please stop by the group and grab the blue ribbon for your lens!

Sniff It Out

11 years ago

Love your lens, a welcome addition to The Cooks Vafe group!


11 years ago

I’m going to try these… they sound delicious! Welcome to Culinary Favorites From A to Z.

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I think an examination of male pantie wearing is in order. It is catching on among the guys and becoming more prevalent. I’ll attempt a feeble explanation.

For those of you unfamiliar with gentlemen who prefer Hanes…satin high cut panties that is, many titles for the condition exist. In my own case, I’ll simply state, I’m a transvestite fetishist..simply defined: womens underwear turns me on.

In all likely hood you know a guy who wears silky underwear. Maybe it’s your brother, father or even your husband. Maybe its your teacher or boss. In any case he probably wears his panties right in your presence. Look closely, is that a tee shirt or a camisole? Wearing lingerie is a more common phenomena than people realize. Retailers are keenly aware of these men. Large profits are to be had simply by selling to this untapped market. Sales associate discretion and courtesy will ensure they return. Ever notice how the larger (mens) sizes are taking a more prominent position in the lingerie department of almost every store you shop in?

Most lingerie wearing men choose to do so in the privacy of there own home. In my own case that’s where it started, but I’ve long since taken to wearing my intimates while in public. Many men wear full satin nighties or chemises with matching panties to bed. Takes the meaning of sleeping like a princess to a whole new level. He might do it because he enjoys the taboo experience of wearing feminine underwear (bad boy)or he might do it because he’s a fetishist (like myself). In any case he’s a cross-dresser (transvestite) …nothing wrong with admitting to a bit of gender dysphoria.

I suppose women are becoming more open minded, people like yourself taking the time to read even the silly ramblings I have posted here. But it is people like yourself that open the door to discussion and acceptance of a men endulging themselves in what has traditionally been the domain of women. After all is there anything really wrong with a guy wearing lingerie?

Satin Jenni’s Blog

Satin Jenni’s Blog
My Blog since 2004 covering my transvestic fetish. Pictures of my latest lingerie additions, cartoons, and my general thoughts pertaining to men wearing lingerie.
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4 months ago


Eddie Mguire

8 months ago

It is quite erotic and very exciting at the doctors for a full physical examination just in nice tight microfiber full panties while being looked over by the doctor and nurse, noticing my full erection encased in them. Those panties certainly felt so soft and snug on my almost nude male body, when I was quietly reminded by the nurse that my tight undies will have to come off very soon, as the female doctor continued examining all the exposed parts of my bare male upper torso. My moment of total nudity would come, when the doctor said “raise your arms and I did, as the nurse gently reached the waistband of my microfiber full brief style panties, then slowly peeling them down. The feeling was sensational, as the clinging panties were slowly coming off, especially when she was uncovering my very erect penis, then tugging them out from my rear cheeks,stripping them down and off and the nurse saying with a lovely smile ” step out of them”. I didn’t want them to come off, yet that soft snug microfiber material being peeled off by the nurse was sensational, while being examined by the female doctor now being totally naked with a hard on. I loved it, as a male being snug and secure in those panties and both the doctor and nurse liked seeing me in them before being completely in the nude. and examined by a female doctor.

Eddie Mguire

12 months ago

As I said before, a nice pair of shiny white colored lycra panties that are brief style that covers up a nice healthy erection, feeling very snug and secure in them. Much to my surprise, I learned that a lot of guys from Europe wear them as regular underwear and really like the feel of them. Their wives and girlfriends like their men wearing lycra panties too. Again for me, they fit especially nice under leotards with tights and are very arousing feeling and so snug, secure and nicely wedgied between my rear buns. The fun part for her is stripping them with my warm clinging leotard and tights, while watching my male assets slowly slip out from under the still clinging lycra panties with sexy warm leotard and tights. The feeling is beautiful, as all that warm clinging material is stripped down and off me by her gentle hands. Yes, panties that fit right certainly feel much better than baggy tighty whities or baggy boxer shorts.

Eddie Mguire

12 months ago

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a guy wearing a nice fitting pair of panties. Iv’e worn shiny lycra nylon briefs style, allowing for having an an unavoidable erection in them. They certainly fit and feel so much better than those baggy tidy whities or boxers. It’s especially nice wearing them under leotard and tights on Halloween or during the cold weather. They aren’t frilly of have decorations on them, just plain shiny colored like red, tan or white and certainly feel nice. My female doctor and nurse like seeing me in them, especially when it’s time for those nice fitting panties to come off with my warm, snug leotard and tights.


13 months ago

I’m 71 years old and love to wear nylon panties . I’m a straight man that wears panties 24/7 days a week. They feel nice on my tush and are comfortable all day long and night. They do not get as wet as cotton panties and if they get sweaty they dry rather quick. I like the colors and the styles. Men’s under ware are so dull and drab. Women’s under ware are so much nicer.


21 months ago

I appreciate the best panties for men articles Ive seen. Need to try something besides Fruit of the Loom nylon full panty briefs. It does help to have female friends who know you wear panties every day. Its such a thrill to talk about my kink with my friend face to face or have her touch my leg in hose.


21 months ago

Anyone coming to Singapore?


21 months ago

Now I am sending panty pics of me to a female friend and she doesnt mind. Some humiliation comments would be nice.


22 months ago

I like telling women I wear pantyhose and panties. Like my bartender. I dont think she minds


22 months ago

I am in my 70s and have been wearing panties for quite a few years…Jockey brand. My favorite is black bikini micro fiber bikinis and string bikinis because of the light weight and smooth feel. Panties fit me much better than mens briefs and just feel so much more comfortable.


24 months ago



2 years ago

I was about 4 yr. old went I start too wear girls panties. They belong too a neighbor girl we were the same age, same size. She love playing dress up.We did not know it was wrong. Her Mom came in and caught us. She make sure we did nothing wrong . She help us more like she help me. This was a new neighborhood . Not very many neighbor so I be came her playmate .The Mother of the my Playmate one day ask my Mom to come over . She had us sever tea in our summer-dress. Mom was very happy to see me as a girl because I behaving very nice and trouble-free .


2 years ago

i tried my first pair of my sisters panties when i was 17 i just loved how the felt on me i got so hard.. and now i wear them 24/7 i dont cross dress or wear lace i wear every day panties i wear hipsters and bikinis as they fit me nice and i love the soft stretch cotton and the colors they come in..and i do not hide the fact that i wear them as a lot of poeple know that i do if you saw me you would never know that i am wearing them


2 years ago

well its been five years now since the sale lady made me her sissy girl bitch in that time I have lovey girly tits and a nice round ass my hair is long I clean shave all the time I do all the house work my miss is the one that wears the pants when we make love I just love to suck her strap on cock one night she had a male friend over one night and she had me suck is cock after he came in my mouth she said now dear you need to feel like a women she remove my skirt and show him my nice pussy ass well after that night and many more nights I become her bitch


2 years ago from PATRICK SPRINGS VA 24133

Im a crossdressing m that loves to wear boyshort panties and cami’s during the day and i wear a tshirt and panties to bed my wife doesnt like it she says im gay and im sick and i need to be committed but i think they fill better than boxers and briefs and like me if i buy them im gonna wear them like it not


2 years ago

yes I am a older man I been in panties for years the lady I room with went out to day to buy me some new panties as I joke about it she told me this year you will start to dress more girly I said yes when I come back you have a shave make sure you are clean shave no body hair after that put on the panties I left out and the bath robe ask witch one the see thought robe I did as told I wait for two hours she came back with a other lady now my dear this lady going to help me make you my girly bitch and after that day and three hours I was turn into a sissy girl now five month later I still am


2 years ago

Why dress going to bed, if I have to wear anything I wear nothing at all, that’s way I am ready (no pun intended) for anything, if the door bell rings I answer the way I am, who has not seen a naked man before

Christopher M Turner

2 years ago

Im straight i love wearing panties i love boyshorts and cami’s and now bra’s

black knickers lover

3 years ago

I just LOVE black knickers, I am always in black knickers, I love being up black knickers . all I really want is to have sex with us both wearing BLACK KNICKERS (full briefs)


3 years ago

I love the feel I’m totally heterosexual but I love wearing sexy outfits like lingerie thigh high stockings bras and panties while I pleasure myself and my cock will stay hard for a couple hours so it’s all about having fun


3 years ago





3 years ago

Funny thing about wearing panties. I have been wearing hem since I was 12yrs old (now72). It started with suffering a sever rash around my waist, family doctor tried various remedies but nothing seemed to work. these were boxers ( I wore briefs ) to none at all ( didn’t like). He suggested that I should try girls panties, because they had much narrower waist band, and due to body shape they would set lower, and not at my waist line. As you can guess at 12 this didn’t go over very well. out of desperation I tried them; it worked. As time went on I chose never to go back to mens underwear. In all my years I have never run into a woman who was turn-off by them.


4 years ago

yes I a male and I love wearing panties been in panties for years then I start to wear bras and now after a few years I been in panties and bras all the time yes I even had lady friend but sexy bras and panties for me even had one lady gave me birth control pills she told me take them and soon you have nice girly tits I did and now I have nice girly breasts I would not change a thing and the lady love me the same


4 years ago

I wear tan or light colored panties under leotard and tights during the cold winter months. Sometimes with snug warm overalls and long sleeve button up shirt. I’ve worn my warm outfit to the doctor’s office for an annual physical exam. The doctor is a female and really nice, her nurse is also lovely too. When in the exam room, I’m told I have to be completely undress for my physical. Both doctor and nurse compliment my outfit, but it all has to come off including leotards and panties. She leaves the room, telling the nurse to let her know when I’m undressed and in a gown. I blush and try covering my full erection underneath all my warm and snug clothes, especially the leotard and soft clinging panties. The nurse says she will help undress me. The nurse has me standing up behind the privacy curtain, as she slowly unbuttons my overalls straps and bib, then as they drop to my waist, she unbuttons my warm flannel shirt and gently pulls it off. I feel like a little boy loosing his security blanket, blushing and squirming as the lovely nurse continues undressing me. The only items I had to take off myself were shoes and socks, showing my feet encased in blue Danskin tights. She would remind me to hold still, while finishing opening the side buttons on the warm, snug overalls and firmly pulling them down and off. Soon the doctor comes back into the exam room to see if I was ready, but I was still in leotard and tights with sexy soft panties. The nurse did basics blood pressure, weight and height measured. I had such an erection, well outlined under my blue leotard and tights, still blushing and squirming. The doctor then said, “being there no patients for a while, let me help my nurse get this tight underwear off and I can continue doing your examination”. It was a beautiful, long, ticklish process peeling off leotard, tights and the clinging nylon panties, keeping my erection and male genitals snug and secure. Soon I was just in panties, when the doctor gently rolled them down below my waist, as the nurse would free my wiggling feet from the leotard and tights. The lovely lady doctor and nurse would smile, admiring how nice the clinging panties fit my male anatomy. The nurse would gently hold my squirming body still, while my excited penis was freed from the panties, then peeled down and off by the doctor. Finally I’m naked and gowned, looking like tent city under the long white gown while the doctor completed my full physical exam. In the end, I got a clean bill of health and both the doctor liked my winter outfit, especially those beautiful panties I was wearing. The doctor also mentioned that being erect while preparing and during my physical is a men’s normal healthy reaction during a medical examination.


4 years ago

I am an older dude in my seventys and have been in love with white panties ever since I was seven years old! I always checked out the girls panties playing in the yard at school, on the swings and slides and it turned me on so much. that feeling I have about white panties is still as strong today. I ad a girlfriend years ago who used to have me put her panties on and she would these wonderful things to while wearing them. she would fondling me and jack me off and would blow me through the panties! it was so wonderful. I loved wearing her panties so much, I started wearing the off and on for years. now I wear them all the time. my favorite oanties are vanity fair full cut white nylon panties. love them so much. don’t care about wearing any other womens clothing. just panties.


4 years ago

Girdles turn me on, have for 60+yrs. Not spanx, shapers, thigh slimmers, butt-lifters. Women are afraid of the G word now-a supposed male contrivance for oppression of the gentle sex. Ooh, forgot how simply they are to control. Hah! So ladies, if you have found an old panty-girdle in the back of a closet, nylons, slips panties, bras, garter belts, petti-pants, tu-tu’s baby dolls, camisoles, tap pants, teddies, waspies, cinchers, corsets, all in ones, crinolines, bustiers, merry widows, any of that weaponry of oppression, send them to me. I promise to examine them intimately with my personal professional interest, for a report of my findings to follow. I will, in honesty, report a slight bias – I am wearing taupe nylons as I type, pale yellow panties with a shadow panel, a sheer marquisette brassiere, zippered half-slip, and piece-de-resistance, a zippered hi-waist Poirette Promise panty girdle, with 6 meddlesome garter clips harrangues my loins. Such torture they are, but somebody must do this vital research! So do your patriotic duty and send me those nasty old girdles gals. I will handle them gladly!

john wood

4 years ago

If you havent tried silky nics your missing out .i love them and am always looking for new pairs .

also all other garments which are so silky and shiny to touch when on heels are a must to set iit all off

slinky panties

4 years ago

Hi BD949,

What u did was not gross nor offensive:)

Good day


4 years ago

and i love wearing my women’s jewelry too like my women’s timex 01017 gold and silver version of that watch and my 3mm millgrain wedding band and my women’s speidel id heart charm bracelet and my women’s 10k gold wavy thumb ring and my diamond engament 7 diamond cluster ring too i love it all along with me wearing my women’s hanes her way sweat suit and my women’s cotton hanes her way paties too


5 years ago from Harrisburg Pa

I especially love Victoria’s Secret. I was talking to a lady friend about this then she dared me to try a pair on. When she had seen I was wearing a thong she spnked me then said she loves it.


5 years ago

woman boss man got job and dress as woman 8 year


5 years ago

Just threw out the last of my mens’ underwear. I now have nothing but girlie stuff, mainly skimpy and black but some pretty and lacy for when I’m feeling sexy or when I’m going for a swim and secretly would like to get found out.


5 years ago

I am 60 years and I enjoy wearing panties, my wife who is half my age buys them for me.


5 years ago

I love to wear my white cotton hanes her way panties and my hanes her way sweat suit out fit i love it


5 years ago

Help, I really like to wear panties, I have never tried them all of you guys say it feels good now I want to try!!!


5 years ago

It started out as a dare, the when I found out how good the felt that was it, and I have been wearing them for the past 20 years. I like the nylon ones better than the cotton ones. For the summer time the cotton one are cooler and more comfortable for me any way. Now I wear them every day, and my girl friend kind of likes them on me, and told me to wear them every day we are together.(the nylon ones that is) The only time I had a problem was when I got sick and was tan to the hospital and the doctor in the E.R. said why are you wearing these? I told him I like them better than the old style men use. Comfort and freedom that’s the name the game.


5 years ago

I’ve just confessed my love of panties to my wife of 14 years. She suspected but didn’t realize the real desire to wear them. It shocked her, and concerned her a little when I first brought it up. To my surprise, she gave me a pair of black nylon panties this Christmas. It was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received – especially knowing how little it did for her. Later she admitted that it did turn her on a bit when she was picking them out for me. She is still concerned about what this may lead to so we’ve decided that I can only wear them when she has picked them out for me. It’s only one pair but its a start. She also mentioned that the ones she got me weren’t very “girly”… can’t wait until Valentine’s Day.


5 years ago

I have been wearing panties off in own all my life, I also like sex with man wearing panties or other fem. clothes I am married and I think I have more panties then she has , but she does’nt look in my drawer our she would be surprised . I like the silky ones but I also like any fem. clothes I wish I could go out dress in them but I am afraid to .I live in Oklahoma ,you can email me at I go by the the name Rossie

Me too

5 years ago

my wife introduced me to panties shortly after we were married 15 yrs ago. At first it was embarrassing but now panties are all I wear. Two of her close girlfriends know but have not seen them

My doctor is a woman who has known my wife since grade school. She has seen me in panties many times and let’s my wife be present in the exam room

The only thing that still embarrasses me is when my wife takes me panty shopping

Me too

6 years ago

I am a 35 yr old woman who keeps her husband in panties. It took me almost a year to get him to try. He felt embarrassed but tried it. No intake him to outlets stores selling Hanes or Bali panties. I have thrown away his underpants. He also wears thigh highs for me. At first it was only at home. It excites me. Since we have the same woman internist, I

He has to wear panties to the doctor. She allows me to be in the exam room. His embarrassment at standing in panties before the doctor and her assistant is a turn on. So wives, put him in panties and not only at home

like wear panty

6 years ago

I wear panties all the time,my wife dont have a problem. With me wear and sometime i wear bra too. And have nighties i wear to bed. I have wear one that i have make her want to have sex . I am happy that i find this site that a lot of msm wear pantys like me. That is cool that we can express how we feel about wear panty.


6 years ago

i wear panties and camis 24/7 i do not wear the ugly mens underwear any more they feel bad. there is nothing wrong with men wearing ladies undies. be proud that you wear them


6 years ago

I am gay and I love wearing panties and bra. I wear them all the time it makes me feel so feminine. I love the feel of them on my shaved body.


6 years ago

I wear them because they keep me semi hard, the best is slipping them off the wife putting them on and making love . Still i will wear every chance i get , always take them on bussiness trips for sleeping in . Just love panties, the smell the licking everything about them . Happy wanking in panties to all .

mark anthony

6 years ago

I wear womens panties all the time,and I think they feel great.It doesn’tmatter if they were for women originally,men can wear them too.they just Enhance my man hood.


6 years ago

Mens under wears are very warm and uncomfortable often causing skin infections and it is about time that they change the texture of the fabric to a near transparent like panty . What is the difference, you are wearing them inside anyway. and besides women take it in a near matter of seeing a man in the nude and not enticed to him by what he wears. perhaps they have no imagination and know nothing about the power full instincts that we have in us to know what the women want to see. Do men not penetrate their gaze into a woman’s cloths gazing at the out line of her panties and the tighter the skirt the stronger their gaze against her skirt and desires build up . A semi transparent media is that which causes more flex to gratify reality and surely want for a closer look . and they all know when that look comes their way. it is not so that men made and designed the panties to suit their gaze . then surely the women should know what they should do when they do not feel attracted to their men . Pretend you are watching a group of body builders all men and if one of them is wearing a near transparent under wear . it is no surprise to any one that the first light is the deepest measure of clarity that draws you attention to a satisfying view of reality . I myself watch for the most transparent in a woman and possibly show the most visible of my self and I know where their gaze goes to in the context of the mass soon I provide the needful and interest takes hold . If we do no t fill our minds with the gems stones in the park and the women are blinded in the home alone . Relativity falls short of productivity. Women only pretend to be good


6 years ago from michigan

i love wearing panties, from cotton bikinis to my fav microfibre hipsters, i walk around semi hard wearing them . i too have a wife that doesn’t mind, and sometimes slipping hers off and putting them on me simply makes me cum harder . MMm hard now , have to go relieve this wood .


6 years ago

Despite the still at times negative comments I get from my wife in relation to me wearing and buying panties,(just as my last two ex-wives), I simply cannot imagine going back to wearing male ‘undies.’ I now wear nylon and satin high cut large panties, satin bikini panties, pink and mauve sheer nylon briefs all of the day and night. Perhaps it is a fetish that some define as ‘abnormal for men’, but I cannot fully explain just how much of an erotic thrill I get from not only wearing panties, but also from buying and washing panties. I also get turned on by spraying perfume on freshly washed panties..

My wife has ,( much to my surprise), has recently bought me

six pairs of extra large size satin full brief panties, and yes, pink and purple panties ARE the sexiest for me…I have also discovered the erotic pleasure of wearing panty liners in the constant hot days- good for no itching from sweat~! She has also given me three pairs of nylon panties that I can use for self pleasure…That is also amazingly sexy for me- but I cannot comprehend her varying moods in relation to my life choice.


6 years ago

Yes, they are more comfy, for me they feel great rubbing in all the right places. That’s the reason I wear panties, for sexual relief.


6 years ago

Yes indeed the panties and bras are more comfortable to wear as compared to men’s wear


6 years ago from Harrisburg Pa

Definetly. How many people are going to actually look? For me panties are more comfortable and better looking and pantyhose keep my legs warmer in the winter.


6 years ago

I have been wearing panties for over two years now and I love it. I would never go back to mens underwear. I use a pantyliner in my panties. I also wear pantyhose from time to time.


6 years ago

I have my own lingerie now..and I enjoy wearing panties, bra, and slips to bed. I always seem to have nice dreams. I really don’t know why i started wearing my mom’s and sister’s clothes. All i can say is that I had great times wearing their clothes.


6 years ago

I have been wearing since I have been about 11 years old. It started innocently enough…I barged in my Mom’s bedroom when she was getting ready for work. I wanted to tell her that I was too sick to go to school…..What I saw was a beautiful woman in her bra and panties… she was putting on her pantyhose. She said ok , but I would have to clean the downstairs windows. Needless to say, all i did all day was play with her lingerie.!


6 years ago

I was searching the web and I found this site. I am very interested because I am female and I sell used ladies panties. I have come across many men which like this as I am also a Mistress and have many ‘subs’ ask for used items because it turns them on so much.

So I set up my online shop. I wear and then sell my thongs, panties, knickers, bras and bikinis, 1 day or longer, however the customers require. Check out my site at and if you like then please do order.

I am in the UK but will post anywhere.


7 years ago

I am proud to wear panties every day!

Right or Wrong…

It just feels good. And no one has the power to judge me!


charles foster

7 years ago

i love granny panties. love to here from others im 52


7 years ago



7 years ago

yes I wear panties have been for year one day I went to a store and was looking in the women clothes when a sale lady ask if she could help I said yes what are you looking for I told her some panties she ask for your wife I said no I wear panties she look at me and said I heard that before you are just shy of buying them for your wife I told her I don’t have one then I show her my panties that I have on well come with me girly man I did as told she toke me to the back and close the door then she told me to undress I love a man that wear women clothes and hope I meet one then she ask is the only thing you wear are panties no I told her then she toke a good look you are shave all over yes your breasts yes would you like to try on a bra and a dress to I said yes after I was dress she told me you look very nice I think you should wear that home i cant do that yes you can and will because you are taking with you and now I become her sissy girl


7 years ago

I started dated a new gal about 6 months ago and had to hide my panty collection for her, I’ve been wearing womens panties for over 40 years and never want to stop. About a week ago we were drinking at my apartment and the subject of panties came up, well I was drunk and feeling brave and said I have been keeping a secret from you that I think you should know about, So I told her about my panty fetish and she could’nt believe it, I went to the closet and brought out 4 boxes all filled with nothing but panties, We went thru the boxes and we picked out which ones she would keep and which ones she would allow me to wear, Allthough I still wear the silky string bikini panties she said she didn’t want me to wear.


8 years ago

sissybun here well it been a year now the pill that my ladyfriend gave me made my breast enlarge i had to qiut my jop itold my friend that i qiut work she said good i was hoping you would now you can keep house for me i said ok till i find other work well it been five month now and no longer looking for work i have become house wife for my friend and love it i guess this what i must do she told me you see i knew you were a sissy


8 years ago

I have found a cool girl to buy the panties from. She is very cute and sexy. She makes me happy and satisfied wearing the panties she is modelling. website

Just ask about Stephen. I am a regular buyer of her sexxxyyy panties and love to wear them. She also perfumes them for me! mmmmmmm A++

Cindy Jane

8 years ago

I am a crossdresser born a male but see myself as a girl who hasnt gone through a gender transformation. I recently came out as the real me to my girlfriend and a few select friends and now feel so free, buying my own clothes, and lingerie etc and wearing make up. Clearly Cindy is not the name given to me at birth, but I just had to have a pretty name. I’ve been married twice, had 5 kids between two other mothers, and secretly wore the panties and sometimes other items, from suspender belts and stockings to nighties and dresses. They all knew I had a big fetish for their underwear and have at times invited me to wear it, which has always been the most breath talking experience for me. They didnt know the full extent of what I really wanted though or of what I was doing on in their absence, which I so wanted them to know. It was also something i couldnt come to full terms with within myself and so although the pantie wearing was a frequent experience it wasnt something i pursued as a way of life. till about 8 weeks ago when dying for my girlfriend to know I wanted her to put her knickers on me and touch me I decided to come clean (pardon the pun) and share it with her. I actually want to be a full time girl and even go on to full gender transformation, as i realise now how I’ve wanted it all my life and believe I was born to be a girl, so to speak, I am not a man in any real sense of the word other than I have the tackle etc. This would probably surprise a lot of people who know me, as they probably think I’m a bit of a lad, even though I’ve been called a girl or like a woman many times and have been told i walk feminine and have other feminine ways. Even the word feminine turns me on, I love being feminine and the more feminine i can dress and the prettier the better. There’s nothing like a lovely pair of panties on for making you feel good and they totally de-stress me the second theyre on. I now wear them day and night and sleep in gorgeous little nighties. I have lovely white skirts and dresses, pretty pink panties and other items and I have now bought my first two bras that i pad out and wear with matching knickers and sometimes stockings etc. I absolutley adore my femininity and this new found freedom to dress and my girlfriend who has found it a bit difficult here and there has now come into full acceptance of it and loves it. We buy matching stuff and wear it and as we are the same size more or less we also share clothes. We are quite different in out taste but have crossover areas: I am very pretty orientated and looking sweet and cute but sexy sometimes, but she is more dark and sexy. I just love girly and the the girlier the better. And then there’s the make up OMG, I just love putting that stuff on and having sexy beautiful eyes. I have always had long hair – naturally curly, and so I dont have to do much there. I’m actually 52 but have more or less a full head of hair and come from a family where we look very young for our age, so I pass for 38ish and am bit of MILF haha!!

sissy bun

8 years ago

yes i have wore paanties for years it strated when a lady friend ask me if i would try a pair of panties on i said why knot i toke the panties from here and put them on she look at me and said you should wear them all day i said yes then we went out to the mall to shop she said that she had to get some bras and panties i said ok i go to good lets go and maybe you can pick out some panties for you and a few bras i never thought about what she said the next thing i knew i was getting fit for a bra and dress after we got home she told me that was fun i hope you like what we brought i said yes but why did i get fit for dress and bra why sissy girl you have to wear them girl you cant wear male cothes all the time when you come over here you are my sissy girl now lets have some coffee and then you can get dress up in your new clothes she went and brought out the coffee and hand me two pills take them with your coffee i did as told well that was one year now and i am a sissy girl now i know longer wear male clothes so please if you like e-mail me at thank you hope to hear


8 years ago

yes i wear panties all the time to please a lady friend she told me thati should wear a bra i said yes i love too now i only wear bras panties under my clothes


8 years ago

Anyone else LOVE to wear the smallest and tiniest thong/g-string or bikini they can find mmm love tiny thongs or thong bikinis tan lines are amazing and the GF loves it


8 years ago

Boxers are for grandpa, tighty whitie briefs are for junior. REAL MEN WEAR PANTIES!!!


8 years ago

I also wear womans me and we can talk

birmingham michael

8 years ago

I first started wearing panties when I was 13 and my 10 tear old sister asked me if I would like to try on her pantiesI was amazed how wellher nylon panties fittedc me.From then I was hooked.


8 years ago

Hi all iam a man that has been wearing panties 27/7 over 34yrs. I even wear panties to the doctor. Just wear what you wnat to wear.

Ben D Badgi

8 years ago

Seriously guys, please spell-check or proof-read your posts before you submit them. You make us panty boys look like illiterate morons!


8 years ago





8 years ago

I have been wearing panties since I was very young, now I am 56 and still wearing them.


8 years ago

i wear panties and camis all the time i started to wear panties when my wife gave me some of hers to wear. now i shop and buy my own panties and camis i even wear panties when i go to the doctor. it does not bother me to be seen in panties


8 years ago

Tonight I was watching “Bones” on FOX and they were investigating a crime scene where they found the remains of a woman under an 18-wheeler. They got inside of the truck and found panties inside. They were accusing the truck driver of killing truck stop hookers and the driver had to admit that they were his. He then pulled the waistband down on his pants revealing his pink lacy bikini panties. He told them, “I only wear them when I’m out on the road because they’re so comfotrable! Please don’t tell my wife!”


8 years ago

Ha, pansie my a.. Paul. Everyone is different, some are into the wigs and wanting to become a woman, which is not for me to judge. For myself, I love the materials, the look and all under my clothes. I am not gay, but I think I’m what they call a metro sexual, so I take care of myself physically.

I do not act like a woman, nor do I want to be a woman, I ride a bad a.. motorcycle, and most of all I love women. So… How about if this pantie wearing pansie kicks your a.. Paul.

Have a nice day,



8 years ago

To Paul:

Yet you come here to tell us you are blithely above it all? Obviously you are NOT over it, because you came here! Spare us your sanctamoneous, albeit phony… bullshit!


8 years ago

It’s a perversion (fetish), men who have some big issues within! Boys who want to feel all sexy like girls! I can understand it and relate to it although thank God I do not do it! I went through this phase when I was about 15 for a year or so! I was exploring my sexuality and yes I was 100% heterosexual but wearing the lingerie gave me a thrill. I remember at age 10 wearing a dress on Halloween and also getting a tush off of it. But after age 18 I stopped doing it and decided I was a man and was going to act like a man and be a man for the rest of my life (over 30 years now). I’m glad I dont have this fetish because I think it’s a sickness inside that doesn’t need to be fulfilled. I still have some other harmless fetishes and a huge sex drive (I love sex and I love women) but I’ll be damn if I’m going to be a pansie and wear women’s lingerie or panties. Men who do it unless your gay or a transvestite should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and find your shame. It’s in you somewhere. Imagine yourself getting caught by your coworkers or family members, friends, etc. yea that’s the shame I’m talking about it, own it!!

cheap bras

8 years ago

Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably wont have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!


8 years ago

i wear panties 24/7 i do not wear mens underwear any more i also wear camis i like the lace around the top. i even wear panties when i go to the doctor . i have about 50 pairs now i like to wear delta burk. they fit very nice


8 years ago

hi, Julie

There are plenty of them ( including those very discrete one in singapore ) : P so don’t worried…do what is comfortable for u and feel the sensation….of the slinky material which u don’t in ‘male underwear’. Good day to all.


8 years ago

Im wonder how many of us (men) are wearing panties and I’ve never seen a sign of any guy wearing any in public under their male clothes I wish I could. Because I’m still feeling I’m the only one


8 years ago

Been wearing panties for a long time.I am near buffalo ny. Would like to talk to others about panties ect.My email is Hit me up we can chat. I would like to meet others that wear panties and see what happens


8 years ago

Danafla, you are not gay of you just choose to wear panties. I love women and have no desire to be gay. I have finally come to terms with who I am, and I will not stop wearing panties. I own no male underwear, even for a doctors visit. I do own women’s boy shorts for a doctors visit.

I hope to find a woman that understands and accepts me for who I am.


8 years ago

Nylon panties are the best, wish people were not so uptight about what others wear. They are uptight about everything in the south. When I’m at home, not uptight but in panties. My wife knows and is somewhat supportive. I wish she would accept it a bit more. Oh well. be happy! Wear what you want.


8 years ago

As I said earlier, I started wearing womens lingerie around age 11. I so remember the first time. I had come home from school and felt a little different. At that point I was rubbing myself off but I needed something more. The thought of seeing my mother in those skirts with her long beautiful legs got me thinking….so I went to her bedroom and looked through her panty drawers. I found a white slip, pantyhose and panties that had lace around the waistline. I tried them on and my heart started pounding….I was hooked. I started getting really hard as I put on the panties and slip. I then picked out a bra and stuffed some of her panties to fill the cups of the bra. I then put on the pantyhose and my legs started tingling. I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew it was wrong but I was so hard and turned on. So there I was all dressed up and I started humping the bed. The feel of the slip and pantyhose sliding along my cock sent me to a place that I had never been before. I came all over my moms lingerie and I was terrified. I cleaned as much as I could and put everything away. I felt so bad, that I was the only one that would do such a bad thing. I was all alone not knowing that there were others like me. I was ashamed of the lengths I went to wear my moms and sisters lingerie.

Now here I am, wearing lingerie to bed and panties under my work clothes. I am afraid to commit to a female because of my fetish. No women would understand. I know now that I cannot stop wearing and that is my problem. I need an answer. Why did this happen to me? I love women. Am I gay? I have never even thought of looking at a guy.

Ben D Badgi

8 years ago

For all of you women reading this… make your man wear your panties! You will be glad of it! It will improve your sex life and the both of you will be happier. At first he may pretend to protest and say that he doesn’t want to, but eventually he will give in, because he secretly DOES want to wear your panties!

If women all over the world would make their husbands and boyfriends wear their panties, we would have world peace! Men would forget about war and conquest; they would stay home with their women, wearing panties and making love instead of war!


8 years ago

im MAN WEAR NYLON PANTIES 24X7 for 10yrs! !man lisen! woman started wearen our cotton yrs ago!!! now they wearen nylon! man threw away cotton to waer woman nylon panties! they feel sexy!woman! why man can do same too! im waist of 40 !i wear vanity fair nylon briefs size 7! all i ever wear!! man come out closet! stop feeling sham! your body feel sexy just like woman! man better to wear briefs! not(hi-cuts) im not sham! im very happy! i like colors black to wear at gym! match gym shirts! blues going out ! under my jeans! ive order 20 more pars! today build up my over stock! guys orders yrs !! see you feel happy in side & out! stays under waist!! wont rise up or roll nagg rubb! best ever! im in houston tx age 52 yrs young xxx!! thank you 3-9-2012


8 years ago

I know the feeling, i first tried panties on when i was 7 or 8, on the outside of my clothes, later in life when like 17 i stold a gf’s moms panties from their bathroom, hmmm, i still get a boner thinking of those satin blue bikinis


8 years ago

My Mom was a beautiful woman and she loved to tan her body. When i was about 11 i saw her in a different light, a sexual being. She used to wear a bikini that showed off her nice tits and legs. She had the same suit in two differnet colors, one was a rose color and the other a bright yellow.One afternoon i walked by the back yard and saw her sunning,and it hit me…wow! I looked at her and i got a stirring in my stomach and the other area.

I went into the house and went into my mom’s bathroom where her other suit (yellow) was drying.I stripped off my shorts and shirt and tried on her suit. I don’t know why but I did it. I was so turned on. That is what started me wearing womens clothes.After I wore her bikini I started wearing her and my sisters panties and other clothes. I just got a nice feeling everytime I wore their lingerie.

I have gone through stages of quitting and throwing away my fem clothes. It has been only recently that I have come to terms with my fetish.While I am still a closet dresser, I will no longer be ashamed of wearing my lingerie.

37 yrs old size 6 panty 38c bra 5’11” 178 (single).

PS. I love to wear panties and slips to bed.I sleep great!


8 years ago

i want to share my personal panty pics with someone. anyone interested hit me up at i’m 31 years old and love wearing panties and then take pics of myself. and i want to share with whoever…


8 years ago

I wear ladies panties 7 days a week! Mine are Satin G-strings of various colours, but many are pink. I started wearing them because they are more comfortable then mens underwear, also thinner and lighter which feel free and allows the region down below to “breathe”. The women I have seen love them and are generally turned on by them, in fact 80% of the pink ones I have, have been gifts from ladies and often came with BENEFITS!!! I’ve been wearing them for about 10 yrs, I am a 40yr old man. For what its worth it’s panties only, no bras or stockings etc, reason is because I have hairy legs, no tits and wear them for the before mentioned comfort, benefits etc not because i want to be female like. But each to their own, and good luck to all.


8 years ago

Hi Anonymous – haven’t tried my moms but love wearing my girlfriends. Also been keeping it to panties but maybe should extend to bra’s.

Any of you guys dig stockings??



8 years ago

hello. im a straight male, 14 years old, and i just love ! wearing my moms lingerie and underpants and sometimes bra when nones around, ill never wear them outside my room because i know my family wont support. i wish i had a credit card and a private adress to buy a corset and wpmens pantiies and all that. im actually wearing my moms panties, bra and lingerie roght now. email me at for tips pls


8 years ago

live and let live

if men went to wear lady


8 years ago

Hi all, I’m a straight male and I have been wearing panties since the age of 12. A little over a year ago, I threw out all of my men’s umderwear “yuck” and I have been happily wearing panties 7/24. I can’t stand hair, so I finally shaved my legs and I love the feeling. I like to wear pantihose when it’s cold out.

Happy Trails to ya all!!!!


8 years ago from michigan

lovee all things fem, panties i love , both on me on her or used, mmm love the smells . slips are hot, girdles are tight and i don’t last long in them,


8 years ago

i like to wear panty..and you know i also wear napkin…but im a boy


8 years ago

ditched the mens pants years ago and always wear knickers/panties, they are much more comfortable, nylon ans silky ones are nice, but having such a variety to choose from is nice. The wife does not seem to be bothered by it.


8 years ago

I am a male that enjoys wearing sheer nude pantyhose or fishnets but no panties for me I go commando I love how the material rubs on my bare skin. I get a nice boner while wearing the hose.Last winter early in the morning it was a heavy storm I decided to do something daring I slipped on a pair of my fishnets & a warm jacket & pair of boots nothing else the snow felt wonderful against my body I decided to remove my jacket to get the snow to fall on my boner I then to proceed to wank off WOW !! WHAT A EXHILARATED FELLING!! the next morning I did the same but wore the sheer nude pantyhose try it you might enjoy this like me but do it @ 3 a.m. the bet time to do it.

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Requiring Assistance With Student Loans? Read Through This

Perhaps you would like to participate in college, but are concered about the price. You could now question what people do to allow them to pay for university whilst the economic system is awful. Properly, this is done through student education loans and it’s what most people to utilize to obtain an training. It really is probable to get one at the same time, along with the article under provides guidance about implementing for a loan.

Connect with the loan originator you’re employing. Generally inform them if you change your cellular phone number, mailing address or current email address, and those issues can occur often when you are in college. If you receive a phone call, electronic mail or document message from the lender, focus on it the moment it is actually gotten. Take almost any activities needed as quickly as possible. It may be rather costly if you overlook anything.

It is recommended so that you can keep track of all the important bank loan info. The name of your financial institution, the full amount of the financing as well as the pay back routine must come to be secondly character for you. This will assist make you stay organized and fast with all the payments you are making.

Will not standard over a education loan. Defaulting on federal government personal loans could lead to effects like garnished wages and taxes refunds withheld. Defaulting on private financial loans might be a catastrophe for just about any cosigners you have. Naturally, defaulting on any financial loan threats severe damage to your credit report, which costs you even more later.

Determine what you’re putting your signature on in terms of education loans. Assist your education loan consultant. Ask them about the essential goods prior to signing. Included in this are how much the personal loans are, which kind of rates of interest they are going to have, and if you individuals prices can be decreased. You must also know your monthly premiums, their because of days, as well as any additional fees.

In order to obtain a education loan and your credit will not be very good, you should seek out a federal personal loan. It is because these lending options will not be based on your credit rating. These lending options are also great since they offer a lot more defense for you in cases where you feel unable to shell out it rear without delay.

If you’ve taken out more than one education loan, get to know the distinctive terms of each one of these. Different loans will include diverse elegance periods, rates of interest, and charges. If at all possible, you should first be worthwhile the financial loans with high rates of interest. Exclusive loan companies generally charge increased interest rates compared to govt.

Sometimes consolidating your loans is advisable, and quite often it isn’t If you combine your lending options, you will only need to make a single large payment on a monthly basis rather than a great deal of kids. You might also be capable of reduce your interest rate. Be certain that any personal loan you take out to consolidate your school loans provides you with the same variety and flexibility in borrower advantages, deferments and repayment possibilities.

If you would like allow yourself a head start when it comes to repaying your student education loans, you must get a part-time work when you are at school. When you put this money into an curiosity-displaying bank account, you will find a great deal to offer your loan provider as soon as you complete institution.

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It might appear very easy to get a lot of money for school, but be smart and only borrow what you should require. It is a good idea not to borrow a couple of your of your expected gross annual cash flow. Make sure to consider because you will probably not earn top rated $ in every field just after graduation.

To make sure that you may not get rid of your education loan, go through every one of the small print before signing your commitment. Some loan providers demand which you keep a specific program load or keep a bare minimum quality level typical to preserve access to the resources. Maintain these items at heart when creating your bank account.

To be able to limit the amount of money you have to borrow in school loans, get just as much credit in high school as you can. This implies getting concurrent credit score sessions along with passing Superior Positioning examinations, so that you knock out school credits before you even obtain that senior high school diploma.

To maintain the quantity of school loans you have out as low as possible, take into account acquiring a part time task during school. No matter if you search for work all on your own or take full advantage of your college’s job-research system, you are able to reduce the amount of money you need to borrow to go to school.

Given that you’ve see the guidance previously mentioned, obtaining education loans needs to be easier. Continue to keep this info in mind although filling out types for your personal school loans. Do not permit student education loans destroy your university expertise.

Your Journey In the direction of Reaching Your Little One: What To Do While Pregnant

Maternity is sort of a battlefield you have to ready yourself for. You can expect to proceed through unpleasant swift changes in moods, painful puffiness, lack of sleeping, and be not comfortable for long periods of your energy. Take advantage of this post to assist you to learn how you can approach pregnancy as best that you can so when it’s across, you will certainly be the most joyful particular person in the world!

Attempt whatever you can and also hardwearing . stress reduced. A fetus can feel when you find yourself below tension, and you need to keep your unborn child as secure that you can. Use deep breathing and relaxation along with almost every other strategies that you must maintain calm under high pressure.

Research your property for a number of chemical substances that can result in damage to your unborn newborn, and have them out. Typical chemicals you need to look out for are cleansing remedies, so substitute these with natural remedies if possible. After you have the baby, go ahead and have them out of the house to possess a more secure residence for that baby.

Successfully pass off the kitty litter cleaning up obligations to a person else upon having learned you will be pregnant. Transforming cat litter when expecting can make you build toxoplasmosis. While toxoplasmosis is usually mild for the mommy, you can get severe complications inside the unborn infant. Be safe and simply avoid it totally.

Add 300-500 calorie consumption per day for your diet when you are expectant. Don’t overlook you happen to be consuming for 2 so you absolutely have to increase your calorie intake. Be sure nevertheless you are introducing healthy calorie consumption into the diet plan. Adding 500 calorie consumption of fast food isn’t likely to a single thing to help you as well as the baby.

Yoga exercises is a great way to plan for giving birth. This form of exercising assists with early morning illness and helps reduce pain caused by back pain. The expands used in yoga support grow the muscles employed for birthing. Most pregnant woman locate they may have a lot less aches and pains and much more vitality while training yoga during pregnancy.

Muscles cramping pains, specially in the thighs and legs, are incredibly frequent in the 3rd trimester. Stretches just before bed furniture can help prevent evening-time lower leg pains. Also, you will need to take in just as much h2o as is possible in order to avoid cramps.

Take some safeguards when traveling by aircraft. The next trimester is often observed as the best time to travel, simply because you are certainly not experiencing morning hours illness as often, and there is a lot less probability of losing the unborn baby. Usually confer with your doctor first and ensure to drink a great deal of h2o about the aeroplane to be hydrated. Wake up and go walking commonly to assist avoid blood clots.

Stay away from something that could harm you and your infant. This includes tobacco cigarettes, alcoholic drinks as well as over-the-counter medicines. Confer with your medical professional about something you are considering getting and permit them to advise you around the greatest approach. All of these materials could have a bad impact on your unborn child’s development.

Don’t leave the house with out a alter of garments as well as a refreshing kind of underwear. Maternity foliage us with a lot less control of your body and crashes can happen. It is best to act similar to a child look and be equipped than have to run residence in the center of the morning because we were captured off guard.

Lower body cramping pains certainly are a typical incidence during pregnancy and may be annoying. To reduce the cramps you ought to exercising, make sure you get enough calcium supplements daily, lastly you do several gentle stretches just before going to bed furniture. That will assist you to steer clear of leg cramping while you sleep at night.

To help you defend against feeling sick attempt munching on anything boring through the day, like whole wheat grains crackers or cheerios. Keeping your abdomen somewhat whole alleviates most queasiness. Some ladies also learn that ingesting crystallized ginger herb or consuming ginger herb teas to be really helpful. Experiment with wholesome treats to discover what works for you.

Keep yourself well-informed on what you should expect while pregnant. Be familiar with warning signs or areas of worry which means you know when to call your doctor. Also evaluate the substantial milestones of being pregnant so you probably know how your infant is developing. The connecting experience commences prior to birth and knowing the advancement pattern can help you envision your kids.

Place your childbirth prepare in composing and reveal it along with your medical doctor before going into effort. Getting your plan in composing aids you concentrate on the kind of delivery service you want and helps your doctor understand what you want. Despite the fact that unexpected events can lead to alterations, getting your program recorded provides you with reassurance prior to going into effort.

Select a entire body cushion to assist you to sleeping while being pregnant. As a result of modifications within your body, it can be hard to locate a cozy sleeping placement. A system cushion lets you give your hip and legs or back extra assistance and it is flexible sufficient to get rearranged quickly to find a new placement.

Don’t smoke cigarettes although expecting a baby, and avoid contact with tobacco smoke as much as possible. You can find too many health threats in your infant. It is obvious how the results of smoking when expecting a baby can be dire. To suit your needs, ectopic being pregnant chances are substantially raised. Here is more info regarding mom bang taboo xxx ( take a look at the web page. Your kids is more prone to be stillborn or miscarried. Early shipping and delivery is another results of using tobacco in pregnancy.

You should speak with your doctor about any health risks during your pregnancy. Keeping well informed and keeping from the know during your pregnancy is important. You need to request your personal doctor any questions you might have and when you can’t remember the concerns you possess, create them down and take them to the visit along.

Be sure to watch your doctor prior to in fact become pregnant. There might be some exams run to aid be sure that you are healthful and never have genetic predispositions that may complicate a being pregnant. Your doctor will also tell you about every one of the necessary methods you should take before going ahead and conceiving a child to help you make certain a healthy carrying a child.

You have discovered how tough carrying a child may be on your own system. You possess also go through a lot of sound guidance on how to approach being expectant. Even though it is challenging and at times, may be incredible for everybody included, it is worth every one of the ache to give a young child into the world.

Want To Know About Student Education Loans? Check This Out

For most of us these days they need student loans to visit the college they need to visit. Due to atmosphere rocketing costs of educational institutions, it could be a struggle having the capability to afford to pay for an schooling. If you enjoyed this information and you would certainly like to get more details regarding mom xxx boy xvideo –, kindly see the web-page. Even little medicore college or university are costly nowadays, and due to that you will need the fiscal solutions to go university. Keep on listed below for solid easy methods to make an application for school loans.

Authenticate the length of the grace specified in the bank loan. To be able words, learn about when payments are due after you have managed to graduate. Keeping aware of if this time finishes is the best way to make sure you not have past due obligations.

Think cautiously when choosing your pay back conditions. Most general public loans may possibly quickly think decade of repayments, but you may have a possibility of heading much longer. Mortgage refinancing above much longer amounts of time could mean reduce monthly obligations but a greater full invested with time because of curiosity. Weigh up your monthly income from your long term monetary photo.

If you wish to repay your student education loans faster than planned, ensure that your additional volume is really becoming applied to the primary. Several loan providers will believe additional sums are merely to be used on long term payments. Get in touch with them to ensure that the particular main is being lowered so you collect a lot less attention with time.

Consider using your field of work as a technique of getting your loans forgiven. A number of charity occupations hold the government benefit of student loan forgiveness following a certain years offered in the industry. Several says likewise have far more local plans. The pay out could possibly be less over these fields, nevertheless the liberty from student loan payments can make up for your oftentimes.

Be certain your financial institution knows your location. Make your information current to avoid fees and fees and penalties. Always keep on the top of your email so that you will don’t miss out on any significant notices. When you fall behind on monthly payments, be sure to go over the circumstance along with your loan provider and attempt to figure out a solution.

To minimize your education loan debt, begin by making use of for allows and stipends that connect to on-grounds function. Those cash will not ever need to be paid back, and they in no way accrue curiosity. When you get an excessive amount of financial debt, you will certainly be handcuffed by them well to your article-graduate skilled profession.

If possible, sock aside extra income to the principal quantity. The secret is to notify your lender that this additional cash should be employed in the direction of the main. Otherwise, the money will probably be placed on your future interest monthly payments. After a while, paying off the main will reduce your interest payments.

To take full advantage of a loan, take the leading volume of credits that you could. Full time college students routinely have at the least nine to 12 hrs per semester, however, some educational institutions allow you to consume to fifteen and even 18, quickening your graduating day. This can help to reduce your personal loan sums.

You should think about having to pay a number of the attention in your education loans when you are nonetheless in school. This will dramatically reduce how much cash you may owe after you scholar. You will turn out repaying the loan a lot sooner considering that you simply will not have as much of a monetary problem to you.

If you have yet to secure a job in your chosen industry, consider possibilities that specifically lessen the total amount you are obligated to pay in your financial loans. As an example, volunteering for your AmeriCorps program can gain up to $5,500 to get a total season of service. Serving as an educator in an underserved location, or even in the military, also can knock off a part of your respective financial debt.

To usher in the best returns on the student loan, get the best from on a daily basis at school. As opposed to getting to sleep in right up until a couple of minutes before school, after which operating to class together with your binder and notebook traveling by air, wake up earlier to obtain yourself arranged. You’ll get better grades and make up a very good impression.

To expand your education loan $ $ $ $ in terms of probable, ensure you deal with a roommate as opposed to renting your own flat. Even though it means the forfeit of lacking your very own bed room for a few years, the money you conserve will come in useful down the road.

It is important that you be aware of every one of the information that is supplied on student loan programs. Overlooking something may cause problems and/or wait the processing of your personal loan. Regardless of whether some thing appears to be it is not necessarily very important, it really is nevertheless significant that you should study it completely.

It might seem easy to get lots of money for school, but be wise and merely acquire what you will need to have. It may be beneficial to never borrow several your of the expected gross twelve-monthly cash flow. Be sure to consider the fact that you will most likely not generate top rated $ in almost any discipline right after graduating.

Once you have finished your training and therefore are intending to keep your college, recall you need to attend get out of counselling for college kids with student loans. This is a good possibility to have a obvious understanding of your commitments and your rights concerning the funds you may have loaned for institution.

Remember that you don’t ought to agree to the whole level of school funding offered to you. When you don’t need the full volume of the borrowed funds to cover your tuition and living expenses, don’t borrow it. Your final stability to be paid will probably be more compact as well as your specific payments will likely be less.

And also hardwearing . student loan credit charges as low as possible, look at being employed as a citizen counselor throughout your final 36 months of undergrad review. Although you may be living in a dorm with freshmen, becoming the leaders of the constructing, additionally, you will obtain free place and board, that makes the duties relatively much less onerous.

After reading the above mentioned post the truth is how straightforward it is to obtain a student financial loans you aim to go to college. Don’t allow the high cost of training keep you from gratifying your ambitions. You can participate in the college you would like, now that you discover how to apply for a education loan.

Terrific Tips For Being Your Best While Pregnant

Many people state that pregnancy is probably the most beautiful issues on earth. Unfortunately, it will get quite challenging occasionally. The hormonal mood swings, the constant yearnings, the day sickness and having an additional fifteen kilos, could make things rather unhappy for Mommy. This information is on this page to present some tips and the ways to deal. Recall, a great deal of ladies have been by means of this and here’s some very nice advice that will help you by way of it.

It is crucial that you giving up smoking once you discover that you are currently expectant. Smoking boosts the danger of miscarriages, stillbirths and child deformities. In case you are experiencing a difficult time giving up, talk to your medical doctor about the range of different methods that can be used to assist you.

When you might get almost any screening completed, make sure to permit the medical professional know that you are anticipating a youngster. Numerous substances and processes that you just come in touch with when you are expecting a baby could cause unfavorable harm to the child or complications with your being pregnant.

One of the best points that you can do in order to possess a healthier pregnancy is always to quit smoking. It could be challenging at first, but this enables you to experience a extremely healthful child. There are many plans out there that will help you to get rid of this quite poor dependency.

Tune in to delicate audio and have a very hot bath prior to bed furniture time. Sleeping could become more difficult the additional coupled that you receive. Stay away from sleep at night assists and other capsules by putting your whole body plus your thoughts into a relaxing status even before you get into bed. A popular bath and calming tunes will do this to suit your needs.

Produce a birthing strategy. Make a note of exactly what you will have to have the practical experience you want. Be sure who actually will likely be there if you give arrival notices this course of action. Which makes it before hand will help you to allow it to be when you find yourself relax, and will give everyone enough time to be ready.

Steer clear of inorganic pesticides by eating nearby produced organic and natural food products. We don’t learn how a lot outcome these inorganic pesticides may have with a unborn infant but it is safer to be safe than sorry. If not getting natural and organic, keep with products with large peels like grapefruits since they are likely to be much less contaminated.

Difficulty breathing is normal as women development with their being pregnant. If you loved this information and you want to receive more information about xxx mom Son Fuck HD movies i implore you to visit our internet site. The baby develops and compresses the diaphragm, so there exists less room to breathe. To help you with this particular do a little pelvic tilts and lightweight stretching out. Also, resting sitting down up works well for some women as it alleviates a few of the stress and enables them to inhale far more freely.

When attemping to be pregnant, charting your monthly periods may help you identify your ovulation date, which is the time you will have the very best potential for getting pregnant. There are a number of on-line charting sites along with cell phone apps that will help you monitor your time periods, mood changes, signs and symptoms and also other details.

Put suitable nutrients for your diet and record what you will be consuming. Essentially, you ought to put 300 to 500 further calorie consumption every day in pregnancy. Trying to keep a meals diary helps you make sure your further calorie consumption are nutritionally seem for you and the infant so it helps you ensure you are taking in most essential requirements.

Available the house windows when designing or painting the nursery. Making a room for your personal baby is really a happy process, but color or wallpaper toxins can be dangerous. Do your own home decorating with a working day when you are able maintain clean air running. If you are carrying out substantial refurbishments or fixes, have others perform transform to restriction your being exposed to substances and toxic gases.

To boost the probability of getting pregnant path your monthly periods. This will help decide whenever your ovum is unveiled. If timing sexual activity with egg relieve appears to robotic, only have sexual activity several times a week. A lot of couples discover this to become less stress filled approach to conceive.

It is recommended use the prenatal nutritional that is prescribed from your physician every day while you are expectant. The nutritional comes filled with the essential stuff your infant must grow inside your belly and become as big and strong as the individual can possibly be. Prenatal natural vitamins can be acquired at any drug store.

For those who have gestational diabetes mellitus, avoid consuming drugs to help remedy it. A number of these medicines might cause damage to your unborn baby. Instead, there are actually natural techniques you can attempt such as viewing your food consumption and sticking to a safe and secure exercise regimen. When your situation is severe, your personal doctor could try to look for a secure medicine.

Try to eat plenty of food products that contain choline during your pregnancy. Choline is very important in the establishing fetus’ head advancement. Unless you get enough choline it can lead to damaged human brain growth within your expanding infant. You will find choline in food items like eggs, beef, and dairy foods.

Should you be expectant, it might be wise to practical experience an additional shipping and delivery prior to your child arrives. By seeing yet another shipping and delivery, you should have a much better idea of what to anticipate when you are into labour. You need to have your lover view the shipping so that he or hd mom and son xxx she is sentimentally prepared.

For those who have just identified that you will be expecting, you will have to decide when to inform other individuals. This selection is incredibly private and you will be diverse for each individual. A single person will tell everyone on this planet before her pregnancy test even changes optimistic. One more woman might be superstitious, and prefer to hold back until she feels her carrying a child is much adequate along she doesn’t really feel any problems will arise. Do what seems directly to you.

It may be a demanding time when you find yourself expecting a baby. Each lady have different body biochemistry and definately will respond to delivery differently, but it’s vital that you realize that your body will provide you with signals as to what it would like. Inspecting the inform-tale indications using this report and projecting the inevitable issues, might help relieve the difficulty of pregnancy or at best, along with your satisfaction.

Student Loans: What You Should Know

Many people today would like to go to college, but due to high expenses included they concern that it is extremely hard to do this. If you are on this page simply because you are searching for ways to afford university, then you emerged to the correct location. Listed below you can find good advice on how to get a student loan, so you can eventually have that high quality schooling you are worthy of.

Interact often using the loan provider. Always let them know at any time your own information and facts modifications, as this takes place quite a bit when you’re in college or university. You should also be sure to open up almost everything straight away and look at all loan provider correspondence through on-line or mail. Do something straight away. In the event you miss out on any part of information and facts, you could find yourself spending more cash.

Learn the specifications of private loans. You have to know that personal loans call for credit report checks. When you don’t have credit rating, xxx desi mom son you will need a cosigner. They need to have great credit history and a good credit record. Your rates of interest and conditions is going to be better should your cosigner carries a fantastic credit standing and history.

Having to pay your student education loans assists you to construct a good credit rating. However, failing to pay them can damage your credit score. Not only that, when you don’t pay for 9 weeks, you will ow the whole harmony. When this happens the us government is able to keep your taxes reimbursements and/or garnish your wages in an attempt to gather. Stay away from this all trouble if you make appropriate payments.

Stafford and Perkins are the most effective bank loan possibilities. They can be cheap and harmless. They are a good deal ever since the government pays off your curiosity when you’re researching. The Perkins personal loan monthly interest is 5Per cent. The attention is below 6.8 pct on any subsidized Stafford financial loans.

You should consider having to pay some of the curiosity on the education loans when you are still in school. This can drastically decrease the money you are going to are obligated to pay after you scholar. You will end up paying off the loan significantly earlier because you will not have as much of a economic pressure to you.

To improve returns on your education loan investment, make certain you operate your most challenging for your educational classes. You might be paying for loan for many years soon after graduating, and you also want so that you can get the very best task feasible. Learning difficult for tests and spending so much time on projects helps make this result much more likely.

Take care about accepting individual, alternative student education loans. It is easy to rack up plenty of financial debt with these mainly because they work just about like charge cards. Beginning prices could be very reduced even so, they are not set. You could possibly turn out spending substantial curiosity charges without warning. Additionally, these financial loans will not include any customer protections.

Student loans that could come from individual entities like banks often come with a greater rate of interest than those from government sources. Consider this when trying to get financing, so that you will will not end up having to pay thousands of dollars in extra interest bills during the period of your college job.

Choose a personal loan that offers you alternatives on payment. individual student education loans are usually much less forgiving and fewer very likely to offer alternatives. Federal lending options ordinarily have alternatives based upon your income. You are able to normally affect the repayment schedule should your conditions alter but it really enables you to know the options prior to you should make a decision.

In today’s community, student loans can be quite the responsibility. If you realise yourself having trouble producing your student loan repayments, there are many possibilities accessible to you. You are able to be eligible for a not just a deferment but in addition lessened payments beneath a myriad of distinct settlement ideas as a result of federal government adjustments.

Ensure all your forms is appropriate. It is vital that your loan companies know where you should get to you all the time. Study your complete contract and be sure you recognize it. If you realise problems, attend to them straight away. Supply any asked for information and facts promptly. Start paying back your student education loans promptly.

As a way to restrict how much cash you will need to obtain in student loans, get all the credit history in secondary school as you can. This simply means consuming concurrent credit classes and also transferring Sophisticated Location exams, so that you knock out school credits before you even get that senior high school degree.

When you are having any problems with the procedure of filling out your student loan software, don’t hesitate to request for help. The financial aid advisors at the school can assist you with anything you don’t fully grasp. You need to get each of the support it is possible to so that you can steer clear of making blunders.

To have a excellent bang for the student loan money, a great idea would be to consider sessions online, as an alternative to with the college on its own. This practical means of understanding let’s you have additional control above your very own timetable, such as employment opportunities. It is possible to optimize the quantity of classes you take in this manner.

If your parents will be ground section of the bill to your student loan payment, try to find lenders offering a cosigner discharge choice. Several private loan companies demand a cosigner who must have the burden of settlement in the event the main applicant are unable to satisfy his obligations. A cosigner discharge absolves the cosigner of fiscal duty after the university student confirms a history of well-timed loan monthly payments.

When the school funding deal you may have is not going to include all the cost of joining the school of your liking, a personal loan can be required. Ensure that you exhaust all choices. If you loved this information and you would certainly such as to get additional facts concerning xxx mom son fuck HD movies kindly visit our own web page. Shop around for the greatest probable terms.

As mentioned in the earlier mentioned report, joining institution nowadays is absolutely only feasible when you have each student loan. Colleges and Universities have enormous educational costs that prohibits most households from joining, except when they are able to obtain a education loan. Don’t enable your desires diminish, utilize the tips figured out right here to have that student loan you seek out, and have that high quality training.

Interested In Carrying a child? Look At These Guidelines

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Take the time to enjoy your carrying a child. The nine a few months will appear like an eternity when you find yourself dealing with it, but soon enough, you may miss that kicking inside your belly. As privileged as transporting a young child is, there is lots to take into account, do and cope with. This information will offer you some guidelines on how to handle everything.

While you are expectant, it is essential that you consistently exercising. Exercising helps reduce the chances of losing the unborn baby and contains been confirm to help relieve the duration and pains of effort and delivery service. Also, by working out when you are expectant, you may help in keeping off of the bodyweight you could gain.

As soon as you sense contractions, contact your personal doctor or go to your healthcare facility straight away, although you may have gotten bogus work aches just before. You do not desire to be in work at home and give birth without having the correct health care for both you and your infant child.

A expecting mother need to no matter what avoid any type of prescription drugs, whether they are liquor, nicotine, or weightier prescription drugs for example heroin. Your child will develop a substance dependency inside the tummy. This also is along with the chance for delivery problems. If you’re an wanting mom, steer clear of drugs!

Consume healthier while being pregnant. Both the mommy-to-be and her unborn unborn child need a well-balanced diet regime. Because you are transporting an existence within you, you must eat a lot more unhealthy calories, about 300 much more on a daily basis. Be sure you try to eat healthy foods products like veggies and fresh fruits and drink lots of water.

Watch out for toxic compounds and fumes if you are designing your nursery. If you are intending on painting or doing wall surface document, keep your windows vast open, and try to keep away from the weighty operate. Supply a supporting hand, but allow other folks perform hefty work.

When you’re expecting a baby, you might observe which you have an modified sensation of scent and this daily smells will make you truly feel ill to the abdomen. If this takes place to you personally usually, have a muscle with many lavender or citrus gas accessible. What you can do is bring this with you, take it out and give it a fast sniff if any stinky odors occur to take the time you.

Steer clear of plastic-type material boxes that have BPA while pregnant. BPA operates like estrogen within the body and can have an adverse influence on toddlers. The BPA could have a feminizing impact on the fetus that you would like to prevent. Switch from the plastic materials for window and steel to prevent the chance.

A bit increase the quantity you consume whilst pregnant. The saying “eating for 2” isn’t only a adorable throwaway collection. Expecting parents must consume about 500 extra calories a day to adequate offer the baby’s requirements. Be sure that more calorie intake is composed of healthy foods, which includes fruit and veggies.

Just about the most crucial steps you can take yourself is to exercising. When you exercising early in your maternity and stay in shape up to you are able to, you may reduce your chance of a losing the unborn baby. Furthermore, exercising can work to minimize prospective issues with work.

In choosing things for your medical facility case, involve a number of your being convenience to create your keep easier. Items like your chosen lip balm or gentle stockings are great to obtain, and don’t neglect to pack a number of toiletries, snack food items along with a alter of garments for your partner if he or she will probably be keeping with you.

Before you begin seeking to get a infant, attempt to get as close to the ideal weight as you possibly can. Women who are drastically overweight will probably use a youngster with birth problems and have trouble with far more carrying a child problems that could possibly have an affect on your baby. This is also true for girls that are too slender.

Talk with your physician about getting a DHA nutritional supplement while pregnant. DHA can be a omega-3 oily acid which is necessary for appropriate development of your brain and eye of your respective baby. Dietary supplements are typically necessary to ensure the suitable level of DHA. Fish is really a robust way to obtain DHA but ladies are typically informed to stay away from most species of fish while pregnant due to mercury amounts so a health supplement is often your best bet.

In pregnancy, you will be more prone to injuries so it is advisable to steer clear of volatile floor and rocky surfaces. Your body is readying by itself for arrival and is discharging a hormonal within your body called relaxin. This bodily hormone really helps to loosen your pelvis so the child can pass through easily. This will make your bones looser, and makes it easier for you to get harm.

You want a lot of iron when pregnant. If you are pregnant the bloodstream in the body raises, therefore the body demands a lot more steel to make up. In addition, iron assists with your unborn child’s development and is particularly good for the placenta.

Take a essential vision for the exercises you did prior to pregnancy to ascertain if it is actually some thing it can be secure for you to carry on. Certain sporting activities are no-brainers in order to avoid. Keep away from long-distance running or operating on steep inclines. Steer clear of things which require speedy jerky motions like tennis games or basketball.

The instant you believe you happen to be expectant, or if perhaps that being pregnant test informed you so, then you will want to make an appointment with your physician at the earliest opportunity. You will want to consult with a doctor any questions you might have, and see everything you have in store to suit your needs. A well informed imagination can help you through this joyous time.

Now you have seen a number of the ways in which you may have a more content, far healthier pregnancy and also prepare for your shipping and delivery, you can rest assured these particular 9 weeks will soon be a far-away storage. A valued memory space however. Don’t neglect to make time to reflect on your expertise.