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North American Case Research Association
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Conference Schedule

Thursday, October 10

Time Meeting/Participants
7:30am-6pm NACRA Registration
8:30-11:45am Paul R. Lawrence Fellowship Recipient Workshop (by invitation only)
9-11:45am NACRA Board Meeting
1-4pm Start-Up Cases and Newcomer Workshop
12:30-4pm Cases Written in French
4-5pm Workshop
4:30-5pm Track Chair Meeting
5-6pm Opening Plenary/Keynote Speaker
6-7pm Welcome Reception
7-9pm Dinner

Friday, October 11

Time Meeting/Participants
7-8am Breakfast
7am-4pm NACRA Registration
8am-12pm Case Roundtables
12-1:30pm Lunch and Case Research Journal Awards
1:30-2:30pm New views Session #1
2:40-3:40pm New views Session #2
2:40-4:40pm Baylor-NACRA Student Case Writing Competition Presentations
3:50-4:50pm New views Session #3
5-6pm CRJ Editorial Board (editorial board only)
6-8pm Reception

Saturday, October 12

Time Meeting/Participants
7:30-8:30am Breakfast, 2019 Conference Awards
9am-12pm Case Roundtables
11am-12pm Case Research Foundation Board Meeting (Foundation Board only)
12-1:30pm Advisory Council Meeting (NACRA Past Presidents only)
12-1pm Paul R. Lawrence Fellows Debrief (by invitation only)
12-1pm Track Chair Debrief and 2020 Planning
1:30- 4pm NACRA Board Meeting
6- 8pm NACRA Board Dinner (by invitation only)