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Membership Renewal,

2021 NACRA Memberships
Your annual membership for 2021 was paid if you registered for the 2020 Conference.  If you did not attend the 2020 Conference, you can pay your 2021 membership on the Website until 1 December 2021.  No memberships for 2021 will be sold after 1 December 2021.  Please be aware that the date window for renewing memberships after 2019 will end earlier in the year.

2022 NACRA Memberships
Your registration fees for the 2021 Conference include your 2022 NACRA Membership.  If you do not attend the 2021 Conference, you can pay your 2022 membership on the Website after 1 January 2022. 

Renewing Memberships on the Webpage
Log into the website using your user credentials (username and password).  You will land on a “Profile” page that lists your name and contact information at the top and lists your “Subscription Information” at the bottom.  There is an almost imperceptible hyperlink at the end of the line for “Membership Level” in the “Subscription Information” with the text “(Upgrade)”.  Click on the word “upgrade” and the hyperlink will take you to the membership renewal page.

We understand that his page is not intuitive.  We are working with tech support to change this page so it better serves our needs.  Until those changes are implemented, use the preceding instructions to renew memberships.

April 2019, NACRA Newsletter,

The most recent NACRA Newsletter was recently published.  Read it to catch up on NACRA news between annual conferences.

In it you will find an update on the Case Research Foundation’s Lawrence Scholarship application process and deadlines.  If you qualify, be sure to complete your application before 15 April 2019.

Our second election of 2019 for the remaining elected officer postitions will occur during March.  Be sure to vote before 1 April 2019.