5 Benefits of Magento 2 Development for Your eCommerce Business

Online shopping has already become an integral and regular part of everyone's life today.

This has resulted in a sudden boom in the eCommerce industry. And with the increasing number of web stores and online shoppers around the world, more and more businesses are now looking forward to getting their own e-stores built to grow their business online. And the first most crucial thing is the choice of platform for building the e-stores.

However, leading eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, and more have gained traction because of the wide adoption of some of the popular and feature-rich eCommerce platforms like Magento. As per the Stats reports:

  • Magento 2 tops the list of the most popular eCommerce platforms.
  • Nearly 1.5 percent of the internet is now powered by Magento 2.
  • More than 3 million business merchants choose to get their sites built with Magento 2 now.
  • Over 200 billion dollars of money transactions are handled by Magento 2 in a year.

And now if you are ready to have your own Magento 2 site now, all you need to do is look for a leading company for Magento development in Perth or anywhere in the world.

But before getting started with the development process, you must know why Magento 2 is a favourable choice for eCommerce development now and how it is better than the rest of the available platforms.

Surprisingly, magento pos price is currently used by more than 3 million websites and it tops among all the eCommerce development platforms.

And here are the pros of using Magento's latest version, Magento 2 now.

Improved Performance and Higher Scalability:

If you want to get your online store built on a robust and high-performing platform, Magento 2 is your right choice.

Magento 2 is packed with powerful and robust features and offers high performance to the stores. Magento 2 reduces the loading time of the sites and comes with other features like query processing, and more to improve the performance and user experience.

Multi-store Functionality:

When you have multiple stores to manage, Magento 2 is your one-stop solution. The platform offers multi-store functionality from a single back-end.

This also means that you can handle and manage multiple stores at a time from a single admin panel. This saves a lot of effort and time while letting you manage more than one store simultaneously. This feature of the new version of the platform has made it a preferred choice for most eCommerce business owners.

Magento 2 is Mobile-friendly:

Most people use their mobile devices to shop online now and are rarely seen using their desktops or laptops to shop. This is because they can carry the mobiles anywhere and can shop from anywhere and at any time no matter they are traveling, or doing something else.

And the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping has made it essential to use a mobile-friendly platform to build e-stores now. Magento 2 is mobile-friendly and this makes it a great choice for building e-stores for different mobile devices and screens now with it.

Advanced Search Options:

Most of the online shoppers are tech-savvy and prefer browsing the items directly without wasting time. They look for more and better search options on the stores to quickly find what they want. This makes it important to include a filtered search option to make it simpler and faster for the shoppers to find exactly what they are interested in. And this is what Magento 2 ensures.

With this version of the platform, you can include more filters and search options for your customers. Navigation is easier on a Magento 2 online shop.

Easier and Streamlined Checkout:

One of the main reasons why most of the time online shopping carts are left abandoned is the lengthy and frustrating checkout process.

If you want to boost your sales through your online store and increase conversion rate then get your shop built on Magento 2 and offer a streamlined checkout process to your shoppers. This will also cut down the cart abandonment rate.

Apart from these, Magento 2 also offers easier global marketplace integration, easier product listing, better reporting and analytics, improved shipping management, more convenient payments gateways integration, and limitless customisations with the availability of a plethora of extensions, themes, and plugins.