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North American Case Research Association
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Mission Statement

"Promoting Excellence in Case Research, Writing, and Teaching"

The North American Case Research Association (NACRA) is a nonprofit, voluntary professional association whose mission is to promote excellence in case research, writing, and teaching in business and other academic disciplines. We seek to accomplish our mission through a set of interrelated activities, including the following:

  • Sponsoring an annual meeting for the presentation and improvement of new, peer-reviewed cases and papers on issues related to case pedagogy;
  • Publishing a quarterly peer-reviewed journal, the Case Research Journal, the premier journal for outstanding teaching cases grounded in research;
  • Promoting the worldwide distribution and use of NACRA cases in multiple media throughout the world;
  • Providing professional development seminars and activities aimed at enhancing skills in case research, writing, and teaching;
  • Working to enhance the legitimacy and status of case research and pedagogy within academic institutions and professional associations; and
  • Supporting the work of NACRA-affiliated regional organizations and collaborating with other professional organizations having complementary objectives.

(as approved by Executive Board, 2/7/2000)