He recalled coming away from high-level meetings ‘with a clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.

Microsoft’s Xbox is a Trojan horse. The company has conquered the desktop and now seems intent on sneaking a PC into your living room. Yes, this black behemoth of a system looks and acts just like a video game machine — and a state-of-the-art one at that. But with built-in support for high-speed networking, an 8GB hard drive, DVD playback capabilities and display support for HDTVs, the Xbox does more than just play games. 

Married life is off to a bumpy start for lingerie model Sophie Anderton. I hear her new husband, Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill, has had a serious accident after coming off his bike during the Rally Raid Ireland slot gacor terbaru race in Bosnia — breaking a leg and an ankle.

‘They were very, very concerned,’ she says. ‘Within a 24-hour period, they said, my heart was beating 30,000 extra beats more than the average person. It was going fast constantly.… Your heart is a muscle. If a muscle is working so hard all the time, eventually the muscle will get weak and cause heart attack, stroke, death, whatever it is.’ 

And now, I can reveal, the TV star has decided to apply for Italian citizenship because he’s so angry about the way his beloved late mother, Maria-Rosa Gallina, was treated by the British authorities after she emigrated here from the Veneto region of Italy after World War II

Price is no longer an issue when it comes to the Xbox. Now $199, the Xbox sells for the same price as the PlayStation 2 and costs about $50 more than the GameCube. Clearly, the Xbox has a lot of power under the hood and sports some unique features (a hard drive, an Ethernet adapter, 720p and 1080i support for HDTVs) that are missing from competing systems. Does that make it a better choice than the PS2? While the PS2 currently has a plethora of great games, as well as such PS2-exclusive titles as Grand Theft Auto Vice City, most top games are being released on Xbox simultaneously, and the console has its own excellent Xbox-only titles such as Mech Assault. Overall, the Xbox offers superior graphics and is the best choice for those who demand the best audio and video performance from a system and have the audio-visual components, including a surround-sound package, to complement it.

Eton-educated ceramicist Sam comes from an arty family himself: his mother, the Queen’s niece Lady Sarah, often submits her artworks for the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition, and his father is the actor-turned-artist Daniel Chatto.

Darren Gladstone, 2021: It was just like this big honking device that sat there and dared you not to put it in your home entertainment center. It was like a “fish tails on a car” kind of design, just big, bold and brassy. It demanded attention, and rightly so. That “duke” controller [the nickname for the oversized first-gen Xbox gamepad] was love-it-or-hate-it. It was such an obnoxiously big controller and had this giant X in the middle that did absolutely nothing. OK, I get it, it looks cool. But it’s like having a horn on your steering wheel that doesn’t actually work. I look back at that fondly and laugh more than anything else because it’s so ridiculous. It was just so over the top, it was kind of emblematic of the entire Xbox.

‘In my day, I was running around Annabel’s, getting with fast women — well, hard-to-catch women — it was a more relaxed time,’ he tells me at the West End launch party for Stephen Bayley’s book about Sir Terence Conran, Terence: The Man Who Invented Design.

Charles Spencer, 57, has an ambitious wish-list for actors to appear in screen adaptations of his books; he’s previously said he would like Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Rosamund Pike to take star roles.

‘Given the central role that a pro-inflammatory and oxidative state play in migraine pathophysiology, it is likely that this patient achieved relief and reversal from his chronic migraines by increasing his phytonutrient consumption,’ they said.

This is not the first revelation of this kind from our new ruling class. As long ago as 2009, the New Labour apparatchik Andrew Neather let slip that his movement had ‘a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the UK Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural’. 

This tiny restoration of a small part of a lost line fills me with rage. It should never have been closed. It is not nearly enough. It was so beautiful I still sometimes dream of travelling on it again, 50 years after it was ripped up. It was a full-sized express main line between London and Plymouth, still badly needed every summer and every time the other route, along the sea, is washed away by storms at Dawlish.

What it did for the time was a lot of what we’d think of now as “of course!” things, like an internal hard drive. I remember loading audio CDs onto the Xbox so I had my own soundtrack. But I also remember calling Microsoft out. Why couldn’t I just load the games from the disc onto the hard drive so it would load faster? Looking back, it wasn’t flashy, but the internal hard drive was so important.