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Little Havana, Miami Stars and producers from Disney XD’s Big Hero 6 The Series discuss the animated show and share sneak peeks of the third season. The third trailer left me feeling pretty indifferent, until the lame “like a turd in the wind” line at the end. Eddie is upset because it was all he had left of his dad. Of course, this isn’t the first time Venom has reached the silver screen, but his role in Spider-Man 3 left many fans disappointed (I’m actually pretty fond of Spider-Man 3 despite its flaws, but Venom was way underused). Sadly, some time after the two Brocks return to their native reality, Weying is betrayed and killed by her universe’s Carnage symbiote, who has separated from her reformed ally, Cletus Kasady, and possessed Codex. This version of Weying meets the main Marvel Universe versions of Eddie and Dylan Brock when they’re accidentally teleported into her universe. When the deal with Mattel came along and Marvel decided to do “Secret Wars,” in which several major characters would disappear and come back with changes to their appearance (which would lead to a demand for new toys that matched the new versions of the characters), Shooter jumped at the chance to make the change.

Peter jumps out of the way, and Venom was being bombarded by the firing bullets, until he stepped back onto a loose wire, and explodes as he was electrocuted. The monster prepared to kill the crook, but Peter was able to fight back. Venom chases Peter down at his school, and they have a big rain battle in Queens. So now Spider-Man keeps on trying to stop Venom from doing his crimes. The Tobey Maguire costume of Spider-Man 3 was designed by James Acheson, who was additionally the costume designer for the primary Spider-Man movie, and Katina Le Kerr. Who Are His Archenemies? Marvel Zombies, as the name implies, is a horror comic in which heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe are infected by a virus, turning them into zombies. He’s drawn in black, black with blue highlights, navy blue, and in the ultimte universe he’s dran with a purple suit. Peter Parker goes to visit his childhood friend Eddie Brock at Empire State University, and Eddie shows him a project their fathers worked on before they died, which is a jar of black liquid.

Venom by Mr-Mecha-Man on DeviantArt Being made of liquid metal, this armor would have also made for a great reference to Robert Patrick’s antagonist in Terminator 2: Judgment Day somewhere in the MCU movies. The comics are rich in varying iterations of the Iron Man mantle, meaning it could be likely that we have not seen the last of his suits in the MCU. Sure, Avengers: Age of Ultron saw Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) donning the iconic Hulkbuster suit and Rhodey’s War Machine armor is undeniably badass, but there are several Iron Man suits from the comics we wish could have made it into the movies somehow. Iron Man goes up against a Grendel, or Klyntar-dragon, to try to steal its symbiote to give to Brock. While Tony Stark does not bond with a member of the Klyntar race like Eddie Brock and Venom, he certainly uses the alien’s powers to give his suit a major boost.

At roughly half the length of the latest Bond movie before credits, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” seems to have been cut to within an inch of its life, leaving phantom traces of scenes that were either scrapped or never shot in the first place. Typically, discovering anything seemingly harmless in a place called Battleworld would set off alarms. As Eddie sees what happened on TV, he rushed over to the science center, and sees Peter with the work of their fathers, discovering he’s Spider-Man. As he breaks into the Reed Richards Science Center, he brings out the jar and does some experiments and tests with the ooze, until he accidentally drops a small bit on his hand, and, wouldn’t you know it, the slime proceeds to cover his entire body, and encase him in a new black suit. If you have not read this story, you need to read it, like, right now. I mean, you have a monster-like superhero/villain who fights like an animal, so you imagine in a more scientific animalistic type. While there’s plenty of quality reading for Venom fans at moment, it’s the movie that’ll define the character’s status for the more casual fans. First, you will need to play through the game and get past the Venom mission.

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