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New Views Proposals

The NACRA 2019 Program chair invites all members to submit New Views Proposals by June 10, 2019.

What are New Views Sessions?

New Views proposal are presentations, panel discussions, workshops, or symposia with a focus on case research.  New View sessions are an appropriate forum for discussion issues related to the administration of NACRA and the CRJ, and networking with affiliated organizations.  A broad variety of topics are appropriate for New View sessions including:  writing cases, writing IMs, teaching with cases, reviewing cases,  publishing cases, working with client organizations, strategies for securing client releases, using case research for theory building, testing and writing interdisciplinary cases, advances in case research methodologies, and qualitative analysis tools for case research

Proposals should include: A Title. A list of authors/presenters/panelists (including contact information and institutions). The Learning Objectives of the session. A list of required materials to be provided by NACRA or the hotel (projectors and screens; microphones; internet access; easels, pads, and pens, etc.). The amount of time the sessions will require (generally sessions are scheduled to last 50-or 80 minutes, but longer sessions are possible). A brief description or outline of the Proposed Session (1-2 pages). References (if relevant)

The program chair will select New Views sessions based on member interest in the topic and the needs of both new and experienced case writers.